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"Two faced warriors"

I was going to stop bothering even mentioning the warriors due to the mistreatment I had yet there has been something I felt had to share with those warriors who still read my blog here...and it IS a few of you judging by my blog visit stats.

Not surprisingly because of the fact it happens in life everywhere I have encountered some seriously sad backstabbing from the two faced warriors who are simply to stupid to realise that it only hurts them.

Listen up you backstabbing two faced warriors (you know who you are too) , you are NOT hurting me in any sense but you are making yourself look stupid...which you probably are so it's no surprise there.

I will say though you are seriously misguided when you say the warriors is the place to be if you want success...woah there, if you really think so you are as stupid as you sound.

Most people have NEVER heard of the place and yet they have good what gives you that stupid view on things?

The fact you have emailed me calling me alsorts and saying that I am a nobody is not doing anything but making it clear to me what sort of a person you are...not one I would want to know anyway.

What IS surprising is the few who I considered friends who have stabbed me in the back with their two facedness, so they are not really friends as such just users who are a little to stupid to realise they make themselves look bad...I could EASILY name you here for everyone to see....would you like that?

Didn't think so a little warning to you there, that should you feel like emailing me with another load of crap...your name will be on here for all to see!

If you are so sure of the warriors making you rich as you say...why are you bothering with me?

Let me say this...the way you said that you will get rich from the warriors will end up ONE being banned because what one of you said in essence is you plan to rip them off!

Doubt that will go down well lol!

Whatever happens you won't be hurting me because I am not there to be ripped off... ;o)

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"I was right about Warriors"

Thanks to the support alot of you have given me over the last few days....especially you warriors who SEE what I was talking about and admit I was right about it.

These people naturally fear posting anything in public because they fear being deleted from the forum.

Well what do you know...Allen started a thread where he lied and USED me as an example, but at least it shows I DID hit a raw nerve, else that thread wouldn't have started.

He claimed a female warrior ask him that question which I do NOT believe happened, he made that up to post that drivel of a thread.

There it is...shining proof of what I was talking about, look at the "Thanks Allen, your great" post, utter arselicking, the very thing he said he's ok as long as it's HIS arse!
But I digress.

So I mentioned in the last post if you look hard enough you will see those who are working towards being the next big name to milk money from the masses...take a look at the warrior take a look at THAT person on the forum... wow... he is now a mod, *note to got sommat on yer chin.

Such proof was lovely to backs up what I say perfectly.

Having had about 20 emails from warriors who THANKED me for being straight and honest about it I realised that the "fine line" you tread at the forum is getting thinner and thinner all the time.

Walking on eggshells is not exactly what people thought they would be doing...but they are.

Those who are new there will have to tread carefully, though they do want you there because its YOUR money they are after.

Allen proved himself a coward by posting THAT where I can't answer him, but here I can say what I like... Allen you are a chicken shit!

Bet you have a shiny ass though!

Keep selling the snake oil!

Shame honesty counts for jack shit there eh?!

The other side of the coin... I have seen but am not surprised by the backstabbing going on there too, people I thought were ok have proved to be serious back stabbers and it's seemingly pretty common there from my observations.

Though there are a alot of great people there who are nothing like those I mention above, they at least have the sense to think about things the right way...neither sucking up to Allen or making themselves a target.
These are the smart ones who just get on with it.

I for one am glad to have said my piece, it hit a nerve there else THAT thread wouldn't be there now.

Maybe I have contributed to changing the place for the better.

I don't hold my breath though!

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"The truth of the Warriors"

Allen flat out LIED on the forum today saying people were warned before deletion.
Well I was NOT! And EVERYONE on there knows it.

Anyone who knows me knows I do not hold back and I do not "sugar coat" things.
I will tell it the way I see it. If what I say bothers you, don't read it.

Many of you will have recently seen what has been happening in the warrior forum, indeed myself being deleted unfairly was one of them but then I am not the only one!

Why should THAT matter to you anyway?

Well I was almost up to 5000 post and have contributed to the forum for almost 4 years and if they can treat me that way they can do it to you too.

So am I writing this because I am bitter?

I am writing this because I feel let down and I feel what I contributed to the forum has been dismissed...almost 5000 post they just casually dismissed at the press of a button, not bitter but disappointed.

Not only that...the mod who deleted me has NO backbone to even admit to doing it.

Is that the action of a decent person? No I didn't think so either...they are simply a coward.

There has been a number of long term posters with high post count who have been unfairly treated although also a few of the big names have left...including someone you all know well...
J Reese.

Although John left of his own accord I can imagine he was pretty angry and annoyed by it all when it happened, I feel he was let down by Allen badly..I wonder if HE felt that?

Bear in mind although I do not really know what went on in Johns mind at the time, I can only presume, which I won't do.

Here I will be saying what I think about the whole situation and how I think it will be going in the future and why NOW may be the best time for you to really think about your role in the warrior forum.

Look at the fact that ONE mod had been made n/a before... say's alot.

Why help them with great content and also traffic when they so obviously don't give a rats ass about you?

Stick to putting your best content on what YOU own.

Before I go further let me take a moment to explain the way I have seen the warrior forum's wealth being distributed there.
The "big guys" don't need Allen or his forum, they have left him behind, John Reese proved that.

John publicly slammed the forum, since then Allen KNOWS if he is to keep the "big guys" onside he will have to change things regarding the so called "negativity" which is not as bad as it is made out.

The fact is the bigger you are, the more you get hassle in some ways and that is what happens here.

But it probably hurt Allen to see John do that...I can assure you this is a factor else things would NOT be the way they are.

Ready for a shocker?

Allen needs YOU more than you need HIM.

Over the years there has been some great IM careers that started right there in the forum, but now I feel those days are GONE!

And Allen KNOWS it!

Shame for him, he made money from them sharing their little morsels...look at Mike F now for an example...he comes in throws morsels to the members and they lap it up.

Someone even pointed out to me that Mike has in his BFM ebook (manual?) exactly what happens in places like the warriors regarding "fans" and "bashers", if you have it...try and find it.

He is quick to jump in when his fans are losing the argument.

There are others who Allen is trying to keep "onside" and we all know who they are.

The way they promote themselves on the forum...

Yet YOU do that and it's gets deleted!

One rule for rule for others.

BUT he also knows one or two of you he can use to create some income, in fact he has already started doing that...look well enough and you can see it.

He is the bitter one really, think about it!

Why did he chase down the higher posting ladies there, I can name at least 3 he has chased out of the forum, and that's just THIS year.
I also know there are one or two who he is watching, yes waiting for ONE slip up and bang they will be gone!

Who? I won't will see it for yourself.

Make sure you are NOT relying solely on that place for income.
It IS the most FICKLE forum out there.

Lets get something straight about the way I see Allen, he must get bored easy with things, look at the things he has done over the years...great start then they die off.

I had respect for the guy but sadly he has blown that recently and I KNOW I am not alone regarding that.

Buy then why should he care...he ONLY cares about the BIG guys who draws the newbies in, where the morsels can be chucked at them thus earning HIM and THEM money...yet it's YOUR money they are getting!

Sod that!

If you want to help THEM get rich then go for it...better for you to have money coming IN than out so create and sell...that's what I am going to concentrate on.

There is ONE way you can really make some serious money there...become the "next biggish guy" and being "flavour of the month" Jon Leger did.

Easy? NOPE.

There are others in front of you in that queue!...Look closely and you will see who..
Look closer and you will see how it became that way for them.

Yes I am serious, that and the fact Allen KNEW the members would gobble it up thus make HIM money..

There is something I should point out though, I do NOT believe Allen is making THAT much money overall with the warriors.

Simply because most of those who did generate the income are GONE, they got bigger and better so they don't need him or the warrior forum.

Here is what Allen said to me in PM... after I complained about being banned.

"The guru hating AND loving shit has got to go around here.
I don't like either side, the lovers or the haters."

Um....hang on....He loves the lovers...he NEVER complains about the ones who lick arse and love the "big guys"... he ONLY ever complains to the "bashers"...why?

Why do you think? It keeps the big guys onside having their egos stroked.

See what I mean?

I told him I don't hate anyone...not anywhere, if he read the post below he may "get it".

Why didn't he stop people bashing J Reese before he left?

Stable, horse, bolt, spring to mind.

He regrets John leaving...that much IS obvious.

So if I praised the big guys and licked their arses...I would NEVER have been n/a.

Thanks...but NO thanks... I am not sucking up to them at all... for anything.

If they are decent people who deserve respect then great...sadly alot of them are NOT!

There are one or maybe two mods there who are serious assholes.. they will delete a perfectly good post of yours and when you post asking why, that gets deleted, then every post you make after gets deleted...even if it is to help someone.

I know this it happend several times to me TODAY.

There has always been one or two assholes modding that place, they will follow you around in there and it winds you up...they drive you to losing your rag and getting deleted.

That place is going down the pan and fast.

I am not going to even bother trying with it anymore.

I posted there today asking for advice and opinions on the post below, one reason was it may help them understand why sometimes I get fired up, I asked if they could advise how I could maybe do something that will help me become a better poster there....and never guess what?

It got deleted!

No balls and no shame.

When Allen sorts out the couple of stupid cowardly moronic mods I may try again.
I don't hold my breath though as they have no balls.

Warriors, those mods? More like bullying idiots.

I am not the only one who is pissed off and fed up with it.

Good luck Allen...those mods are ruining your forum, NOT the members be them "bashers" or "lovers", they make YOUR forum work.

You don't appreciate it.

Any opinions?

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"Offer ends TODAY"

Thank you to those who have joined me over the last two days regarding my offer made in an earlier post.

This offer will end at midnight (my time=BST) today. YES the price WILL go back to normal as well as the free year offer being removed.

So please if you are on the fence, join today!
Simply use the beer function here or in the warriors if you prefer that way.

I have had a eventful few days with all the hassle at the warrior forum, the bonus of that hassle is the traffic to this blog has jumped alot today, in fact it's almost doubled!

So a big welcome to you new readers and thank you for popping by, I hope you get some value from here, should you want me to blog about anything in particular just ask. ;o)

Well if you are keen to join us and keen to reach your own goals a little easier and more consistently you should make the cost of this offer, even more so at that ridiculous low price which will be locked in for all years after too.

Whatever happens if it doesn't work for you it's hardly put a dent in your money and you will still have a year of fun and more importantly building relationships with other members.

Give it a go, what have you got to lose other than time wasted procrastinating which will cost you far more than the ten bucks to join!

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"Shocking stats"

So over the last few weeks I have been getting back into the swing of things nicely and moving swiftly in the right direction, that's down to a few things.

Blogging by it's nature has ups and downs with posting, at times it can't be resolved as with my case.
Losing momentum was a key area for me and I believe it is an important thing with building a blog and giving the readers what they want...content.

During the offline hassle the blogs visitors dipped alot, naturally.
Now a month on, the blog's traffic has gone right back up to almost 3000 for July. :o)

Pleasing to say the least.
Averaging 100 a day is not to be sneezed at really.
Not my best month but still a good month and there is a week left yet.

Great to know at least you are happy to read the blog, thanks.

The bad side of the stats which surprised me was the fact the response to my offer in the post below was not as good as hoped, but not as bad as can be.

Well over 300 visitors in 3 that blog post and 11 takers.

I can't believe it really, a service that will help you if you play your role and be 100% honest to yourself is not taken up, they miss the potential, yet...

If I had offered an ebook that was ok and you learnt things yet it just sat on your hard drive gathering dust it would have been snapped up by more people?!

Especially newbies who suffer lack of focus more than most.

Yet it did nothing to change things, because you read it and did nothing.? Wasted money.

Yet with my offer you would have HAD to take action or you would be wasting the money joining in the first place.

If you took NO action with with mine, are in the same position as you are AFTER buying the book....wasted money.

Strange this, so it's leading me to question alot of things.

Any opinions on this?

P.s Warriors...would it help to offer you a free warrior way book after you join?
I am going to revamp it and you as well as others who have bought will also get the upgraded version free. If so... buy the offer as below, use beer function and you will get a copy!

If that is good enough for you, do it, then email me to warriors+deafdad AT
(replace AT with @ )

Its only good for this week!

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Warrior forum...

Having a break has had its benefits as you can imagine.

Most of you know I use the warrior forum alot but I gotta say "its changed."
Seems thing's happened when I was offline, not sure exactly what went on nor do I really need to know.

I can hazard a guess but I will keep that to myself. ;o)

Though it of course like anything in life has negative points, I do like the place.
The simple truth is that forum can do alot for you, IF you are going about things the right way.

But what about...

The old boys club that people talk about... ok, well maybe there is one, maybe not, depends what you wanna see!

There is something of that nature everywhere really so why would it be so different there?

It's up to you how you see it and where you fit into things, no-one makes anyone do anything.

It's a shame to see those who have made alot of money and MILKED the warriors (to be honest its how it is to me) have left because things may not have been going the way THEY wanted it.

Still... what would you expect in IM?

May piss some people off saying this but I don't care... I am being honest if that's not ok for some tough, because I can ONLY be honest.

I am glad to say though, HYPE is on it's way out... great.

I think, and I am allowed my opinion, that hype is the fault of the US marketers, after all the Americans love their hype.. don't they?

Must do... they fall for it enough, if they didn't hype wouldn't be such a problem.

People can't complain when they fuel it.

So what becomes of the warriors?
Who knows... all I know is things have changed alot.

Take care,

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"The Warrior way"

Many of you know I am a regular visitor at the Warrior forum, a good place to learn all about Internet marketing, and more.
If you have a problem or question you can get a rapid answer there, they will help you if they can.

It's been said that the forum has literally influenced millions in deals, I could believe that, quite easy, after all there is a sticky thread there called "How this forum can make you $50,000 or more", quite a good thread too, lots of inspiring tales of success, overcoming failure etc.

All good.

Something I have been doing, and doing happily is failing fast!

It's those fast failures that become the stepping stones to success, the more I fail, the nearer I am to success.
Some may scoff at that, but I DO believe it to be true.

How fast do you think the failures for the light bulb invention happened before it succeeded?
Take your time and you may never get there!

So...the Warrior forum is full of fast failures on the way to success...a fair few have reached success, after all not many will give up, THAT is the biggest failure, giving up!

I am NOT giving up, that's for sure.
I will continue to learn, apply, and improve too.

I see so many people go to the Warriors and blow it, blow an opportunity to learn something of value, build the important needed parts to succeed online.

It's a shame, they don't really appreciate what it offers because they don't give it long enough to see what it could really do for them.

So for those and even the known Warriors I wrote a book which will be of help to them.

It's called : "The warrior way", it's new and an asset if you really want to make the Warriors work for you, instead of against you.

You can see there has been a couple of satisfied buyers at the review section, bearing in mind I only finished it last night, I am pleased it's selling AND they like it. ;o)

Although based on the warrior forum, it's good info on making the right moves in any forum.

Hopefully it will do want I wanted it to do...that is help people.

What are your thoughts on this?

Any opinions are much appreciated.

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John Reese and his great gesture

Many of you will know who John is, those who don't soon will... ;o)

John created some great videos that could change your life, well I couldn't use them as I just couldn't hear him talking on them, so John did a fantastic thing and had text transcripts done just for me!

THAT says alot about the man.

If you really want to read something interesting that could really impact your life, should you try it, take a peek at the warrior thread below and grab the offer, you won't regret it.

The thread!

I am very grateful for such a kind thoughtful gesture.

Thanks John, you are the man mate!

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Willie Crawford

Willie Crawford as many of you already know is a proflicic contributer to the warrior forum, as well as being a guy full of knowledge and tested proven tips to help anyone make money online, he has been among the highest posters there, now he has over 6000 post!!

Willie post alot of great articles too those NOT in the "wrong" style of the drive by poster... he contributes and often expands on that in the post.
Alot of good post worth alot of money to those who read, learn and ACT.

As I touched on the INNER circle he has started, I thought it was a great indicator to what the private inner forum will be like along the way! ;o)

A "goldmine" and a great place to be in general.. it may not be growing at a crazy rate but it willl.. steady for a while and them I feel in a few month there will be people rapidly joining..and thinking "sheesh if only I got here earlier"..

Willie is bound to really share some great insights in there!

Congrats Willie on alot of great post in the warriors.

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What is gonna die next?

Moving on from the latest problems I had with the blog here and the copy issue, now that has been absolved and is no longer an issue as far as it goes, lessons have been learnt and that is what is important.

Credit to the copier, Linus his name is, for acknowledging the misake and dealing with it by removing my content and apologising to me for it.

I accept that apology as sincere and will be happy to let the issue go.

So moving on...

I guess most of you will have by now heard all about the report titled "The death of Internet marketing" by M Filsaime.

There has been alot of opinions posted to the forums regarding this.
Some negative some positive, nevertheless it did get people talking which was probably the aim of the report itself.

One thing is clear they are talking about HIS view, his business.

Opinions are just that, opinions... we all have them.

My opinion on it is that this was a blatent rip off of the earlier report called "The death of adsense" right down to the way it was distributed.

Let's all get one thing clear...

Internet marketing is NOT never will.

The title is a grabber I admit that much but it is also very misleading.

One thing very clear...YOU the little guy, the non "guru" he cares very little about, you are just a number, someone to make money from.

Yet he says in that report there is NOTHING for sale, no ulterior motive.
Is it assuming we are that naive?
Why do it if thats so?

One thing he says in the report is he has a "select few" that he will work with, so if you are NOT in that select few you have a hope in hell chance of ever getting him to promote your product.

Well he will miss out if that is the wasn't long ago he was a nobody trying to get somewhere much like the rest of us.
So now he IS at the top he says he now has to say NO to people.

hhhm.. wonder how far he would have got if those who got him where he is had said stinks if you ask me.

The problem and he admits it, he IS a part of it, a spoke in that wheel.

Well it is certainly clear he has joined the "money mad circle" of the top
I mean look at his decent content, just a "buy this" attitude which many of them have, see why I have unsubbed from so many list lately...can you blame me?
Every email is a blatent promotion of this or that.

He blames it on the fact so many launches have been made lately at the same time, and all cross promoting each other.
He says people get fed up with that and they either unsubscribe or ignore them.

Whos fault is that?

I didn't hear him complaining when the money rolled into his account that came from alot those who were on these "guru's" list.

The truth is they are in the same bed together and now they made that bed they will just have to lay in it!

This issue wont get better for them...only worse, people now trust them less, listen to them less, hence all the unsubscribing.

They have made this Internet Marketing look worse.

Never doesn't mean YOU can't succeed, why should it.

He don't care about you...he only cares about himself and his little circle!
That much he admits in the report...maybe not directly, but you are smart enough to read that for yourself.

He says he will now only promote products in his little circle of friends.

Well...that to me seems daft, there are going to be some great products created by people we have yet to hear he and his little circle would miss out.
I many of those around now had you heard of a year or two ago?

His biggest mistake is to ruin any trust people had for what he says.
I don't say he his a bad guy, he isn't, but he IS making his own problems.

Lack of real communication is the problem.
The "ezines" he and the "circle" write are nothing like what we signed up for in the first place.

How often do your favourite magazines (real offline ones) change the way they are done?
Never...if they did would you still buy them?

Mike even had the gall to have a rant at those who put the term guru in "" just as I do... "gurus"

Here he says those who do this are doing so in a derogatory way!?

"...someone that begrudges someone else for having what they,
too, also want. Blaming others for their lack of success, making
it appear that they are being exploited. All the while they would
love to have the same success. perhaps dropping the hypocritical
ego would help remove the 'them against us' conflict..."

Woah...well Mike the term "guru" to me, is a self labelled one.
I don't think YOU are a guru...not by a long shot.

You maybe a big name in Internet Marketing...but that is it...nothing more and internet marketing or IM as we know it is not THAT big a circle!

I don't use the term "guru" in any other part of life, I know no gurus...not the real ones.
There are NO gurus in this market.

While the report does have some self serving part for him, it also has some good points that may make your work better or more successful.

But that is just it, you and ONLY you can only decide what is good for you and your work.
Mike has no idea about you or your business so you need to take what he is saying as being about HIM and his business.

You may well learn something from it that CAN help you and your work.
Only you can say that though, not him.

If the likes of Mike and his circle spent time providing value to his list, this report would never have been wouldn't need to have been done.

It sounds as though he knows he has blew it with the list he has.
So he sets about growing a new one, well...I won't be on them.
I am on this one so I could get this report and so I can see exactly what changes he does implement, see what he does rather than what he says he will do.

That WILL be interesting, and you should be watching what they do, not what they say...often they are two different things.

This post is just MY view on it, if you have not read it and would like to do can grab it here, (link no longer good, removed)

Bare in mind what he says is not what goes...he doesn't run this show you know, if anything I felt that report was centred around those that use the "warriors" forum.

If so...then yes, it is in a sense true, they are all in the same forum so it is bound to be that way, there is alot of scrtach my back know.

I would love to hear your comments on this report.

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