In keeping with sticking to my true self I am gonna have to start telling you what I really think, what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear, you can buy that at most hype pages if you want it.

Enough is enough, it is crazy yet you know what it is also very interesting, it wont stop!

I had enough of the crap, all sides of it and I don’t believe I am the only one.

Yet the mass of contradictions, multilevel ones, ones you miss, or don’t yet know about, leave a giggle inside of me, each time I notice it!

So I will share this shit with you…wise up, I am kicking myself in ways and now I maybe you will kick yourself too.

All the bashing crap, from both sides is a little bemusing, I could care less really anymore, other than seeing it for what it is, a mass of crazy contradictions.

I am not JUST talking of bashing people etc in forums, I am also talking about:

“labelled (read guru or whatever you wish) ebook sellers selling the sizzle” and… newbies saying “They sell this crap and It didn’t make me rich” crap too.

It’s one big joke honestly…

Those sellers sell sizzle because the buyers buy it!

Simple really…is it not?

When does the steak come in?

You didn’t order one!!

Did you?

I am in no means one of the people “raking it in”, not by ANY stretch, but having been into this IM circle a while, one thing as mentioned above has not changed.

Anyway…Its all bollox whatever way you look at it.

Where was I?

Ah… I don’t sell sizzle…so maybe I am making a mistake?

Not really…I don’t WANT to try and sell sizzle.

I would rather have gravy… ;o)

Without the sizzle and steak the gravy is pretty useless!

YOU provide them…not you BUY them.

Get it straight…the sizzle is the dream…YOUR dream, NO-one can sell that to you.

Your steak is your work and your recipe is your efforts…NO-one can sell that to you.

The gravy…you can get tubs of it from any shop… ;o) cheap too.

Gravy is the income! The reality.

Start looking at things objectively, a mechanic has a dream as a kid, teen, to fix cars, change them , “pimp them up” as they say, the sizzle is the same theme, yet different pictures to each of them.

Unique in each one.

The tools to do it are the same, spanners etc, the shops sell the tools, the teachers at the college and your trainer at the garage are your
Steak chefs and recipe providers.

The gravy is your talent, your knowledge.

The reality is, most of the mechanics end up stuck in a 9 to 5 garage job doing basic car fixing, after doing the training, never really moving from there, possibly never “pimping a car for money”, rather as a side hobby, which COST them.

Those who really get the quality gravy are those who DO get out of the 9 to 5 and “specialise”, they get to gravy the choose, get to pimp cars for money, the work selling itself.
NOT selling your time at a low rate…ie 9 to 5!

That reminds me, those that sell “how to make money selling “how to make money” ebooks” are in a sense another contradiction, they say, “get into a niche, make money doing that” but sell you a book on making money online in a niche?

They say don’t get into “selling books on making money selling books”… why not?, it looks like it pays!
See that contradiction there, then you realise allot of these people selling these DO use niches… hmmm.

Whatever way you want to look at it, there is hard work involved.

If you are new to this the best advice I could give you is to start taking action, whatever action you choose, just DO it.

If you are that stuck, heres an idea to get you really going, action will inspire you.

It is NOT hard at all.

Grab, now be honest with yourself and find a topic you know about, see if there is money in that niche, see what YOU can find if you are new, that gives you an idea of what others will find if they are newish.

Now write some good solid articles using that books methods, use the now well known free BUM matketing method.

Now grab a Blogger account, and this free seo book, READ that, it will give you the plan to follow.

Post at least ONE article every three days to the blog, and one to the article directory of choice.
Link them as told in the book.

Set up a squidoo lens on your topic too, add rss feed from your blog to it.

$7 bucks that all cost you!

Now DO IT. Create YOUR content, it will pay in time.

Get going, see what happens, track you stuff, improve as you go.
Do it for a month.

You will be glad you did.
You will have done something.

Now set up a seperate blog on blogger for YOU, write all your thoughts etc there, keep yourself on track etc, ideas, results.
Use it for what it is, a diary of sorts, even make it private.

Less of the bollox please..
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2 thoughts on “Less of the bollox please..

  • March 5, 2007 at 11:30 pm

    Man… you do love to write. I’ll give you that. As for the blogging for money part, that is hardly a new strategy.

    Your point of view on the other hand is. I never considered using link baiting until now to promote my all so new and not very popular blog. For that I thank you.

    Regards, George

  • March 5, 2007 at 11:37 pm

    Thanks george for popping by.

    I do love to write…but is it any good lol!?

    I agree making money blogging is not new, but then I didn’t say it was. ;o)

    Link baiting? Not sure I like that term?

    I prefer to say linking with sense. ;o)
    I would not link bait in the sense people say it, like you may have here.

    I will write my thoughts on linking, and what I feel blogging means for me.




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