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While I like facebook, I am sick of the app spam crap...

I like Facebook, it's been a great re-connector for old friends, with the walled garden privacy settings being one of the main reasons for it's growth, which they are now trying to reverse without a care for the users, not surprising to hear 50% of people have accepted been duped with it and left the change to public.

They need it open to the public for the simple fact the search engines will index them, send them more traffic.

Many are still using the private settings, myself included, though I have given that some serious thought recently as it's only there I have set private, elsewhere online it's not the case, but then elsewhere online I am not connected to so many real friends, people I actually know in the "real world" and that makes it different.

I love the fact I can interact with local friends and old friends I haven't seen for years, most of them are set to private too, it's what got them comfortable with facebook in the first place...

But the apps, and fake groups and more crap are driving me nuts!

I have to groan when I keep seeing crap apps, stupid fake groups like "we won't pay to use facebook" which is just laughable! (HINT: facebook CAN'T afford to charge people and risk losing anything up to 350 million users!)

I remove almost all this crap from my profile and I know it will bother some who have posted and then seen me remover it and thought "oops".. now don't worry if that's you, nothing personal in it at all, I just don't want the crap all over my profile, I have seen friends profiles and they are nothing BUT that sort of crap.

But if you have set yours to open, are you comfortable with the fact every tom, dick and harry can see what crap gets posted to your profile?

Does it really reflect on you as a person, some say I should lighten up and chill, but my profile is this way for a reason and I write this so you who say "chill" can get an idea why I do it and why I don't want that crap posted on my profile, why I don't want to join crap fake groups which are "viral" in the way they are named, yet meaningless.

The apps and crap make you look sad, uninteresting in some sense, to some people!
Children's stuff!
Need I say more?

No offence to any person, it's just perception, and my perception is, in all honesty, influenced to a degree by the perception of many, do I really want others seeing that crap on my profile? No!

But... it gets worse, because people blindly click any old shit, they are spreading viruses, trojans and the like, I KNOW this because my PC stopped a trojan yesterday, and I do NOT click any old link, the problem was who's link it was, not that they did it on purpose or anything, just that it's FRIENDS... we tend to put more weight of trust on things relating to the person behind the link.

Natural, but it nearly caught me out.

I have to say I have always had friends contact me on facebook saying this has happened, my pc wont work, or similar, what do I do?

I always help, but why not all help yourselves...

Well, one thing, stop sharing crap, think about what you click a bit more before clicking it.
Use common sense!

Facebook is a haven for that sort of crap, so many users, so much "trust" between friends, so much ease of going viral... it's WHY they target it, and groups are created to simply build a mailing list so they can spam your inbox with CRAP!

The next thing you could do, is when you use an app and it ask you to send invites and such, really think about who you are sending them to, do they really want that whatever app invite?
Will it annoy them?
Does this crappy app really mean anything?

Then you may consider not spamming your friends with it.

Consider what others think, more so if your profile is open, consider what your profile looks like and how it reflects you.

Just a thought... ;o)

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"Link love"

Lets talk about linking and why it's the basis of the "global conversation" which is the net, blogging is a big part of that global conversation.

Link love is the act of linking out to something you like, something you want to share. Smart linking can explode your traffic as well as give your readers something extra.

Tagging is what I call a form of link love, you will only tag to those you feel your readers will appreciate, people who you like and respect.

I recently tagged Michel Fortin with the "5 things tag" that went around the blogosphere, this did boost my traffic quite a bit.

See what I did there?
There is another benefit to linking, internal linking which is linking to an older post on your own blog. Why does this benefit me? Not only does it lead you the reader back to an older post it will also be picked up by the search engines.

It was also an anchor text link, I used the keywords instead of "click here" which is a very important part of gaining page rank due to relevance, no one searches for "click here", they will search for "5 things" tag which will show all the blogs who were a part of the "5 things" tag.

Anchor text links will always be an important part of your linking strategy and you should utilise it, whether it's a link to an older post or to another blog.

"Link bait" is not a term I really like but it is a part of linking. Some people do this in various different ways but do it for ONE reason, to get others linking to them, or at least talking about them.

People will check links to them and see the bait, it will work or it wont, depending on the reaction of the person baited.

For an example I could "bait" with something controversial like saying "Brian Clark LOVES link baiting"... :o)

How will he know I did that? By checking his stats he will see you go to HIS site via the link bait link as I just did and possibly come here, read this and SCOWL at me on his blog! Who knows what he will do, most likely NOTHING but laugh at me!

As I say it's just an example of how people do this, some do it very well.

Linking should be a big part of your blogging, after all it's a conversation, conversation's that are one way are pretty boring wouldn't you agree?

Linking is spreading the word about other people.

Linking is adding to your content, it can even be viral which is good marketing.

Gonna link to this post? ;o)

Take care,

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"Making money online" Pt 2

**Continued from last post.

I asked if you recognised it...if you're involved in IM (Internet marketing), then you may well guess the "dream sellers" would have sold them the basic info I gave in the last post, with some filler fluff!

Shame on them...they got easy money, yet in this scenario, the "Harley nut" would feel let down, not knowing the "how to do" part.
There is nothing they can get from it, apart from the buzz of wanting to act on it...yep, been sold the sizzle!

Then he most likely will think less of the seller, feel ripped off!

Shame...short term profits for the seller AND a bad rep.

NOT the way you want to go.

This is exactly what is going on out there.
There is hardly anything that also shows you the "how".

Not to mention the fact the sellers of the dreams couldn't give a toss about you, they already have your money!

In this scenario what would I have done?

Well the first thing would be to grab this for the scripts, you will need them later.

I would have given them a plan of action to add to it, one they can do or learn to do.

In this case, create or edit a video just to show you ten tips on basic Harley maintenance.

"Ten tips to maintain your Harley and save service fees!"

Something like that, told him to stick it on eBay, as a limited to X amount box set of videos, relevant auction, ie Harley Davidson must be in the title, then post in the right section.

This way it's "fast boost cash" to carry on with the plan.

While the eBay auction is going, tell them to set up a simple blog at, where you post pictures, write a bit about the pictures, post every other day at least once for the first few weeks, have the link to your blog on your eBay home page, have the blog called something related, like...

It's clear what it's about.

Should have sold the videos and have cash coming to keep on building.

Now add other videos to blog and start building your Harley network.

The blog is up, it's simple enough for them to carry on with, post videos to it via youtube or myspace, posting a funny or viral video will help by spreading fast.

Set up a myspace page related to Harley's.

All the while there is a link back to your blog.

The first few weeks should be interesting enough to them to keep the work effort up, if you have a passion, like this person with the Harley's, it's not's fun and more learning.

They should be getting a few keen hungry visitors, "fans" so to speak, "Harley fans" to be precise, a targeted market.

The next advice I would offer them is to visit Harley forums, read up on threads, see what problems and issues they talk about, you may have answers in either your head, or on a video.
Get involved in a subtle yet informative and helpful way.
Use a sig link if you are allowed pointing back to your blog.

Build relationships, you have something in common with them all.

All the plan is now is to set up "funnels" for the traffic you get and maximise it.

Next would be to set up a keyword related squidoo lens, probably the easiest site builder out there, have your blog feed linked to it, or just a normal link if feeds baffle you.

Write up a few good articles and post a few good pictures.

These should be good to keep you busy, update them often keep on reading the forums, you can resell more videos on eBay to keep cash flow coming in.

After the confidence grows and you know you will keep on keeping on...

Next would be to get a domain and hosting, domain should have related keywords, ie... for example.

Time to set up a site to sell you videos and other related things, ie affiliate products from Harley companies etc.

Should you know little about building a site, set it up using a template, or even using blogger or similar blogging software.

By now a month will have gone by, and you will have a few funnels of traffic set up, start getting some reasonable traffic from these as well as regular readers coming back.

You will also have started building solid relationships with "like minded people".

THAT is taking action, that is doable, that brings results.

Not so hard really, just take it one step at a time, yet start off with what's EASY.

Doing what you know and have passion for is EASY, setting up a blog is EASY.

Once you have started it will get easier and grow faster.

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"Making money online"

Making money online? Is that really doable and easy? How?

Sick of seeing this asked everywhere, then seeing people get suckered into buying through "purely good copy", meaning there ain't no meat behind it!

That's NOT all the stuff being "hawked" out there, just some, you know what I mean too.

I know...been there, but not for a bloody long time though, seen it all and it's not changed much...but it will now.

Listen, you got instinct for a good bloody reason, it ain't often wrong so LISTEN to it!

Ok...making money online, is it happening?
Yes, but what THEY don't tell you is the work involved with knowledge needed to apply it too.
Just a plan, blueprint, I can give you that! FREE!

I have now produced a couple of things of my own and although early days it WORKS, but was it "easy"?

NO...Simple? Yes.

Create it...sell it.

See, simple. ;O)

Steps for actually doing it is another story, just what they don't tell you in the ebooks, because it's NOT so easy.

Things have changed a fair bit recently though and will continue to change alot, it's EASIER and better for you now then ever really.

DOING it is still up to you.

You wanna be one of those who are "making money online"?

There IS some work involved, so...

Still...wanna be one?

There may be some small spending if you want to speed things up, not much, but you could see it come back pretty quick, so...

Still game?
Think it's ONLY those in the know who make money?

Ok, a hypothetical scenario...

I glanced out of the kitchen window and spotted the neighbour working on his lovingly self built and personalised Harley Davidson in his yard.

"He is always mucking about with that thing", I muttered to no one but the empty room.

Half an hour later after breakfast and checking my site stats! ;o) I take the washing out of the machine and proceed out the back to hang it to dry. "Alright Dave" I call over to the Harley nut (as I mentally call him), "Hows it going mate?"

I noticed the sad look in his face as he looked over before he spoke, "Not to good mate, you?"

"I'm ok mate, what's up if you don't mind me asking?" hoping in my head I hadn't said the wrong thing, I waited...

"Got booted from work ain't I, not sacked, ya know laid off man"

I nod.."ah bad shit, sorry to hear that mate, been there myself, you got few weeks left then , enough to find another job before the last day?"

"Na mate...buggers done it already, finished, none left now and got a a few months at most before I struggle with mortgage you know, shit eh, bastards", he starts getting a little emotional.

"Might have to sell me bike now, that could pay a good chunk of the mortgage, being in me bloody 50's I paid most off"..."50's, shit who the hell gonna take me on!" it clearly was getting to him.

The thought crossed my mind that he had a camcorder, I had seen him using it to film the bike build and stuff..."well mate, chin up like, you got a camcorder, so you got a computer then?"

He nodded.."laptop thingy"

I smiled..."What you use it for? Alot?"

"Well I use eBay for getting parts for that bloody thing don't I" as he pointed to the bike.

A light bulb moment... "Great"...I muttered, more to myself than him.

A blank stare from him..."great?, wtf great about it, I ain't spending no more, so..." he trailed off..

"Can I check your videos out mate?" I asked.... "yeah, bloody hell pop over and have a beer man" he quickly replied with a sense of a new spark in him, I could almost touch his anticipation..."don't be long will ya" he added...

See, almost that touchable!

A real passion right there.

So, I went round to see them, armed with a notepad a pen, we watched hours and hours of videos, all the while me taking notes...him talking about certain points, more notes...

Early hours of the morning, he said..."Dude, what ya been taking notes about, and what for?"

"Well mate, been thinking, you could use your computer and passion to solve your income issue, after some work put in, you got a heck of head start because you have used eBay, use a PC, know what it is for a start, and probably have INFO here (me wagging my finger to all the vids) that people will pay money for."

"You serious?" he muttered...a slightly dazed yet excited look across his face!

"Yep, you got photos too?"...he nodded, so I handed him the notes...looking a bit like...

How to build your custom Harley!

Money saving DIY videos!

Self service your Harley videos, save money!

etc etc... a rabid hungry and passionate market here...a great niche.

Videos, step by step process,

viral videos,

Pictures on blog...step by, membership site..

Training videos to buy in membership... pdf's..

The tour videos and show videos, use as content and viral..

$7 reports, build list... $7 videos?

affiliates...Harley sellers, shops etc,

garages advertising on your site etc...

He handed it back to me...a sparkle in his eyes, "so, how do I do all that then?" (Recognise that?)

*** To be continued...

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"Recycled Content"

So, you took my advice and grabbed one of the top $7 "reports" recently released I recommended here, articles!

You created some good content to post to one of the article database, or better to your blog or website. This is what builds your "Virtual real estate" aka "sellable businesses" up, good content.

Content is king... or at least prince!

If prince, the king could be anchoured text links...that's for another post, should you want to hear it.

But don't stop there, re-use your content as much as you can, build other uses, set up as blog content, newsletter snippet content, adword preseller content, ezine ads, etc etc...the list goes on.
Free reports to build your list, content affiliates can use to presell your products.

So many ways.

Change your mindset to realise who you REALLY are, and go for it!

Even use some of your content to create your own $7 reports, give others the big incentive to spread your work and build your list! If you have yet to get the scripts needed, go ahead and grab them when you get the $7 report.

Do you have un-used blog post, or articles?
Ones you have done, or redone from PLR that you have not used?

Content has so many benefits, it's used to get traffic, repeat traffic, links, google page rank, better search position, better authority...etc
More than I can think of.

Extend your feeder traffic by breaking down what you have to slightly create a wider section of the larger market, persuade them into narrowing into your funnel market. ;o)

Try creating a bonus viral aspect right into it.

The content you spread itself is by virtue, viral.

This is what you should be doing with all that great content you create....again you CAN create it too.

I am going to be doing just that, re-using what I create.

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Viral list building

Elsewhere on this blog I have already mentioned Scott Boulch, the author of "The death of adsense" and the "autospy" report.

Scott even tells you how he used this very viral list builder to build an incredible list of 40,000 in next to no time.
Proof it worked, and worked well.

It seems something has really pissed him off for now he is GIVING it away, from the email he sent out it loooks as though the "gurus" have attempted to copy what he did.

Well... I don't know the ins and outs of that but I do know this works due to watching it work myself when the reports came out.

I have grabbed it myself and plan to utilise it.

Get your one by clicking the box below....

The basic idea itself has been around a while but this has a different twist to it.

What do you think about this?

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A message for YOU

What a looooong weekend it has been for me so far. :o)

I have just seen my sons which is great, they had a great weekend going to birthday parties with their mates, they enjoyed themselves which is ALL that matters.
My mum had them today for the day, so I got a chance to see them and grab a hug or two. :o)

So I have been very busy getting my new site up and going, though I did hit some snags in the setting up of it, all done now thanks to Karl Warren for the help in joining the dots..I owe ya mate.

Speaking of Karl..
I posted a song he did on my myspace page and think you should go listen to it.
A good voice on the man. :o) The link is at the top of this page.

So.. the new site?

Well some of you won't be suprised at it knowing what I am like, some of you may be suprised, but pleased I got me arse in gear and finished it.

I am pleased with myself as I learnt an awful lot while setting this up, nothing teaches us better than doing.

There has been alot said about the 7dollar report that has been selling well over the last week or so, it is a good report, but I am NOT promoting it, just ACTING on it.

This is MY unique twist on that idea... utilising the viral power of the set up I hope YOU can make the most from it.

Take a look at "A message to a friend" and I hope you like it, let me know what you think.

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Korean madness

Have you seen this crazy video??

That had me cracked up, the girl on the left has a strange way of moving her face... good fun I bet for them, a great example of being unique.

Doubt they realised how popular that would be!!
I have to say that its one of the funniest I have seen so far!
No wonder its viral.

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