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The signs are there, eventually you ask...

There is alot of people now starting to see the merits of doing "stuff" online, whether they started with a hobby frame of mind, or as a result of following their passion, whatever that may be and it's lead them on a path of questions, possibilities and opportunities.

I have seen some "hobby blogs" and such starting to show signs of the owners realising it for themselves.

It's how alot get started yet there is something, a question, that always draws people like a magnet... the possibility of doing it for a living...IE "can I seriously make money online doing this shit?" (with a sarcastic nod to their pc)

After all, they are already spending a few hours a week writing, or other content (videos etc) and doing all the "stuff" that they need to do, it's just a case of asking what else they could do, try, or maybe look for the perfect "plug-in-and-away-you-go" easy money maker.

The slippery slope beckons...

The downside the shillsters don't tell you about when they sell you their "secrets" and crappy "get rich quick" formulas, that they probably don't even do themselves (they just get rich quick selling the crap) - is the sheer work and boring repetitive crap that needs to be done in order to get anywhere, it can be demoralising, more so when it takes a while to get results in this day and age of "instant gratification" and over-hyped promises.

Sometimes we all get downhearted doing this that and the other, mind numbing shit that needs to be done cos there ain't never been results without work, you know action on something rather then sitting on facebook and twitter all day doing bugger all but natter like many do, or if sensible at times, sharing a real worthy tweet!

But don't you need a system? ...

While it's true you do need to follow a system, you really need to create your own system, not meaning you need to start from scratch either... I came to realise all you do is take what works from different systems, actions, tips, knowledge and adapt them to suit you and to maximise your strengths, whatever they may be...the only way to do that is to actually do, test and improve.

I tell you this, it doesn't get any easier along the way as many would have you believe, each new thing you get past is great but there is always something else to do, to get past, and it continues but it is a journey, not a destination.
Learning is just a part of life, why should it be any different online?

Everything leads to more questions.

It seems it's still getting started that comes across as the hardest part of the journey for many, oddly, I wouldn't say it's as much now as it was, it's hard to make the start in some ways, then once going like everything you wonder why you "fretted" over it and these days it's easier than ever to just do something.

Something's just sound harder than they are, yeah some of it can sound a little daunting, but how will you know till you do?

So while this system would just help you in alot of ways you could just use the most relevant part(s) of it, lets say you research for a topic to write about based around something you can deal with (keywords) then get started immediately writing quality articles based on what you find worth doing, then set up a basic blogger blog to post some of the articles to, while posting a few to the main article directories, always having a "resource box" at the bottom of each article with a link to your blog, these directories then get you traffic and links back to your blog.

Then tell others about your blog too, while tracking the traffic coming in.

Rinse, repeat with new articles, and even start other possible topics on new blogs, and rinse, repeat again.

Simple, no?

But then, no doubt various questions go through your mind now...that's the way it works.

"How long is this gonna take to show me results?"
"Is it even going to work?"

The answers to those questions only you have, and they only way you will find out is to do.

So, how long have you got? No, seriously..

If you are seriously considering all of that, you should also ask yourself this...

"Am I willing to do stuff everyday and commit to it for 6 months with NO expectation of reward, knowing I may screw up many times before even hitting the right spot, where I see a monetary result?"

If so, go for it, if not...don't waste anytime trying, because it ends up very...trying!

If you really have the drive to get started, or have started already but are yet to see the potential to adapt in a way it will benefit you in a monetary kind, then by all means think about it, act on it, if it fits well with you there's nothing stopping you.

In reality, anyone can make money online.

If you really think, "yep, sounds interesting but where to start?

Try to find some overlap of the two and start with that, if there is one, you will have a better chance of staying motivated and it won't feel like "boring work" then get researching using the systems information for the right starting point within the overlap, if there is one.

Then write at least 10 well keyworded long good quality articles with solid information for the blog and post them one a day, write 10 short but good teasing 3-400 word articles for the article directories and submit them one a day without forgetting to put a link back to your blog in the resource box at bottom of them (which is why you tease them, you want them coming to your blog for more).

Then share the blog URL with others, in bottom of outgoing emails, on social site profiles you have, just get it "out there" and get the ball rolling, join forums and comment on blogs where you "get involved" with your ideal target market, they will click on your signature link under all your post.

Then write more articles, rinse repeat and do it consistently until you have enough data to decide if it's worthwhile...if so, get monetising by way of adsense, affiliate links, ad-space, whatever works, (yep testing again!) it's why the research part is so important, two or three extra hours researching could save days, weeks in the long run.

If you find something is working, keep at it and then consider how to grow what works, drop what doesn't..(yep more testing... see, it's never ending.)

Don't do or follow what you don't need, just improve whatever it is you do and know works, if you use blogger as said above you could then decide to grab a domain and use it on the blog (so simple to do) as it will pay to do so.

If it doesn't work out, consider just starting again with something else or another angle, no need to delete what you have done if it's costing nothing anyway, IE its a free blog!

Whatever happens, you will have learnt valuable lessons the first time and nothing teaches like experience.

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Do it right, or they will get you...

Love em or loathe them, they are out there, the Grammar Nazis picking away at any misspelt, badly written, grammatically incorrect, wrongly formatted writing they see.

They matter though.
Because they care.
Even if a little to much, at times.

Like I said recently, your writing will never please everyone, depending on the reader and the intended audience, I spoke of intent briefly on writing, but it's intent which on different levels, some we just ignore at the time..

Your intent of the message. (why you write it, will they get it?)
The audience that intent is aimed towards.(who you're writing to)
Assumed intent of non intended readers. (will your next boss see that?!)

I am often wondering, without insulting anyone, if people abandon all common sense sometimes when they write something online, be it a status on a social networking site like facebook, twitter, or a blog post, forum post, whatever.
Perception is important itself, more so when it's so easy to find what people have written online, all indexed here there and everywhere.

No wonder people are catching partners out on social sites and more, bosses are looking up prospective employees, potential partners are searching information about them online.

It matters when it comes to some of the potential audience.

The smart ones are often fishing for the right audience... without it even seeming that way.

It's no coincidence some smart writers have gained work because of it, but you can bet those people also write at least the right way even in status's and tweets, they don't sweat the small stuff so to speak.

You can imagine it, a boss in some niche of sorts, comes across someone on a social site, forum, or similar, liking the style then looking into other writing by them, blogs and websites and similar, thinking "I like this, I could pay that person" ... to write a few post a week, or something like a column a week, whatever.

It happens!

And it's not limited to any niche, topic, passion, business.

Someone with a huge fishing forum and blog getting 20,000 hits a day, everyday, and making £10,000 a month could be reading you, yes you the... "always writing and talking bloody fishing" in your mates, partners, families words... and yet that forum/blog owner thinks... "I like your style, passion, voice, and now I have seen your consistency" and emails you with a great offer!

Why could that not happen to you?

Whatever you do write, wherever it may be, do it consciencely and consistently.

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Be a better reader if you want to be a better writer

Your writing is as good as your readers.

I have great readers...

The job or your writing is to be read but it's important to realise you will never please everyone, so never try to please everyone, just write more because those who do like reading your content will come back for more and hopefully tell others, the more readers you get the better your writing must be, right?

If you really want to write, start reading more as well, reading is, as you know, so important in the communication progress and it does matter, I would have struggled to talk without reading lots and in turn writing.

The Internet has created a generation of great writers according to Penelope Trunk, maybe, maybe not too but it's certainly changed the way communication is made, improved in some ways as people are more often connected than not, but it has also got worse with the written word being txt speak a little to often and basic grammar often being ignored altogether.

Maybe it has it's, yeah, phones? ...Twitter?

You could say twitter has the argument of creating brevity with the limited 140 character count, which hints at the reality that twitter was started with phones in mind.

Granted the Internet has unearthed some good and great writers, no doubt they were already good storytellers, communicators, after all that is good writing - great writing. (I'd hope, humbly, that I would fall into the middle of them  somewhere!)

I get told I am a good writer, while flattered and pleased it's hard to see in yourself what you do well, without being ego-influenced, but I have also always written, and I am even more of a reader, as I always have been, I mentioned it earlier I had to in order to talk properly and also to keep me from "falling behind" at school as I grew up... It helps!

Nowadays though young people are doing it even more, they are growing up without knowing any different, IMing, txt'ing, twittering, blogging, using facebook, etc etc...also reading more online.

Nevertheless it's hard to escape the fact today's young people are writing and reading at times most in my generation didn't when we were young (pre mobile phones!) that is, usually at school for us and only then...these days the youngsters are online, using iphones or similar.

It matters because its changing alot of society, good and bad, communication on the whole is changing at a rapid rate, let's not forget never before has everyone had the opportunity to share with so many, so easily and at anytime they like, hence there are more people writing overall.

I mean, it's now 3.30AM* I have been writing lots over the evening, not only here, and yet, it's ok, nothing stopping me from doing so, I can still click publish and share it... I could just save it and crash out in bed, get up and carry on...millions of people are doing the same! (*I will "publish" it later today, timing counts!)

That is the beauty of the internet and having the platform to share whatever, it has emboldened people to do so, while not everyone gets great results they do have the same basic opportunity, and they take it.

It just so happens as more and more do so, your writing will have to matter and stand out to rise above the noise and be noticed.

"Ah"... the marketers cry, "but the write it and they come is BS" ... um yes, marketing is fundamental to anything being spread on or offline of course, but if the writing is good, better still, great, then more people will find it anyway, people share good stuff and it only takes one person to start that ball rolling, yourself or someone who shares it the first time.

It's no coincidence Penelope is a good writer and although probably not seeing herself as one but she is a very smart internet marketer too, that combination is always going to get you somewhere.

The underlying thing I have realised (and it's just this way with most things) is intent.

Without intent, it's all pointless. Just words.

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My 5 word plan of action for 2010

I had a nice email from a friend but it also ended with a question : What's ya plans for the year then Rob?

Well everyone knows the saying... "fail to plan, plan to fail" and yet, more importantly, is writing the damn thing down, you know on real paper, with a real pen, by hand.
Not something that happens much these days, writing for real, sadly... I digress.

The email got me thinking about it more, as I had been battling with myself over it anyway.

In the past a plan may have been made for the year ahead, at this time of the year more so then a short, medium term one, though they are all important as we know, planning goals, resolutions to stick to, that sort of thing, not necessarily business plans, could be a lose weight plan for example.

I had never really been that good at plans, goals, I mean I was unsure, now I know because the reality tells me it's so.

But I needed to make plans, plans on what to regrading blogs etc, how to use the time and what to implement.

I needed to make plans for me too, plans on life.

About time I did something different, mainly because I find plans and such a little difficult to follow at times, or goals seem to big to reach, all leading to frustration and often it can build up into a snowball situation where I fail completely.

Maybe you feel you have done that yourself before, none of us always get things right anyway.

It's ok to times, depending on what it is, how big it is...for me at the moment it isn't ok.

But as Henry Ford said : Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.

So, I had to consider it to be useless doing it the same old way, something needed changing so I got thinking about how why it fails, and how I could approach it different, what would make the difference?

Some say and I have probably said it, but it obviously didn't work for me well, you should set small attainable goals along the way, taking bite sized chunks of the big picture, but then I though doing x in x days is doing exactly that...and it doesn't work for me.

For ex...

If I was overweight and needed to lose lots of it.. ( thankfully I am perfick don't ;o) ) previously I'd have written "lose x amount by x date, say a year" and possibly more goals with shorter time spans with less loss amount, monthly say and then failing to reach the 1st month goal, getting bothered, then failing the 2nd month...and so on.

See how it can snowball into one big screw up and the end of the year you are no better, or if anything only slightly better than the year before.

Maybe not to that extreme, but you get the gist, easily done that... wouldn't you agree?

So I realised I approached a badly thought out plan in the wrong way, losing half the plan before it's started.

I needed to do something, this just bothered me in some ways and I know you have to make plans of a sort...yet I clearly needed to also do it different than I had before.

Setting an overall plan of action for everything, like all blogs?
Do plans for each?
What about plans for me, personal plans?
And how to plan them if they are to be different in order for me to get it right?

For some reason I kept thinking about "internal and external goals, input and output" without really knowing why I was thinking it, then the words "break it down" came to mind, like a mathematical sum that's using big numbers which needed fractioning.

So maybe that's it, break it down to the smallest aim and underpin everything with that aim.

So, for life goals, personally the main broken down aim this year is to... get healthy

For blogging goals I have simply broken it down to... monetise my words

Everytime I now do something I ask myself... "does this fit my aim" so leading me in the right direction?

That means I feel guilty each time I smoke, I am in fact putting myself off smoking more and more.

Each time I write a post I ask myself ... "is there any potential monetisation" in what I am writing.

That means everything I write matters, if it is not worth doing I won't do it.

I have no idea if this will work better for me than previously because I have never done it this way before but it simplified things a great deal for me, lowered the analysis of everything I do.

Have you done things this way before? If so, did it work for you?
If not...
How do you do it?

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Make money online or choose to be more social ...

Well of course I make money online passively with ease, while sipping cool drinks on the beach on a faraway island under the sun ... all because I put in the hard work of writing over time. Yeah ummmmmm right, not quite there yet! ;o)

If life was that easy, we would all be rich, happy, at peace and living the lifestyle we really wish for ... but it isn't, so we aren't!

We make bad choices, silly mistakes, regrets that can hold us back or just plain miss the path that was expected of us altogether!

Some end up living a lifestyle we would never have imagined one time, an old friend who is a tramp, an ex boyfriend who was good with you is now a married wife beater, the old shy school friend who sleeps with married men, the brainy one who is now an unhappy smack-head (heroin addict).

Sometimes it goes the other way ... the thick or ignorant school friend everyone took the piss out of who is now a multimillionaire with their own huge company, passively making money AND living the dream lifestyle they chose!

Non of us will always make the right choice, ever, mistakes are what allow us to grow.

Each of us will have bad periods in life, where it seems dark clouds gather and linger all too long, if you followed this blog you will know I've had them myself, I made choices and dealt with them but I also had to be patient, the one virtue we all need to utilise a little bit lot more ... people waste time not being patient.

Everyone wants everything yesterday! Won't happen!

The best thing about yesterday is what you put into action to make today better.

Lifestyle, isn't that the most important thing we can actually get to choose?
Doesn't that one choice effect all the other things?

If only we chose what real lifestyle we wished for at a young age, like when we leave school ... sadly we don't even have a clue at that age, we just daydream, and yet as we get older we realise those very daydreams weren't quite so far fetched or far from the truth of what we really should do to create the lifestyle we later wish we lived.

At 16 I just wanted to be a writer, or an artist, being either was a hard path to follow then. ;o)

Life is only a string of choices ...

It's your life, it's your fault, they were your choices!

I know how you feel, the mistakes, the dark clouds in my case were my fault too, taking some repsonsibilty for it means they get less grey. :o)

If you are you anything like me you felt the clouds came from nowhere, making it a bit overwhelming at times, the more you looked the darker they seemed to get ... you wonder what the hell happened to get it this way, so quick and so gloomy, your mood changes with it.

Stop, here's what I found ... looking back over things, you always in the end, came to a choice that you made which started the change, the catalyst from which things seemingly snowballed.

That choice may as so often happens have been so insignificant at the time it was made, it would be hard to have considered any other choice at the time, seeing it seemed so small a choice.

Show's how we really should make our choices better, think things through a bit more before choosing, even if they do seem trivial choices at the time.

Granted it may still not change the outcome, because we can't definitely know the outcome, but what if we did spot a small difference which hindsight later proves to be true?

Making better small choices where possible has to lead to a better path, less mistakes, better results, a better lifestyle.
Which is why the dark clouds are now passing for me, I've made better choices from the moment I took responsibilty for the choices made before, which were the root cause of the doom in the first place ...

Some of those choices weren't easy, they were needed though in order for me to see more of the light.
I have had to remove one or two friends, with nothing personal in the reasoning, from one or two places, because I can still see them on another site etc.
I am in a sense using different places in a different way and I feel they don't fit with how I use the particular site.

It's why I have been quieter on all the social sites, well, facebook being the main exception, there is a good reason for that too. :o)

Being social is all well and good, but it is not going to improve my lifestyle, only getting results will do that, although being social on these sites is fun and helps this blog with traffic etc, this blog is not one that I have set out to monetise or such.

So I am better off spending more of the time I use being social doing the things that will help me improve my results, which also allow me to improve my choices.

Writing is what helps me make money online, and doing that on the right blogs and sites is what gets results, what pays for the lifestyle I want to live. Seems I wasn't so wrong at 16!

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Writing for profits

While surfing about online it becomes obvious what really helps the owners make money online, for most websites its not graphics, banners, ok... maybe some will earn money from them but the main earner is the "words", words sell, words give you the information you seek.

I see some great writers out there yet know there are a vast amount who struggle to make money from their obvious talent, sadly there are some who think writers shoudn't earn through their writing skills!

Huh? Why the hell not?

That to me is plain crazy... will those naysayers donate an income to those who struggle to earn from writing?
Will they contribute to putting food on the table for their familes?

If so... please feel free to contact me and you can use my paypal as I could do with a meal or two being paid for...if not... then stop telling others how to earn their income!

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of naysayers out there who are quick to denounce things like that.
What do they gain from doing so?

For those of you who DO wish to earn more from your writing skills it pays to listen to those who already earn from writing.

You wouldn't go to a farmer to ask how to learn to earn from writing would you?

You know something else, even those that are hugely successful from their writing skills will get the naysayers comlaining about it.

Sod em!

If you are a naysayer moaning about it, why not educate these on how else to earn a living, in an alternative way instead of having a bash, if you can show them a better way... go for it!
If not...shut up about it.

Let those people make money online how they can, after all they have to eat, clothe their families, pay their bills etc..

If you are one of those who would like to earn from writing, then go for it!
Not sure how or who to learn from?
Never fear, go to those already doing it, and doing it well.

The people I'm keen to learn more from are those that the top earners use to write for them, there is no doubt that those writers are doing well, you only need to look at the earnings the top guys generate from the words these top writers create for them.

It's the words on these top guy's sites and their marketing skills that get that cash rolling in.

So who better to learn from?

There has also never been a better time to start generating profits from writing with all the PLR rage that is here, and here to stay.

Not everyone can write well, but most people can write to a level that will get them earning, the problem is most don't try, or even know where to start.

Well I have just the thing for you, want to generate some cash then now's a good time to start, but don't forget your writing can be generating money for a long time to come, even years from now.

I have read a great set of books which I KNOW will get me going in a huge way and there is nothing to stop you doing the same.

Don't listen to the naysayers, they will STILL be naysayers a year from now.
If you get started now, think about where you will be a year!

Write something every week, be it an article, or a blog post or even a chapter of a book, you will have a great deal of money generating content out there, or a book ready to sell and you will be making money online.
If the money side is not the main focus, you could have other benefits like back links to your site, blog etc.

Having written alot of blog post's myself over the last 2 and half years I can see the value of those links being out there.

So where should you learn to earn from writing?

As I say from those who have written for the big guys, or those who have earnt well from their own writing skills.

You don't need to be a fantastic writer, just a good one, and you know practice makes perfect, well it certainly makes it easier.. ;o)

I just read a great package last night that I KNOW will help me a massive amount, also their credentials speak for themselves... those big guys most of you have heard of have used the writers skills to help them generate massive profits.

Take a look for yourself and start honing your own writing skills.
Heres the link to see what a great package it is.

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