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People need people, the benefit of comments...

 ... in my back yard, but you are always welcome to comment! :o)

Comments, the community around any blog is built there, nurtured there and in some cases censored too.
Those that seem to censor the comments, there are a few, also say transparency is important to them... yeah right!

Anyway, reading feeds in Greader I am missing out on some great communities in the blogs comments, far to easy to just read the feed and move onto another...

While it's ok to keep the noise level down to a manageable one it's a shame to miss out on the communities on the blogosphere and the great characters within them.

You don't need to join a cult though.

For this reason I am starting to choose the RSS feeds to read in the reader and visiting the blogs I feel have good comments and a good community to them, like one puts it... why your comment section should be like a forum

People need people.

That's the bottom line, sitting here all day typing shit and doing this that and the other can get pretty boring and at times lonely, may sound odd with the millions within reach...but it happens.
People need people to have any sense of connection in the world...
Being deaf I know what a great thing it is to be able to do, if you can't use a phone this is the phone!

If you have a blog do what James does and interact well with the commenters, after all, it's your blog! :o)
If you're like me and naturally social online then it shouldn't be hard.

I'd swap all my almost 2000 twitter followers for a regular 100 commenter's on a blog any day of the week.

What about you?

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It will never catch on...

Over the last 7 or 8 years since getting online there has been some massive changes everywhere, things evolve at a rapid rate unlike anything we have seen before, which makes me think these "predictions" people have posted are really shooting in the dark.

Hence I don't think I'll be even trying to predict anything!

The biggest thing for me over the last ten years is the way the media as a whole has changed, the power of breaking news is in the hands of the people instead of the big news corps, we saw it clearly with twitter and Iran, twitter and Mumbai.

Don't think the establishment and the big news corps like that much! :o)

Not a prediction but that's only going to continue, more power into more hands with the rapid rise of mobile technology...remember they said mobile phones would never catch on!

We are the proles!  (1984)

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Facebook screwed up, what they SHOULD have done...

I've been a bit off with a cold the last week or so, although having stayed in the loop I think it's been an interesting week or so with several things happening that caught my eye, mainly though was the stupid changes with privacy on Facebook, we should all call it faceache, that's certainly what it gives us.

No doubt millions of eyebrows went up when they realised what had happened.

I wasn't going to post about it, mainly because I shared several good links on my own facebook page for others to read, some missed it though, and some readers on here don't see my facebook page.

Then I realised I already shared what they should have done, they already had/have the right solution... they ignore what's right under their noses, I'll explain that in a minute...

On the week where that nasty scum who abused kids in a nursery then sent pics to perverts met VIA facebook I found this move very very distasteful, in fact facebook LOST trust, that trust they built up over the last few years dropped overnight.

Jason Calacanis asked a pretty strightfowrd question with...  Is Facebook being unethical, clueless or unlucky?

Before you go rushing to read that, my thoughts...

I think I tend to fall into the unethical argument, I felt it was a very sly move dressed with spin, IE they say one thing while it's actually the opposite, they say it was to give more control over privacy yet they changed it without saying so, if you think the pop up box give us a say... you will find it was already changed, they are banking on ignorance.

If it was two days between your last signing in and getting that pop up box it means your profile and it's contents were available to the search engines for those two days, enough for it all to be indexed!

In real terms facebook has been built on privacy, sharing with chosen people, family, friends co workers etc.

Most of the users are parents, family members, aunts, uncles, etc and don't mix much with "everyone" online.

Facebook's betrayal of your trust is immense... and they did it to several hundred million people!

It's like you invite your family, friends round to your home, then share your latest holiday snaps with them, after they leave and you go to bed, facebook come into your home and took the photo album outside and put it onto a magazine rack outside your  front door, that's the sight which greets you in the morning when you go to get your pint of milk from the doorstep!

A bunch of strangers and a possible pervert stood there rifling through your photos!

How would that make anyone feel?

As someone said.. they are the foxes guarding the hens!

They are indeed preying on peoples ignorance, how many of the 350 million people got confused and did nothing about it?
How many of them millions don't even realised what's been done?

Even if it was only a paltry 5%, that's a HUGE number of people.

So, why did they do all this really?

Traffic, and money, NO other reason, they wanted profiles to be indexed by search engines which would create traffic, traffic they would like to monetise because they are useless at monetising in reality, how can anyone with 350 million users struggle to monetise it??

They have had crappy apps do better at monetising then them on their own site!

Yet, it's a dilemma, they created a closed walled garden which was the main reason for that huge growth in the first place, now they realise it is also a hindrance to their own monetisation plans, so they tried to slyly trick us into it think it wouldn't kick up a stink, daft move!

So, what should they have done?

Lets look at this from their point for a second, they wanted this purely so they could expand their reach using search engines and also as a way to battle twitter, which is in my view could have happened IF they got it right.

The already have the twitter rival in Lite.

Let me explain, when I first saw lite, my immediate reaction was to think, "wow, well, if they let us have both lite and normal facebook, yet seperate them completely they could probably dent twitter in a huge way".

Not only that, a rival with an already bigger userbase than twitter! 350 million!

At the moment, every facebook user has a lite version, there is an option to make lite default but it's just that, a smaller neater version of the facebook we already use.

What's stopping them from keeping lite as a standalone platform with slight differences than the normal facebook set up?

Nothing! Less excuse now when they already have the great friendfeed team on board who know a thing or two about all this stuff.  It's all in place already!

Here's how I would set it up...

Don't copy twitter, beat them at their own game.

Keep the main facebook is it is, have the settings so we do have complete privacy control and we decide in total what gets shared and with whom, keep the friend limit as it is or lower, 5000 is too many anyway IMO.

Have lite set up with no friend limit and have it default as open, but let people have the option to deactivate it completely, if they don't want to use lite, let them choose to not use it.

Have the option to import all friends on your main facebook who use lite into your lite friend list, have the option to use the lists feature like we can on the main facebook and the option to have one list set to private... this could be the friends from your main facebook set up.

Have the option to cross post from lite to the main facebook but not the other way round.

Make lite work in real time like friendfeed does, use facebooks own fb.url shortner on lite and give us the metrics to use and work with so we can improve our lite experience as we go along.

Make lite a great addition to facebook not a small alternative.

That's what I would do. What do you think?

P.s If facebook use this, a beer or two would be nice as a thanks Mr Zuckerburg!

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If you have to even ask...

.... wtf am I doing??

Then you gotta start to change things

Yeah I ask myself that at times! .

A few lies here and there from others start to make me question things, well yeah I have "moaned" (in their perception) about friendfeed, facebook twitter etc over the weeks and I am not the only one to do so, the thing these liars miss is they prove the point by doing the very thing I supposedly "moaned" and "attacking"

Listen up you that lie about me, spread crap, I have never "attacked" anyone on these sites.. show me where I have... take your own advice and back ya shit up.. ie, man up or shut it.

Let me get this straight once and for all.

The ONE and ONLY reason I have written complaint post on here is because I CARE about it, I USE the places. I contribute, so want the experience to be as good as possible.. who doesn't??

If I never cared, I wouldn't say anything about it, I'd let you get on with it and say jack shit!
I care... so if I feel a point should be made which may improve the overall experience for everyone, I will make it... and I don't expect to be attacked for it.


YOU that attacked me and told lies are hypocrites, by attacking me and others in the very threads started about the post made complaining about it, not only mine, others too. THAT makes YOU the stupid one.

I like these sites but doesn't mean I can't also state my opinions on them on my own blog... be they good or bad, if you are looking for 100% positive fluff, look elsewhere, life simply isn't like that.

I can't believe the idiots and they are in the minority, and yes they are a bit of a different "mob" to the worse places, but they are still idiots. I'd rather not bother with them, but when they attack you personally with lies... you gotta say something.

If any other these post, threads whatever improve the place isn't that a good thing?

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Twitter, missing the obvious?

It seems twitter and facebook are having some issues lately, of different sorts, problems that I'd have thought would have shown themselves to be obvious to them long before now, problems they could have then avoided by acting on what should have looked so obvious.

You would have thought with all the data they already had, IE ...  before the massive growth both experienced due to free publicity, it would show them what looks to be an obvious weakness or potential problem further down the growth path.

The other thing which I think is an issue, one that should be a priority is the lack of trust and appreciation to the users themselves, after all these social sites are user driven.

The users can "police the place" in a more effective way at times than the owners themselves leaving the owners to deal with improving the user experience, the most important aspect they deal with. (friendfeed get it spot on). this is beneficial to both parties after all. The users want a better experience.

I write this as a user, from my own experience with the sites, not based on others opinions ... my own experiences, and I do jump in. ;o) I will write about facebook in the next post ... so ...

"Twitter twoubles?"

Twitter has been suspending accounts by mistake recently while dealing with spammers, those who auto-follow using crap and follow trains, bots. There was a warning from twitter that they would deal with this sort of thing a couple of weeks back, how they were looking at the way people were using twitter.

It's spammers, bad thoughtless marketers and porn floggers who only care about big numbers, it's usually one or all of these that ruin things, just as we are now seeing here.

While I still have my account thankfully I have seen the rate the spammers and auto follow bots do this stuff, I have been blocking them daily for a few weeks so hopefully it's something twitter will continue to deal with, not sure they will ever win that though!

To be honest the stupidest group is those who thought it a good idea to "jump on the bandwagon" with crap like the "get 400 folllowers a day" while not normally that kind of general twitter user, maybe this is what happened with some of these that were so called "accidentally suspended" or "legit users" to other users.
Twitter targeted them all, so those who thought...."well it won't do any harm, it's a one off" were effected, if so, tough, hopefully they think about it next time, plenty of us ranted against it long before this happened, so twitter are not really at fault, them users are.

The hashtag (#) is another thing they will always need to keep an eye on as it is used to get into the "trending topics" list on the home page, it's not hard to do as users of a forum have proved, just as they have done with google bombing, using anchor links over the years (it's not new) ... what are hashtags again? Anchor links!?

Twitter also I think need to work with link shrinker's and twitter app developers a bit more closely to jointly deal with any issues. Having a twitter only link shrinker with scanning process would get rid of the threat of viruses and worse which they have experienced a while back.

To have every single link converting into this twitter only shrinker would make a massive difference and could help with stats, both for twitter and the users which improves it all.

Working closer with those app creators who use the twitter API would only lead to improving the overall experience for the users rather than squabbling over the word "tweet" being used with the creators etc, and doing updates and more without working with the app developers to keep the experience hassle free for the users themselves.

Let's not forget though, we as users should also play our part in keeping it to our liking, taking responsibly for how we use it, report the porn spammers and crap, play our role in using it how we want it to be used help the app developers improve the experience etc.

What about you? How do you feel as a user of twitter?

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R.I.P: Twitter is dying, long live ...

... blogging.

Lets get this straight ...

Twitter will die long before blogging does, the fact it's treated like a "popularity" contest with the auto-follow bots, crap follow trains (where you can "gain" 400, 500 or whatever number it is), lame competitions, and other sly abuses makes it worth less now for the user.

I am continually blocking some porn spammer or other spammy crap, I look at their twitter and they have one "tweet" and they follow 500 people, and have no followers, or they follow none and have 500 odd followers, not hard to see what crap they use!

I would rather have 100 followers with reach than 2000 with none, it's not all a numbers game you know, I don't really get better results traffic wise now I have more than 2000 followers then I did when I had 1000, there could be many reasons for it, but the more followers you have only means that, you have more followers. Not all followers are equal, just as not all traffic is equal.

People are vainly trying to get the twittering celebrities attention in order to get some response, saying that it will "make their day plus get me more followers"

I don't give a flying shit about the fact some like A Kuchter has 2 million, and if he tweets to you you will gain tons of followers, who cares?

Meaningless ...

The other thing is twitter is 100% usable without going to twitter, how do twitter monetise their "webspace" when everyone is using something else to post to it?
Ads on the main twitter "home" page would be useless in that respect, plus who would really take notice of them?

Much like any social site, if you get banned and your account is deleted, that's it, you lose!
You have lost whatever you post to them, much like a few years ago with forums and people losing great content because they get banned.

Blogs are ours, I own this, noone can "ban me" from writing here, or delete this except me, or my host, and even then it's possible to back up a copy of it all so you don't lose it.

I am surprised at seeing someone say they get 90% of their business from twitter, they say that it's usually new orders, ie not much repeat orders, they even say it would be devastating to get banned from there, wtf are you doing relying on twitter?

It's good you get the work from there, if you do, not so good that you have to be there to get it and if you lose it you lose nearly all you incoming work.
If you have a blog you have a central for them to come to you.

Twitter will not outlast blogging!

Do you agree?

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Twitter is the new troll magnet

Any idiot can join and it looks like they do just that, with all the publicity it has had online and offline it now seems to be attracting the spammers, porn phone spammers and trolls, racist, ignorance and narrow minded arseholes like pigs to shit!

They don't all last long most of the time thankfully, but do the best they can to get the attention they want, need, crave, while they can.

The trolls of old used to do the same things on forums etc, after being banned they would rejoin under another username, even create a few accounts to start an argument from both sides, usually they get caught out and banned but what a waste of time for everyone involved.

Now they are on twitter, doing the same things and yet still to stupid to do it for more than ten mins, pretty much how long it takes to get flamed and blocked. While it's not hard to spot these dickheads, it's not always obvious from the start as they usually start off seemingly ok, at least two tweets worth, then they simply can't help themselves, they insult someone and get a reaction.

Starting to use the block far more on twitter than I have before as there really are some idiots on that site. If you meet one, don't answer them, just block them. If possible report them too.

We don't need these idiots anywhere and the power is in your hands to block them, so use that power and BLOCK them.
These are the sort you wouldn't invite to a party you were holding, so don't let them into your social space either.

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Twitter...not for some.

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The state of my social life!

Having been ill, I have not posted for over a week, not easy trying to write something worth posting when you have the flu, not something I am too pleased about although just to look at it positively I got busy in other ways to take my mind off the sickness including trying something new, namely tumblr, which is a neat little blogging style platform anyone could use, which I will post about another time. ;o)

The main thing these last ten days being stuck indoors missing out on the nice weather (I did grab a few quick pics though) is that with the added lack of sleep, it gave me plenty of time being "social" online. Nothing new to me being social but I got the chance to look at things on a deeper level in several ways, with stats on traffic, the quality of that traffic and the general feel of being social on these sites, the community feel etc. I found a few surprises for myself and learnt a few things I would never have had otherwise.

Facebook for me has always been to connect to the people I genuinely know offline, old friends and people who live near me etc, as it is with most people, after all it's what the original intention was with facebook. There has been some cracking pictures popping up of us in our schooldays and surprisingly from old school friends I never expected to hear from again. This is the beauty of facebook for me, it's memory lane and I get the impression from my friend there it's like that for them too.

So facebook I am still in two minds about, I won't stop using it as I love the fact I can socialise with old friends living elsewhere and local people I see anyway offline. I don't use it like some use it for business or other, using it the way they use other sites by which I mean connecting to anyone and everyone, as happens with myspace and having more followers regardless of what they are like is seen as being "better" than having fewer.

That could change with the friends list function now added as I could create a new list for the friends I know online from other social sites and see how that plays out. I am always one to try, test things for myself and see what happens. The one thing people have to get away from is taking what others say as being "gospel" or "the right way" and test things for themselves.

It's the "marketers" I never really wanted to add to my facebook list as I know what will happen as it does elsewhere...they game it and non stop promote whatever they are promoting at that time. In one sense they ruin it. I had enough of that in the forums thanks. :o)

The recent (stolen?!) changes to facebook have made it far more interactive although it can still be improved in some ways, which it probably will over time. One missing thing is the real time updating which would stop us having to click "home" to refresh the page...even then the one problem is everything is buried way down the page which means people will miss things added to that item, over time it gets worse.

For example I post a link, two or three people comment on it within minutes and it's getting soon dies down and gets buried and weeks later I comment on it again, then the notifications show up on only those two or three that commented on it originally, they will be the ONLY ones to see it, everyone else misses it as they will should any of those two or three comment on it again. A flaw there.

One other thing is when some app has been used by a friend, ie a "quiz" they will often do another one while on the app page, I then decide to "hide" the "quiz" when their post shows in my stream, great, except they did another and that shows and I have to hide each one, then someone else does a quiz and it happens again, it really should have been "hide all quiz's" rather than just that one.

Overall I feel I am still testing facebook out for what else I can do with it other than connect to real friends but also feel these changes were a huge step in the right direction. The fact that facebook has doubled it's user base in less than a year from 100 million to 200 million is astonishing. Just beware of what you post there, assume the world IS watching...with tagging on pictures etc you can easily have something seen by someone you would rather not see it.

Twitter, although still so simple it's now so frustrating and so... dying! Before you twitter fans bash me hear me out...I have been using it since march 2007, so a fair while and long enough to have seen the changes, of how it's used and also the people who use it, without stereotyping anyone to insult or otherwise, it has changed whether we like it or not just due to those who use it.

Not so long ago it was such a diverse range of tweets going through the stream sharing great stuff and with a great community feel to it...but with the recent worm issues I am loathe to check out any link on there now. The lack of security on there means it will be a target for spammers and idiots.

The recent celebrity twitter craze due to the mass media coverage twitter has had, (priceless coverage too, triggered by celebs no less!) had quite an effect both good and bad in my view. It's great when you think how it's connected the celebs to their fans in a way there has never been before, and as often as the celebs chooses to be connected, whenever and wherever they are.

The bad side of that is the fact there is now so much "celeb stalking" going on which has lead to some people ignoring almost every other tweet on twitter, I have unfollowed people due to every single tweet they make being to a celeb...not what they did when I first followed them so there is no need to follow them anymore and it is getting worse with even more celebs getting on twitter.

Like I say it's great they are on there but they will for the most part due to sheer numbers never see your tweet buried among the thousands, so if you are a celeb follower, don't forget to connect to others you follow else you end up losing more followers. With twitter it seems everyone say's it's a numbers game, so I am sure you don't want to lose your followers. ;o)

For me, I am happy to follow most on twitter giving anyone a chance to be in my stream but if you tweet crap, spam, etc I will unfollow you as I don't care for that really, whether you follow me or not, don't assume I have to follow you just because you follow me as I decide that. Yes I do follow a few celebs on there too, just those who DO interact and use it well.

I am getting away from posting on the twitter website itself as I see the damn fail whale (over capacity) page more than not! Another problem due to it's sudden rise in popularity. Along with the all to often small problems twitter seems to have like the missing tweets etc. I don't feel I am using my time well ON twitter, I feel it's better spent elsewhere where I can also post to twitter with ease. (tumblr as mentioned at the start allows this)

Twitter for me is on it's way out due to it's limited use and functionality. It needs more than it has to be really useful and beneficial. Only time will tell us if this changes in a way it matters, I see they are adding search etc but it's still so little.

I am a little dissapointed to see the problems they have had over the last week or so but then I think they could have even dealt with them problems better than they did, the worm was never even noticed by twitter for a while, if it was they never mentioned it for about 12 hours, it was those ON twitter who spread the message that it was infecting twitter users. THAT to me is lame.

I am using twitter less and less now due to it all, although I will still use it because I have made some friends on there, I will just use the actual twtter website itself less and less as other places allow me to do that and gain so much more at the same time.

Friendfeed on the other hand looks to be the real gem of the three here in many ways, for me that is, no idea what would it would be for you...but from my time there it seems to be the one that the others want to be. The place is simply head and shoulders above twitter and facebook are almost stalking friendfeed as a lab! (which should say alot)

Facebooks recent changes were taken (stolen?!) from friendfeed as I have mentioned in an earlier post, written around the time of the facebook changes themselves. Friendfeed has recently rolled out a new look in beta which I have to say I much prefer to the old style and smartly they did it after facebook made their (stolen?!) changes. ;o)

The biggest benefit to me is the fact it is more interactive with more commenting going on than it seemed before and it's the commenting that matters to me, as that is the interaction going on. It's easy to sit there and just "like" everything to build up your likes count...quite another thing to be commenting on everything.

There IS a tendency for some of the known names to shout out when possible how much they have "liked" things, as if that makes them some sort of "better user" than others, this is now leading to others "liking" everything just to get their own count up, sadly...while it also in a way does have some form of bookmarking and searching benefit I feel it has alot less merit than the amount of comments made.

It's comments and post that show you are interacting there and being social, not likes alone. Don't get me wrong the community there is superb, way better than the feel on twitter, facebook is different for me just due to them being the community I live with offline.

Friendfeed users share some great stuff and I often see things first there rather than anywhere else due to the sheer range of different style feeds that it allows to come in, even if it originates from twitter I will more likely see the tweet in friendfeed.

It is almost becoming my RSS reader in one sense, although I still use google reader to read feeds, I tend to scan more nowadays with so much crap posted it gets harder to filter out the good stuff, whereas on friendfeed the good stuff I often read in my RSS reader is already shared and liked by others who may also subscribe to the same RSS feeds as I can filter them on friendfeed easier using the search with set criteria of number of likes or comments.

Another great thing is the ease in which you find other interesting people to subscribe to, as they make comments and like on other peoples things I would never see otherwise I can check how they interact on here and make a quick choice.

Because of this this your experience on friendfeed is better quality than it is on say twitter, as on twitter you have to follow someone to get a feel of how they tweet and then every so often "clean up" your following list to trim the people you don't rate worthy enough to follow. You are constantly following and unfollowing to refine your twitter experience while still trying to gain followers overall.

Twitter IS a popularity contest in that sense. You want more followers, just as I do of course because it does matter in the sense of reach.

On Friendfeed it doesn't.

Quality over quantity for everyone on friendfeed. Less is more as they say. I subscribe to more people on frienfeed than people subscribe to me and that's great as I get the stream I want. I am not fussed if they don't subscribe to me, if I want them to subscribe to me I need to be worthy of being subscribed to, but it's not that important as it doesn't take away from your experience of friendfeeds great community or the great things you will see shared and posted.

Friendfeed is still in beta and knowing how the team of just 11 people who run it have interacted with us there regarding the feedback etc I won't be surprised to see things improve before they roll it out of beta...a lesson the twitter owners could have done with taking notice of.

The friendfeed team consist of a few ex google workers who while there worked on the Google mail or gmail as it's known so I feel we are not seeing the best of it just yet. If things carry on the way they are going it's going to be a good ride.

For me friendfeed is really turning out to be a great little place that has so much usefulness as well as some great users who make the place what it really is, a great community.

How about you and your social activity?

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Twitter, text messaging for grown ups?

Look at twitter like the "grown up text message service with a twist" and it soon makes sense.

Twitter is a funny thing, so simple and so effective due to it's simplicity, yet it is baffling for most of us at the beginning, including me!

I wouldn't be surprised if most people's first "tweet" was a "hello, anyone there?" then sitting back and waiting...waiting...then tweet again "I don't get this, wtf IS going on?!!"  ;o)

It's ok to admit it lol, I did that! 

It took a few hours and I started to think... "Am I wasting my damn time here or what?" 
Well, talking to myself weren't I?!!  ;o)    (not healthy most of the time!)

I clicked the what was the called "public timeline", now called "everyone" and I couldn't see MY tweet anywhere, the stream was moving so fast too! (it's WORSE now, don't bother).

What started me "getting it" was once I started to follow someone, them following me and seeing "how" it worked ... at basic level mind. That is the way to get to grips with it.

So we do that... ;o) 

Got your twitter account, now go to my twitter profile and click the "follow" button so now MY tweets will show in your stream.

Now type into your box @robsellen "OI, here I am" :o) which will show up on my @robsellen tab on the right side, yours will be @whatevernameyoupickedbutmakeitshorterthanthiscosyouonlyget140!! I.E ... you can't type much else!

Now I will, when I can (soon as i see it), reply to your tweet by typing @whateveryoupicked yeah you know... and my tweet will show on your @whatever tab.

Your home tab stream is ALL tweets of the people you follow. Follow these people too... 

@mabb @funkonline (local to me) @miege (ex-local and new to it too), @linnetwoods watch how she uses it... ;o) catch her in eves my time. @stephenfry ... do I need to say much there?

DM's known as direct messages, these you can get from those YOU follow, they have to follow you for you to be able to DM them... I know, stupid, the wrong way round in a sense.

Favourites are the tweets you bookmark, do this by hovering the mouse over the bottom right of each tweet and clicking the star that shows.

The arrow under it THAT is the "reply to" link.. try it after someone tweets you, its just a short cut to do what I told you to do in the start here...type in @robsellen, just means it's easy to reply quickly.
On the bottom of  each tweet is a "in reply to" link, showing you what that tweet was in reply to. :o)  Keep clicking it and you go back through the conversation.

So why did I call it texting for grown ups with a twist?

Well it's 140 characters, text sized on most phones and this was the original intention of use from the main idea. The twist is you use it on the web, add pictures, links, and you can do all that with your phone if inclined to do so. ;o)

Grown up though? The majority are 30 and over, so there is none of this txt tpe stff, u know. ;o)

Over 30... hhmmmm... explains why we get baffled at the start! ;o)

Look at it like that and see how it goes, have a play about with it. Don't forget to tweet to me!

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Social experts are as fake as they get!

How hard can it be?

Be social, interact, connect with "like minded" people, share good stuff, be part of it rather than use it.

These so  called self styled experts are so fake it's unbelievable. They BORE me!!

It's like the second wave of "Im gurus" spouting nothing but common sense and charging people for it, just to make money online for the sake of it.

"Wanna but my shit ebook on how to get 1000's followers on twitter"

Great... that's 20 bucks please, you open the ebook, it says... follow 1000's  and most of them follow you back!

Be interactive and get involved within the conversation. Share good things and RT (retweet) good things others share.

Well DUH!!!

Excuse me while I laugh! 
Most don't even follow their own advice! 

Look at some of these "experts" way of doing things and read their blogs etc and they are just boring most of the time...same old same old.

That includes some of these so called bigger names.

Stop wasting money lining these idiots pockets and just do it the ONE way you should, what works BEST for you. If you must spend money, stick it in the beer on the right of this blog and ask for my view on it. lol ... could save 19 bucks at least!

That is the only way you will ever get anywhere with things, get stuck in and LEARN what's best for you, same with anything you learn in life, your experience is always different to everyone else.

Your way IS the right way... for you.

The biggest thing is to just be YOU.

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Why facebook was right to ignore the moaning

Seems to be a lot of moaning on facebook about the recent changes with the home page, not for the first time either as I remember the same people moaning at the last change, which they are now saying the last set up was great ... they got used to it didn't they?!

Which was always going to be the case anyway, they knew it and those who use other social sites also knew it, facebook changed things for good reason, they run a business to make money online!

Businesses are meant to make money and where else but the data they collect are they going to be able to get money?
Ads from that data maybe? 
Pretty targeted ads too? 

Someone mentions laptops on my profile and this shows!

Part of business is to improve am I right?

Well they tried to do that by looking at buying twitter, which if you use twitter can understand the reasons, facebook failed as Ev (@ev on twitter) refused to sell, so whats the next best thing?

Nick "proven to be good ideas" and implement them into facebook itself maybe?

Not only from twitter.

When you look at my profile on twitter you see that below on the right hand side. A link to my blog, a short bio and my twitter stats, like how many followers I have and how many I follow, and the amount of "updates" which are the actual 140 character "tweets" themselves.

Ignoring the favourites tab for now, as that is just those tweets you want to save, rather than share, bit like your own tweetb'mark, a handy tool to keep in mind though while tweeting.

When I look at it, once logged in, I see the same as shown which now also shows a little box that swaps with others when you refresh the page, which you need to do to update the stream, it swaps with other little neat things you use with twitter, like twitter search etc.

This is something I can see added to facebook sometime, a search using tags or keywords which will pull up what you want to see related to that but from friends rather than facebook wide, even the tags on pictures, comments, likes etc...

On the bottom of that is the home and replies tabs, that is all there is to twitter, so it is good and bad in a way, the home stream is like a hose of tweets if you follow alot of people, and the reply stream are just the tweets aimed at you, in other words they start with @robsellen in my case. Great if you tweet a question and get alot of replies.

While twitter is great it has some serious limits to what you can do with it and I think they will add more to it.

But on friendfeed which is in so many ways very different to twitter they already have some great features which twitter should adopt as well as facebook, which if you look at it facebook already have started to do.

Looking at my friendfeed page I see this on the left which shows the lists I have which all show in their own streams, as you can see I have one for twitter which pulls all tweets to friendfeed so I never really have to go to twitter. Better though is the fact you can use twitter and then come to freindfeed and see others in friendfeed expanding the conversation around a tweet you made.

These list you can create are endless, you can do whatever you want, even follow people who don't use friendfeed! By that lets say I know your twitter user name but don't follow you on twitter, I can add the RSS from your twitter page (that is below the box on the right) and add to my friendfeed, so I will see your tweets without you even knowing. :o)

As you can see you have "rooms" too, all in their own streams which if you had a "niche market" could utilise well by creating a room solely for that market.

Um ...

What'cha think?

Think they will start adding something like that to facebook? 

Maybe it will show on the sidebar as seen below on your own home'll  have to keep an eye on that. ;o)

I'd not be surprised to see it though.

Less apps, more feeds!!!  :o)


They missed a trick with removing the "live" feed from the last set up and I have no doubt it will pop back up on here before long.

On that friendfeed page of mine there are icons which show you what RSS feeds I have used in freindfeed, as seen below, often on my facebook page you will see something I posted on twitter, that's then gone to friendfeed, then to facebook, and I only had to post a tweet on twitter!

Something facebook are already adding as you see below...

Just simply add whatever RSS feed you want to add to it and it will do the work for you.

Utilising RSS feeds this way means you can share you things so much easier without having to even go to facebook!

Some other features "nicked" from friendfeed are the "likes" which is a significant thing that many are not grasping fully, look at that with the possible search function in mind... 

What do I mean? Lets say for instance you are somewhere looking at something to buy, for instance you want a laptop, you are not sure what you want, you log into facebook and type in "laptop" in the search on facebook and it pulls up all the results for "laptop", (friendwide or facebook wide, whatever they use) and you notice some search results are "liked" by a huge amount of people, many of them your friends... would it sway your choice?

Another feature from friendfeed in a sense is the new "highlights", which on friendfeed is known as "best of the day" as you can see on the top right of on a profile page both on friendfeed and facebook.

Getting something liked alot, or commented on alot, will get your item showing on the highlights part of all your friends home page, depending on their friends, if similar then yes you will get to the top of it.. 

Something that could be abused a bit, but hey let's see how it goes. ;o)

Another thing from friendfeed which they got completely wrong was the ability to "hide" things, on friendfeed you hide whatever it is, for example tweets from twitter, so you will see less of them from everyone, on facebook they screwed up by making it hide everything from that person instead of the app itself, like the damn quiz app that's taken over my own stream at times! 

You can "unhide" the person on the bottom of the page as seen below...

I read on facebooks own blog that this will be changed to hide apps rather than people.

A good move in reality.

So, while I can see why people moan, they don't like change is the bottom line, you can see they are doing it to benefit you but benefit them more, which is why they are right to ignore the moaning, it's a business thing.

The changes are better and needed to make facebook more interactive for the users, and they make it better for them to monetise it.

People go so far as to insult the creator of faceook on the facebook blog...idiots!

I have a few things I dislike about facebook, one is the "walled garden mentality" they have.

If you click a link the website opens in an iframe which to me is a joke, a bad ignorant move.

If I want to go out of facebook and look at a site I should just be able to do that, I know I can click the x in the top of the iframe and it will go to the page, but there are thousands who don't know that.

Overall I think facebook made some good improvements and they will still improve it over time.

Quit ya moaning, if you don't like it, go create your own social site! :o)

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Quality over quanitity

One night with your dream date or ten nights with ten other not particularly fanciable people?

One mad passionate night a week with your other half or 5 nights of the "same old, same old" as they say?

One great friend or ten "just know them" type friends?
50 real friends or 5000 "facebook friends" or other social network "friends"?

One great bestseller or 50 middle of the road "barely published and sold" mediocre books?
One great post written on a high traffic influential blog or 50 on 50 average low traffic blogs?

One tweeter taking notice or 1000's of followers not noticing?

As with almost everything in life, quality is often more important than quantity...maybe except having money, with the biggest note here being £50 !! ;o)

I couldn't deny it, it often so happens that one quality thing has a bigger motivational impact than you expect before it happens.

Strive for the quality you can give in every area of life and reap the rewards.

If you do something 100 times the same way and get the same 100 results, you change the way you do it once and get that different result you need or want.

If you deliver something different or something better you stand the better chance of being noticed, or talked about, or linked to, blogged about, or even complimented for something. :o)

And when you notice it, do more of that! :o)

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Is Twitter is sitting on it's hands?

Is twitter stagnating?

Are they sitting on their hands?

Are others improving the usability of twitter while at the same time taking people away from the actual twitter site itself?

Tweetdeck and other clients are those I talk about?
While I have not used these myself as they are desktop clients which I would rather not use, I have seen that many people use them for twitter and they recommend it to others.

I prefer to use friendfeed myself, although not a desktop client but a website I feel it delivers so much more than twitter alone, or the clients who improve twitter.

Friendfeed has the ability to add so much more than just the twitter feed, but even with just the twitter the conversation is kept so much neater which is easier to follow too.

Friendfeed is the conversation catcher, also a conversation expander simply due to friendfeed users being able to add to anything said elsewhere, like on twitter for example.

Those who only use twitter are actually missing on on extended conversation around what they started elsewhere.

On twitter I would have to look for each reply in the "replies" tab to this tweet to make sense of it. :o)

Looking at my friendfeed real time stream you wonder why twitter has yet to have their service auto-update like that!

Friendfeed has a great way for you to "bookmark" things using comments and the "like" function which twitter has in a crude way called "favourites" which are starred tweets yet I never use it and know of few others who do either and those who use friendfeed would rather "like" it on friendfeed than star it on twitter.

It is also so easy to share things of interest on friendfeed and not miss it like on twitter.

You can create list for different people even create one for people who don't yet use friendfeed which is what they call the "imaginary friends."

Let's say you know someone on twitter and their username is @randomusername... you go and add this username to your friendfeed "imginary friends" list and it will import that persons tweets into your list so you can follow them without them even knowing, yet you can do this with their blog feed, twitter feed, any feed that you know the RSS or username of.

There is so much I have yet to learn to make the most of with friendfeed but I am enjoying it alot as I feel it's a great central place to do your social activities.

If you have yet to try it, go join up and gve it a go. Don't forget to add me by subscribing.

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"Valuable connections"

Valuable connections, it's all links, new ones, invisible ones and life changing ones.

(o؛ ¡sǝʇɐןǝɹ ɟo ʇɹos ʇı sɐ ˙˙˙ʇsod ʇsɐן ǝɥʇ oʇ ǝpıs dıןɟ ǝɥʇ uo

I have been meaning to write this for a few days. Something got under my skin, bothered me and I couldn't put my finger on it at all, so I forgot about it.

Boy am I glad!! :o)

I had to disconnect to make the connection but it not only made that connected everything else for me.

Some connections were great, some not so, I digress, they are all valuable connections.

Sadly...I had to also had to face up to something I didn't really expect. It pissed me off to a point!

As she sang...

"Sometimes it make things clear...

Or know when to face... the truth, and I know,

That the moment is here..."

No prizes to the right guess in comments! ;o)

I'll never make it really big as a blogger, as it stands!!!

I had been given it thought in the past...
I knew it was going to be an issue, but that issue is something you probably won't face...

Yeah... my crap ears!!!

The idiot!!? ;o)

This just confirmed it in some ways, but I would do a disservice not sharing it with you, as there's nothing stopping you following the fantastic and well explained FREE: Time Tested And Proven Roadmap To Blogging Success… because NOW IS the time to read that if you are in any way considering starting one...even if not, there is some good insights to where things are going on this "landscape".

One I wont be able to fully maximise.

So am I saying this blog is...dying?

NO... certainly not, I just realised where it IS going, how it effects other things in the "big picture", the book above just helped me realise with a little more clarity...connected things in a way.

Furthermore these other connections, in my head, also had an impact on a huge way.

Linking the connections was what did it, but it's only now they connect!

It was 1980...

Summer in flow, thumping feelings to my head...and here I woke, at the bottom of a pot hole in a quarry, dazed, confused, almost 9 years old...

I took a brief look around, a twin pair of holes above me, shafts of light pouring down, peeked to left, right...darkish but it clearly looked like I was in a "slab space" like a wall of mud in font of me and a wall of mud behind me.

I tried to climb up, no used, slipping and sliding, I stopped, ran my hand through my hair...caked in mud and knotted..."where's me hearing aid??, my coat?, my shoe?" rapidly flying through my head...

I looked around, I realised I was on a small ledge, the very real fear of falling down there kicked in.
At a guess I was about 30 ft down from the top.

Looked down saw real darkness, spotted a stone, a good handful sized and threw it down.

For a brief moment I completely forgot I couldn't hear shit!

I smiled, no-one can ever take that off me. :o)

"Lee, help" I suddenly screamed, not quite realising I remembered what happened.

"He has to be there" I told myself, "LEE!!!" I screamed out, we were only playing football a minute ago...or was it hours ago.... "argggh LEEEEEE""...a face flickered into the was my mums best friend, Anna..."sigh" A memory that has never faded. :o)

She said clearly so could lipread... "firemen on the way, DON'T move"

I never moved a muscle... the fireman arrived, Anna said, "tie the rope round your waist"...In my innocent confusion i started to try and tie an inch and half fat rope around my wrist... :o/

Donut..."Waist" Anna said..."of course, what an idiot" I said, did that, got pulled up slowly and nicely.

That connection was valuable! It saved my life.

I suddenly had my head slowly out of the hole, to see half the streets residents lined up on the bank a good 7, 8 ft above us.

A sight I was glad to see. Some of you will be reading this no doubt. :o) It would be interesting to hear your memory of that day, its' the other side of the coin, watching one of ya daft mates looking like worzel gummage climbing out of a pot hole! :o)

The firemen asked if I was ok... yeah I said, stood up, there were all well intentionally worried...but I started to walk off towards my home, climbing up the bank, not sure if people were clapping, can't hear at this point lol, over the top, I saw mum, my brothers, 7 and 5 at the time...all crying, shocked...the magnitude of what happened hit me and we all hugged.

I was ok, that's what mattered, I only had a few bruises, split eyelid, bruised ego, lost hearing aid, and an upset family. :o/

Oh and one shoe!

So, we all walked to the ambulance, I climbed in, I remember the paramedic taking my trousers off to check my legs, stood there in my pants and the "girl next door", literally, Sarah, my age, stood there upset, smiling, looking at me!!

"Oi bugger off" I said with a smile, while trying hard to hide the "y fronts" Yikes!!!!

She laughed, I laughed... :o)

I was let out and went home, a night not to forget, sat in mums bed, all of us, mum, me and brothers, dad was in middle east, working as a diver, we were watching tv...the news!!

"Eh, that's me"!! :o) Damn I looked rough! :o)

I was safe and well.

I had a valuable connection that day.

But a week later, sat at nans, all the family there, watching tv and it was the news, suddenly I took notice of what was happening, bearing in mind no subtitles then, it was a case in Italy, a young child fallen down a pot hole, alot further than I had and in a granite or marble quarry.

No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't get to them.

Their last wish was to have coca cola... and that's what they give them. As much as they wanted through a long pipe.

That was the last drink.

I cried my heart out.

That hurt and I never forgot that day.
I made a valuable connection with that child in my heart.

So, am I really going to let a silly thing my crap ears stop me, with anything?

Nope, you got that right. Then and now!

I won't let a pair of crap ears stop me with this blog, I'll just adapt it or I to it.

I got plans, and this blog is part of them.

I digress, whats all this got do with you?

Well, you read my blog, ;o)
Quite alot to do with you in fact.

If I am going to have issues with things like video, audio, using a webcam and mic, I can talk, not perfect but ok, I will never be able to benefit the other way, by listening. shame really, though till now I never rally saw any reason to have a webcam and mic.

Conversations, should be two way. :o)

I don't miss out completely, thankfully I still have conversations that are creating valuable connections.

I got thinking about what I really wanted to achieve, what would I be happiest doing and that is interacting with more people, connecting, sharing, and learning and well as helping.

Which I realised I already do...just not well enough.

I know I do underestimate myself and what I have to share. I get told enough too!

Time to make that big improvement.

So I would love to see you join my new "Valuable connections" ezine.

Sign up to it using the form on the left sidebar.

You are going to be my main priority. :o)

You see, I realised every opportunity I ever wanted I have had.

Let me ask you, how many times has that door in your office, room, you are in now been opened by someone else, for you?

How about other doors?

My bet is most of the doors that have opened for you in life YOU opened, or chose not to go follow through.

I can only kick myself now for not opening the doors more often and trying, and kick myself again for not even bothering to open it and take a look!

Fast forward 5 years from now....

You come out of hairdressers with ya girlfriend, she is "pissed off", not happy at all and you can feel it bristling on her, she starts to typing into her phone, five min's later she calms down a bit, you ask "what ya done?", she replies "tweeted everyone to not use that crap hairdressers".

You realise, ya girl has something like 10,000 people following her on her twitter, 2000 of them "local", mates who listen...

Damn that's gonna hurt that hairdresser you think?

One small valuable connection, or in this case not so valuable!

The flip side, she came out. "Wow gotta show mates this, I feel GREAT" uploads a pic to twitpic and tweets it to all, free valuable word of mouth advertising for you!

Good very valuable connection for that hairdresser now eh? ;o)

"Ok, well, I got a shop, not hairdresser, so it wont matter to me, and anyway, it's NOT 5 years time"... you say, right, but back to the present, there are phones now capable of scanning bar codes in the shops.

So someone scans a product in your shop, clicks the phone, says "I can get that 50p cheaper in the shop 30 yards up the rd".

You stand there bewildered! :o/ Another customer gone!

All these connections, big or small, who knows which one will make or break you?

For now, realise every connection you make, matters.

P.s there are really NO limits on the power of these connections. No barriers. You are at the most important moment in history. NOW.

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"Why are you even USING twitter?"

I ask because because the twits on twitter I wrote about a few post ago had a few comments and obviously I wasn't the only one thinking this way, is that a good or bad thing?

Then a commenter said on the last post below and I quote,

"Oh, by the way - my Twitter grade is a lousy 37, and I'm proud of that. If you're above a 90, you're spending too much time online, becoming a hamster on a wheel.

PROVE to me it improved your bottom line measurably, I might rethink that - but I need proof. Not a grade from a bot."

The bot was twitter grader which tweeters know about. ;o)
I replied and quote below,

"As for your twitter grade.

Look at it this way, your comment made me think..
"Is ALL you think of the bottom line being in monetary terms?"

Well look at this blog here, revamped with help of twitters, is that not helping my bottom line in one way or another?

Without twitter I wouldn't have got it right.

With twitter it's about the QUALITY of those you follow and interact with, rather than what time you spend there.
Relationship building IS what builds your bottom line. ;o)

Use twitter as a way of connecting to the right people for your business and see what it does to your business? ;o)

I think you miss out by NOT using it. :O)

Regardless, it's whatever you feel best for you and your business and I won't say it WILL help as I have no idea if it will.
I think it depends alot on your relationship with those on there more than anything.

That grader bot is a good example of social proof in action. ;o) regardless of whether we see it as worthless or not.

It's tapping into it the right way ;o) "

My short blunt answer to this is...

Twitter is NOT THERE to make YOU money.
It's a TOOL for CONNECTING, nothing more nothing less.

The web is NOT THERE to make YOU money, its a TOOL too.

You can USE them to generate something of value to swap with money, but how you do that is the key ;o)

So the real question is WHY are you using twitter?

As I said above I got this blog revamped with help of a few tweeters on twitter (thanks guys) and have made some good "friends" on there, i say friends as in online friends, nevertheless nice and helpful , fun, interesting people.

I get to find links to blogs and sites of interest from twitter, get news on twitter at times faster than I could otherwise.

I find that twitter is something pretty amazing in that where else can you get an INSTANT response to a problem just by "tweeting" about it?

I have now over 560 followers and I follow over 650 people, therefor there is ALWAYS someone on there to respond and there is always someone there I can respond to, help, advise, whatever.

Where else can you do that?
Where else can you have a "live personal feed" like that?

What I mean by that is it's a LIVE feed, you get the tweet as soon as the other person wrote it, and vice versa, if using devices like a phone they can ANYWHERE!

Imagine you have 5000 followers, think you could get a response to a problem anytime?
Think there is someone who has that knowledge you are seeking on whatever it is? :O)

I do, I bet on it too.

So I use twitter as it should be used.

So what are YOU using twitter for?

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"Twits on twitter"

There are a few.... ;o)

They obviously don't know it themselves, else they wouldn't carry on being twits!
Maybe they will soon ;o)

Twitter, a great idea which I don't think is going to die out anytime soon with devices capabilities so you can use your phone with it etc will most likely help it grow massively as more people hear about it, try it and like it.

Why use twitter?

For the same reason we build relationships, be connected, to share, to talk, to help, to teach, to laugh, to support and to be there for.

If you doubt that, you don't grasp it as you should.

People who use twitter often get "news" online fast, like the current IKE issue, people posting updates on twitter were doing so in REAL time.

There is a lady who is in LABOUR, giving birth, keeping everyone updated on REAL time. Best of luck there to you too. ;o)

It's like a mini RRS feed of someones going on's as it happens. :o)

Where else do you see that? See the potential with that?

Yet so many who should know better get it wrong.

Here is the dilemma with the twits, they see it as ONLY a marketing tool, inevitably be to be abused like other things that go the same way.

Marketing IS a part of life, we all do it, but not all the correct way, or in the most beneficial way.

Unintentional marketing is usually the best marketing.

Hard to do when all you intend is to market and IMO end up spamming the place with links in almost every "tweat" (each 140 character response made) you make.
If that is YOU, you don't "get it at all" are a twit!

Don't get me wrong there are some marketers who do use it well.

Tweaters on the other hand, "get it" ;o)

It's a connection tool first, they follow who they like, while others who like them follow them. :o)

One good advantage with twitter is you can add the RSS feed to a blog, website, lens which means freshly updated content each time you tweat.

Your biggest advantage on twitter is to be YOURSELF.

Just as it is in life.

If twitter is ONE part of your social networking efforts, be careful not to ruin it with a dirty great footprint which could be counter productive, as Lynn terry elaborated on too.

It's not all bad though as Lynn shared with us a good port on doing it successfully.

I point you to them as it means I need not explain it myself, and also I am doing what we should be doing.

Sharing good content which will help others, and freely.

I am not taking away from my own success doing this, as others would have you believe when they say, "you may LOSE readers, as they may prefer the blogs you share over yours".

Well, if that is the case, it means I need to DO better with my content rather than STOP sharing great content of others... does it not?

But hang on, I AM sharing content here, but improving it by linking to great content elsewhere because I feel MY readers deserve it. ;o)

That IS the essence of the web after all.

Lynn will be pleased lol...don't take Lynn's or my word for it, read the what those who use twitter say.

Who better to read than those who say what makes you "get it", than those who say it ON twitter.

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