Most of will have heard about this “law of attraction” and understand the basics behind it. You attract what you send out, like attracts like. How can we equate that to making money online?

Well what’s money? Nothing more than energy, just like everything else around us is just energy.

So how can you attract the energy that is money?

By giving out energy that attracts the money… when you work at your job you are spending energy for which you get a wage, money=energy.

Want more money, then give more energy. Change your mindset!

More and more people than ever getting online for a variety of reasons, yet one of the biggies is to “make money” and the silly thing is they want it easy and hassle free, in other words they don’t want to spend effort, energy doing it…they expect the energy that is money to come though!

It won’t happen, for you to get anything of value in life you have to give it first, you can’t just think it into reality!

You hear people say “money attracts money”

Law of attraction at work?

Law of attraction and making money online
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