Says it all…

Lynn had a guest speaker to outline “3 reasons why your profits aren’t twice as big” and number three sums up the sheer value of my offer in earlier post.

I quote…

Even better is to publicly keep accountable via personal friends, or on a discussion forum. It’s a known fact that we tend to work harder to meet public goals than we do to chase after our private ones. You would do well to use this form of leverage on yourself.

Even better is to do it in a private but publicly viewable to the members forum, for you can feel confident not everyone is reading your post, only those who matter so you can go for it without holding back.

See just how useful it could be for reaching your goals?

How powerful to your longer term plans.

Need I really say more?

If you don’t see the value by now then you wont full stop.

You see it?
Great, capitalise on it. Leverage it for yourself.

“Lynn Terry’s post…”
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