Have been giving some thought to all the blogging and or lifestreaming conversations going around recently on blogs, in the social sites and probably even on the phone!

There does seem to be some shift going on with the impact of immediacy and the ever shortening of the attention span regarding content online, people seem to like snacking on short content, more so if a conversation can build around it, like what happens on friendfeed.

It seems to be the huge space between short blurbs like on twitter (140 max letters) and a full blown blog like say … this one ;o)

Tumblr stepped into this space, and having used it myself it seems ok for what it is and does, posterous now stepped into this space too and I do prefer posterous for it’s simplicity and the fact you can just do the whole lot through email.

I know you can use email on other platforms but posterous takes that to another level really and the only thing I can see making waves like it is googles aptly named wave!

Posterous as it is could be the simplest way to have a presence online and that is what matters, having some central hub from where your content reaches out, (and you only need to email it!), like the telegraph pole above, the lines reach out to the outpost, like twitter, friendfeed and others.

If you have no presence yet and no domain, setting up one for posterous is by far the simplest and fastest way to get started, it’s like when blogger started but better and far easier!

I can see the appeal of lifestreaming yet I still feel a blog where you can go into more depth on your content is the way to go forward and instead of replacing blogging with lifestreaming, see how you can use it to compliment your blog after all there is no right or wrong way to do this, only you will know if it’s worth doing for you.

There is no need to “dump” your blog or whatever, that’s silly really unless you KNOW it’s best being dumped and you will only know that over time, not next week, or a month … more like 6 months and like anything else, test it for yourself and make your own mind up.

I could happily lifestream all day but that won’t feed me … at the moment. ;o)

So I will carry on blogging but will also use posterous often as I feel it is worth trying, IE I am acting on my own advice here. ;o)

Lifestream vs Blog…why the damn vs?
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