Lots of changes…some unexpected ones too.

Having had a chance to look about online at the “old haunts” I have seen a fair few changes, some for the better, some for the worse and some just unexpected.

Mind you, it is to be expected really considering what it is like online, the time element alone is strange.

Like dog years!

Sad to see the end of a few forums which I used often.
Seems the social networking side of it has exploded and also in some way I feel had a knock on effect on the forums.

That’s how it looks to me, could be wrong, I often am. ;o)

Social networking sites like facebook have been a great asset on the whole, finding friends from a long time ago has been a revelation really…happy days.

Good to see the blogs I read still going well, with some good nuggets for me to catch up on. ;o)

As for my blogging, I am still going but will consider revamping the site, maybe have a main page… and this blog on a subpage, IE, robsellen.com/blog but I am not sure yet.

That would enable me to use the domain better. ;o)

It’s all in the pipeline and I will go for it as I feel this blog is and should be my main priority online.

Most say, and I agree you should have some form of focus for your blogging, but I am not sure I can do that, or if I do what the main focus would be.

I like to write about most things so I should, which is after all what blogging is about.

Is it the blog or the person behind it that matters?
To who? You, me?

Any thoughts?

“Lots of changes”
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