Rob Sellen likes . . .

Blogrolls and links, the word on the highway is that from an SEO standpoint they are better off on a page than the sidebar on the blog, which shows on every post page.

No idea of the reality and only one way to know, as with anything ~  test it yourself, with that in mind this page is created, yet by no means complete. 😉

I will be adding more to this over the next few days, weeks, months… years?!

100% commission to you, buy it, use it, share your own link, get one buyer and it’s free to you.

Create short reports ~  A simple guide showing you how to create short reports and using the same 100% commission scripts as these links use, you get YOUR script too with this. Create a short report on your niched topic, lets others profit while spreading your report. 😉

Other cool blogs and links to visit!

Portland Bill in all its glory ~ Partner site, all things related to the Isle of Portland, aka Portland bill. The go to site for Portland. Our home.

The main newsletter I always read! ~ I’ll say this, I learn more than I always bargain for when this newsletter hits my inbox, more often than not I learn what I would never have imagined I would have upon opening them. Just get on that list and pay close attention to it and maybe read them twice!

Clicknewz ~ Lynn Terry, she doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk too. Known Lynn for years now, we started blogging at a similar time on blogpsot, *sigh, good times they were, blogging was new. Lynn has been doing this stuff over 20 years and if there is one “known name” out there to check out, it’s Lynn. 🙂