Forums can be a great place to make money online utilising what you learn in them and utilising what the owners teach you in terms of making money online from other forums you may find, use, more so in niches.

Marketing forums like the warrior forum is the type of thing I mean.

Anyone who frequents the marketing forums will have heard if the “warrior forum”, it was were I first bit the marketing bug… and I have learnt alot there as well as other forums.

There is an amazing bunch of lessons to be learned in forums.
Not just from the content but sometimes more from the people.

Made many great friends etc.

Due to being a lurker and poster for a few years, a lurker for at least 10 months before the first post..why?

You need to read and absorb before jumping in, it is like going to a new club in a new village, town, you gon’t just wade in, you sit back and observe, get a feel for the place, glad I did otherwise I wouldn’t be a moderator on several big forums now.

That is why it can seem so harsh for those who jump straight in.

One thing I have given a fair bit of thought about is the owner of the warrior forum.. Allen Says.

Here is a man who we can all learn to observe carefully, for it will be of benefit to you in more ways than one.
He not only writes great tips you can profit from but he also writes things that you can utilise to better yourself, your life, your thinking, in several ways.

But is what he writes and how he writes it that matters here.

Take a look at any post he makes, he writes very little yet it is always more powerful info than you can at first imagine.

The key here is he makes every word count, getting the message over as clear and direct as possible without diminshing the meaning.. in fact he expands the power.. through the less is more effect.

It means you will read EVERY word.. I NEVER skim over his work, I read every single word, then I read it all again.

Much like you have to with the classic “Think and grow rich”.

There is a real influence in his words if taken in mind as its written, you have to “get it”, but good for us it is not hard to get it when he writes it the way he does.. we could all learn from his style.

And those who have learnt the most from him are starting to adopt a similar way in their style.

There are a couple who I feel have subtley and cleverly adapted their style in a way it has not stood out by way of a blatant switch to a “copycat mode” but has still had the desired successful effect to a great level.

Having been offline a while it looks more prominant to me, so it is very noticeable but it must have been subtle as I can’t find much evidence of people writing about it.

Those that I have noticed adapting are not going to be a big suprise to you, after all they are two of the people who “take action” and most people read their every word now!

So who am I on about? Spit it out Rob..

Well ok but last year when I had my offline issues they both helped me alot, and I knew already they are top blokes, but hey when I come back a year later, I see some subtle difference in their presence on the warrior forum.

Looking back it was already happening before I had my issues, but as I say so subtley I didn’t really take much notice.
But it has had a tremendous impact!

The proof is in the pudding.

You could probably guess who I will mention… at least ONE of them..

If you look at the post these two have made in the forum you will see it for yourself, and you will see WHAT they have adopted and HOW, so if that is obvious to you obviously you already know what you need to do yourself.. ;o)

The more obvious one I would say is Bryan Kumar, since he has been an early adaptor to Allens style..
But the other I feel has made a more dramatic adaption so I noticed it more.. and that is Paul Short.

They both benefit from it greatly now.. in more ways than one.

This post here I am writing is proof of that.

Just take some time to read the post they all write.

They all get answered, they all write great content, they give freely… yet they write less..less often, less words.. you see the power of what they learnt from Allen..

Look at how often Allen post to the forum… not that often.. look at how little he replies to his own post..

He will on occassion make a great reply with quote of someones reply to his original post… but it is rarely…

He gives you a great post, but leaves it so that eveyone else can expand on it… without him needing to do anything more.

Others do the expanding of their power…elaborating on the post, and eargerly awaiting more from them..which as you know rarely comes.

Therefore when it DOES come to promoting something they will get instant results..

Allen, Bryan and Paul giving you the meat but with a need for a bit of garnish which YOU add!

All the less is more proof you need.

Incidently if you came here from the warrior forum post I wrote about this blog post will have noticed more proof of the less is more approach, after all I didn’t write much did I?!

Take heed of not only the people in the forums but those who own and run them too, often it’s what they do you should be taking notice of rather than what they say.

EDIT : But I no longer go there these days, the longer you are there the clearer you see why!

Less is more…at times
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