Wouldn’t you say that is the best way to get to grips with anything you want to use, do, perfect?

Wouldn’t you say that your experience with anything is 100% different to that of everyone else?

I agree… :o)

So in that case the more we share the more we all learn and faster too, never before has everyone had the opportunity on such a scale to “self educate” thus “self improve” which are really the same thing.

The only way to improve is educate yourself, learn, the only reason you learn is to improve. :o)

We do it anyway, life itself is a learning and growing experience but in the days of old we were limited in ways we could learn and the speed we could absorb and learn, so limited in growth of self.

Nowadays…hold your hats!

What about YOUR kids? The next generation?

I hated computers at school. they were the old BBC’s, big clunky great things that had NO appeal to me whatsoever!

Now I can’t get OFF the damn PC at times! :o)

The teachers were obviously older than us, but they were also of the old method of teaching, blackboards, chalk, so not actually tech savvy themselves, plus the computers were pretty primitive. :o)

For today’s kids and tomorrows teachers, it’s a whole new ballgame.

They will be far more involved with computers and such, so in theory kids of tomorrow will learn more and faster, but will they?
This huge advantage of multimedia as a way of learning and teaching should be harnessed as best as possible, but also about the right things.

All the potential due to the Internet!

The biggest value for me is it has allowed me to self educate at my pace and on what I wanted to learn about…as many books as I can read is normal for me.

With the speed and volume of information (though not ALL correct information) on the Internet anyone can self educate about any topic, passion etc…as far as to make yourself an “expert”.

BUT there is also a big problem in my view that should, for the benefit of the future generations, be discussed and considered as a real possibility to implement, though I feel it’s highly unlikely to ever happen anyway, simply due to the “control” factor of politics and the state.

Education starts from birth as we all know, but the “controlled flow” of education is what I believe needs changing and it also needs to change in the schools because it’s a change as a whole to the approach of learning, the subjects of learning, the best growth possibility of each person.

I believe education as it stands is not working to its best ability for the times.

Today’s teachers are not going to be like tomorrows teachers, just as today’s kids are not going to be like tomorrows, education itself changes too but to slowly to make a big impact so the system they also teach under needs changing.

You read any blog or news article of a famous “self made” person or someone who gives advice to others, it’s always “follow your passions”, and most of the time these same people didn’t do well at school, or just struggled so left with no qualifications.

So why do we stifle the passions of kids?

Why do we deny them the best opportunities to grow that passion?
Minimizing the opportunities to become a happy and successful person doing what they love?

Why is education such a mess that it manipulates kids to be a certain way, follow a certain pattern.

Manipulated to “fit” into society as “they” want you to fit in.

What is the real underlying cause, with education that needs changing, in my view?

It’s too broad, for too long.

Lack of focus on any passion.

As it stands everyone gets more of the same!

Can you remember much from the lessons you never liked? Nor me!
What about those you did like… ;o)

Our passions don’t start at 16, they start at a young age when we have bigger dreams than we do now as adults, because we dare to dream that way…as we grow reality kicks in!

The times demand change in education.

The reason?

People, and that includes kids are better connected than ever before and to harness that we need change, so the growth of those valuable connections start early and strengthen as they grow.

What would I change if I had the chance?

Starting at the age of 4 would be the first thing.

One problem is working parents have working hours out of line with school hours of their kids, so that would a good start. It would be a better habit for all our body clocks if they were in line with each other as we all grow.

Changing these hours means more lessons for the kids but have one whole day a week concentrated on play and interacting with each other, sports etc, games, challenges, basic socialising.

The teachers need to be looking for passions of each child, reporting it in a log, be it painting, writing, sporty things, challenges, etc.

They have the basic education of reading and writing etc, as we do now, until the age of 7.

By 7 each pupil would have a log of the things that they are keen on, like, have a passion for or learn in better way, i.e reading, watching, doing.

These kids should be grouped a little better for the collective development of each “band” of passion, i.e drawing, or English, or maths, and style of learning.
There will be overlaps of styles, but utilise what’s working best for them.

Now from aged 7 till 11 these passions should be developed with integration of the basics.

What do I mean by that?

History, geography etc doesn’t need to be just on a broad thing, if a class of kids are passionate about painting, they could have a history lesson around the passion making it far more interesting and engaging, more meaningful.

By 11, the kids will have shown alot about themselves and their passions etc meaning they are enjoying school more and doing better for it.

Moving into “senior” school the teachers need to completely different to what we have now.

They need to be as passionate about the passions the kids have while being also able to integrate the basics into the teaching process around the passion.

Part of the education I would integrate into this is business lessons, money lessons, relationship lessons.

As the hours of school are longer and the kids are more passionate to learn more about their passions they also form real bonds that will matter after school.

How many of us have been in touch with the “majority” of those we were at school with?

Not many I bet, we were all diverse, destined to separate and follow our own paths, only having close bonds with the handful real friends we have.

How many of the real friends go into the same career path as you?

Not many I bet, we are all choosing different paths, that share no real mutual benefit in most cases. As it stands we leave school, to find ourselves in the “deep end” with no real understanding of how the world works or what we have to do as part of it.

We learn NOTHING about tax, business, law, money etc.

So we feel more isolated and lost within this situation and we have to “grow up fast” just to get by!

We lost contact with the majority of our “old circle” as they also go through what we do, having to also “grow up fast”.

No wonder there is so much pressure on people in their late teens and 20’s.

By changing things…

This way the bonds will last because of the “valuable connections” built and nurtured through the learning process of a collective passion between the class, these become the close friends you share life with, go into a career with.

While at school, you all learnt together about building a life with your passion, and having each other to learn and grow with, and that continues outside school.

We have more passionate business owners who are all working together to grow.
Some of these passionate people become the next generation of teachers, to spread and grow the passions farther.
We have a better chance of having a stronger society this way.
We have a better chance to build upon the success of each generation.

We have a society of happier, more successful people.
These people are tomorrows parents who will also know the value of building the passions of their own children, the next generation.

Over time the education will improve and become better suited to building real passions in real passionate people.

This I believe would create a much more valuable society and it’s ability to grow through business and collective support for each other.

The self education of society would continue to expand through the ability to share valuable relevant information between passionate people.

What do you think?

Does education need to change, if so how?

“Learning as you go, sharing as you learn”
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3 thoughts on ““Learning as you go, sharing as you learn”

  • December 10, 2008 at 12:15 am


    Great post, with a lot of thought put into it. I totally agree with you that our education system needs to change. However, in a world made up of coporations, workers and consumers it becomes a very difficult challenge to change the system that is in place.

    People are taught in school to “get a job” and “go with the flow”, etc. If we had children, they would either be in private school or be home schooled, unfortunately the easiest alternative to public school, right now.

    I admire your passion. See if you can connect with Robert Kiosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad). I had heard that he was creating a schooling system (maybe a university) teaching people good habits about money and investing (along with regular studies as well).

    Have a great one!

  • December 10, 2008 at 12:22 am

    Thank you Bradley.

    I have two teenage sons, looking back at our own education made me think about it…in fact I feel guilty for allowing my sons to go through the same crappy system.

    So true about the “flow” you mention and it’s a really manipulative thing as it is.

    The next generation is going to be wiser to it then we are so maybe the status quo will change one day, we can only hope. :o)

    I wouldn’t know where to contact Robert Kiosaki…I have heard of his book etc, never read it though.
    Any pointers there?

    Thanks again for that comment, I apprecate it.



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