We all have them, good and bad.

The one thing we all also know, when they end, friends say…

Don’t worry, plenty of fish in the sea, get out there and get into the dating game again…and quick!

Bad advice if you ask me, for several reasons,

  1. Is it fair to have “emotional baggage” put onto someone else?
  2. Do they really want to meet someone else?
  3. If they do meet someone else, is ANYthing about that going to be genuine?

Probably not, most of the time all they can think about it is their ex and what they are up to.

Funny thing love!

While it may be true sometimes the split up is the best option, or the only option left to them, the majority of the time there are kids involved and in reality it’s very few of those split ups that are “hopeless.”

There is some very do-able things that will save any relationship, somethings you would never even think of and yet if people knew of them they would have a better chance of trying to make it work out, even if only for the children’s sake.

But the real beauty of this knowledge is, why wait till you have the problems? Why not use them to strengthen your relationship?

Every relationship takes work as we all know, but it’s what you work ON in the relationship that can make the difference between an ok relationship and a great relationship…and NO it’s not the sex!!

It’s the Magic of making up!!

“Magic of making up”
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