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Social media sucks....

Friendfeed sucks...

Twitter sucks...

Facebook sucks...

Forums suck...

One way or another it all sucks.

Either it sucks your time away or if you get lucky it sucks bandwidth from your site, blog.

Often it does both and yet how do you value that time used on being social?
More so when nothing comes of it?

It's all very well spending hours being social but if you are in the position of having to earn online it's not helping spending it on sites like these unless there is some marketing behind it...which is part of the issue with social media not really being a "fit" with marketing...not obvious marketing anyway.

It's been a common thing lately, this monetising issue in friendfeed, twitter etc but I mean with us as individuals.

Is it actually helping you or your work, business.

I could see a big benefit for a freelancer using social media in many ways, sharing their work etc would possibly lead to more work and could be a good move to make.

But for the majority of us?
Either it's a fun thing or just a useful place to get interesting links etc.

So how are you using social media and how is that working for you?

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"Social networking mastered"

Exciting times for you bloggers who actively use social networking, but only if you understand it and use it the right way.

Web 2.0 was what I had been eagerly waiting for, being deaf you can probably understand why. ;o)

Being a blogger meant it never passed me by, as blogging was part of interactivity (web.2.0) before the phrase web 2.0 was even coined, yet now it is making a big difference to my blogs, as well as me. ;o)

Believe it or not there are still lots of people who don't know what web 2.0 even means, or have yet to even hear of it.
Web 2.0 = better interactivity. ;o)

Using web 2.0 (social sites, etc) is the best thing you can possibly start doing if you are a blogger or website owner, after all you are already a part of it. ;o)

In my eyes the best way to get traffic to your blog, more so if it's a new blog is using the power of social networking, bookmarking sites etc.

Maximise what you have before getting more traffic and you get to make the most of the new traffic too, yes?
That's what I have been doing, and it works for me well, so now I started to think of ways to increase my traffic.

So I had a great surprise when I grabbed this new report, book, pdf, whatever label you give it and this book just reinforced the fact what I am already doing is the right things in the right way, but I can still do better... ;o)

While I already knew a fair bit of what this shares, (being a blogger almost 4 years made sure of that), it gave me new angles to look at what I already do and plan to do.

These new angles I can promise you will make a big difference to what I had planned anyway...great to see your own plans and ideas from another expands it. ;o)

While some people will look at things from a "will this make me more money" angle, the key to everything online is traffic, and more traffic can mean more money, right? ;o)

To me the traffic increase is what most people need, even if no intention to monetise that traffic is there, people still want more readers, right?

Of course, so I recommend everyone grab this report, read it and master it. ;o)

The biggest thing I can say is I KNOW it works because I have had success with it and I KNOW web.2.0 is what you should learn more about, even if you have no blog yet.
You are online, you use web 2.0!

Grab it, share your thoughts in the comments. ;o)

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"You tell me, I'll listen"

a pump on Portland

It's been a real summer of reflection and change in some ways and they say people fear change, well I would like to embrace it for what it is, not least because the last 7 or 8 weeks has taught me a huge amount. ;o)

Learning things in ways I wouldn't have expected and yet learning things where I wouldn't have even looked....right under my nose! ;o)

The blogging side of it is no different on that score and what I have gained over that time I couldn't put a price on it in many ways but putting what I have learnt into practice is the key.

That's the aim and it is giving me two feelings, one of slight anticipation and one slight excitement and fear mixed.

One the one hand it's all "go for it" and yet on the other it's "what if goes wrong?"

So who better to ask than you, the reader. :o)

You see there seems quite a divide among bloggers and no-one will please everyone but at least pleasing your own readers is the main thing. :o)

What's this divide?

Monetisation and those who bleat about the so called "cause", which I guess is that blogs are "diary's, personal, not meant for making money with"...the brigade who in my eyes have no place telling others what they should and shouldn't do on their blogs.

If blogs weren't made for monetisation why did Google start AdSense?

But I digress, the fact is there is a divide and to me it's as daft as ya like. ;o)

Blogs are simply dynamic websites, no more no less. ;o)
The easy way to build an online presence...for anyone, and fast.

But it also got me thinking... ;o)

I got thinking about this blog and what I want from doing it as well as what other plans I would like to carry out elsewhere...which way am I going, and where to?

I got thinking about what I can do, now and further down the line.

Well I got some answers from, but I don't read this blog, I write it so the reader is as important as me in what can be done to improve things, after all that's the whole point and you benefit the most. ;o)

I did get some great tips from a readers view from a discussion board and it made me think too.

I will tell you why too...and I do think it matters.

We all market, we all not all marketers yet we are.

An oxymoron I know but what I mean is it's a mentality, a marketers mentality and it's more so with IM, (Internet marketing).
So while we all blog we need readers and in some way the blogs are marketed to them, even indirectly, if you market in some way yet you may not actively market.

You don't have a "marketing head on" all the time.

It's a real thing and it can also be an addictive thing but also being exciting, frustrating uplifting all rolled into one it can be a nightmare to stop, to turn that "marketing head" off.

IM is a myth, a mentality, yet a reality! ;o)

But here's the rub, without learning what I have through IM I wouldn't be where I am now. ;o)

But I digress, where was I?

Oh yeah...having stepped out of the IM circle a bit in the last month or so I have had my eyes really opened by stepping more into the blogosphere and the "social network" side of the net...which I always known of just not realised the scope and benefit of it.

The future is there, and we are a part of it already.

But I also now realise who diverse the wider picture is and feel more in line with where I am going and how, just need to act and act the best I can on what matters while also growing in the right direction.

This blog is a big part of that direction.

Lets be straight here and lets say...for instance, as it could be anyone of us bloggers and most of us will have asked themselves at some point, so for example...

It cost £30, or $30 to be online a month, so we can say...

The reality is £1, or $1 a day from this blog keeps this blog going easily, so that's free Internet...not much is it?


Where does that come from?

If I don't get that how can I do that?

And every month?

(Sheesh my IM "marketing head" is partly back on... See... ;o) )

The basics people say are you usually get a 1% response rate, meaning 1 out of 100 will actually give, buy, act in what way gets you the £1 or $1 but...

Only if they have a way for you actually getting that £1 or $1.

  • If you rely on Adsense or similar you need alot more than 100 visits to get the £1 or $1 a day.

  • If you have good traffic to your blog you could do it with Adsense easy, if it's the action you want and lead them to take.

  • If you have something to sell that your readers can buy you may well do it easy.

  • If you sell adspace privately you may well do it easy.

  • If you have a good readership and a good niche and you are an affiliate you may well do it easy.

  • If you have a good following of fans whether due to controversy or other you may well get the traffic funnelled someway to earn indirectly.

  • If you give great content freely and people donate to you.

It's the last one that's so pleasing to me and THAT is the one I like most. :o)

When I get a beer it does make me feel great and knowing someone gave freely is the icing on the cake. ;o) Maybe it's the supposedly "subliminal messages" here which I can't find! ;o)

But if you did all of above you make your chances better and worse, depending on how you do them...mix and match is what most people do.

So while I was asking myself these questions I realised making money from this blog was never really an intention but it has become a need for now because of that stepping out of the IM circle gave me a slight dip which I has risen above now...just hoping not too late. ;o)

I view the world online a little different to some being deaf it makes the world more communicative. ;o)
More accessible and for that I want to stay online for good.

Re-thinking plans and taking the lessons learnt I have to embrace changes and I will. ;o)

So where do you come in?

Well I got thinking about how this blog looks, what you get from it and how best to ensure of a £1 or $1 a day thrown in the mix.

Just for the simple reason of making the Internet pay for itself via at least one thing I do and if it's this blog than all the better...

Because I give all in this blog the best I can and want to improve, grow and write under no pressure of the content I put here, meaning it doesn't have to do more than I need it to do money wise, I enjoy writing on here and want to enjoy it more. ;o)

So in all honesty I only need to do ONE thing...for at least £1 or $1 a day I give content that's worth it ;o)

That's why a beer is better than a sell. ;o)

It means what I wrote was worth it to someone who is under no obligations.

I prefer to write longer and better posts if I can give something to someone in some way. :o)

So two or three ideas spring to mind...

  • Keep blogging as I do, leaving the blog as is?
  • Improve the overall blog layout keeping it clean and simple yet not too different?
  • Streamline and clean up alot by reducing the adspace and similar?
  • Have only MY income makers and not other peoples, of which is very little anyway?
  • Remove all but the beer, keep on giving good content but relying on at least ONE of you a day buying a beer?
  • Remove all but the beer and the only time I really share other peoples stuff is in a relevant post?
  • A possible addition could be a forum, maybe as a place to also discuss this blogs post, ideas, share tips and or even indirectly helping by a one off charge of a £1 beer? ;o) (It stops spammers! ;o) )
  • Other ideas, or another mix?
What would make you happier to read this blog again, what would you like to see?

Would any of you feel if all but the beer was removed that you would ever buy the beer?

Or would you get me drunk? ;o) ( Not that it goes on beer of course! )

Any thoughts, comments? Please comment.

Wanna share this post?, Please do.

Or even buy me a beer? ;o)

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"A goal reached...I think"

Should have done enough on stay online now, while not certain, it's timing and everything as you know.

Anyway, taking a look at things as they have happened and looking at the plans I had made to follow up on, I thought about things I have learned from it all.

What can I take forward with me and what can I lose in order to streamline?

Well I can't share all that obviously but what I do know is certain thing have opened my eyes, you learn alot when you have your back against the wall in any degree.
But I also learn of new opportunities I hadn't seen...

Missing the woods from the trees springs to mind here. ;o)

Interesting to realise I can improve this blog and the focus of it without ruining it in any way. :o)
The blog shouldn't and isn't the centre of things...
I can make it the centre of what I want it to be though. :o)

As for other things I now have an idea or two to capitalise on...see where it goes. ;o)

One bit of advice I can pass on that has got me thinking is the sheer activity in the web.2.0 side of things, social networks etc.

It works, and if you have a newish blog or need to widen your reach then you should become active within web 2.0 networking style sites.
Like bloglog, blogcatalogue and seen in the sidebar... ;o)

Nice people with great blogs, go look at them.

Take an active role with stumbleupon, it works well and return the favour on other blogs you like, add friends etc.

Be active and others are active.

Get involved with discussions etc, use forums.

One thing some may have noticed on blogcatalogue, alot will have missed it but one thing I have done is to change the "top neighbourhoods" say once a week, give everyone a chance for a bit of exposure. ;o)

Members rush to check my profile.... ;o)

It works...look at the "home" page and refresh, as peoples faces change in the widget it makes a difference to the "welcome feel" to it.
Neighbourhood owners will appreciate what I did.

Communicate, be active, touch people and it's returned. :o)

Any thoughts?

P.s I hope I get the connection sorted in time... :o)

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Scripts are great when used properly..

Scripts like some you find on this blog like here and they are great for adding a bit of a difference to your blogs and sites etc.

They dont have to be hard to add either, just a case of adding the code to the template more often than not...there are plenty of great free scripts out there to utilise if you have a look.

There will be a rise of scripts and widgets to add to our blogs over time, in a way to to make our blogs more interactive.
Blogs are at the forefront of the social web which means blogs will be one of the first places you will see things like this over time.

Eventually I can see people being able to find blogs via blog widgets.

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