Liars and forum abusers

As you know I frequent a fair few Internet marketing forums.

I guess some people will never get it though, every forum gets these types.
You know the ones I mean, they hide behind some stupid userneame like makemoneyonline or some crap..
I just tapped keys so sorry if anyone DOES use that username!

But I digress…they are more often than not a….
A no mark.. no name no mark.
A loser… or a bully.

It is these that feel they can abuse others and abuse the forum’s Private messenger functions.

I got news for those idiots… the mods see EVERYTHING.
They see where you are, what thread, what you pm people if they choose to keep an eye on them that is.

They know everything..

I don’t NEED to justify myself because I stand behind what I say.

These people are the sort that will say someone else said this, yet the truth is they said it, just haven’t the balls to stand up and be honest.

When you get a messge from some no mark that says something

“Are you racist? someone was bad mouthing you and I wanted to ask”

You have to wonder why they say something so daft.

I mean…being deaf I know full what well what predjudism is like and how it can be hurtful, so there is no way in hell I am going to be prejudiced?

Is there?
I mean it wouldn’t even make sense…it is bullies and lowlifes who have that sort of attitude.

So… I replied.. “Who would say that? Do they have any proof that I am racist? Have I posted anything racist?”

And they reply…”well no, I saw something I didn’t like that you posted” (thought it was someone else?)
Then provide NO proof, or won’t point to the post in question.
Well you know…what an idiot they must be!

Fancy making up something like that? Weirdo…

Fancy making up some mystery person that supposedly said this or that?

From THAT one PM I come to the conclusion that they are a liar!
What other conclusion could I come to?

So…they then post something to the forum thinking..
“oh well at least others will see this and maybe believe me so I can do some damage”

What an idiot…childish and pathetic…do they REALLY think the mods etc won’t know?
So…I forward the PM’s to the mods…not that I needed to, they know anyway.

So who will that hurt in the long run?
Not me…

Stupid people…stupid act of childishness…and a liar to boot.

Oh yeah…there is a name for them…TROLLS.

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