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Unsurprisingly…you never really know what’s on the horizon in life and that itself makes life interesting, if we always knew it would be boring for sure and that’s where you get set in a “rut” as they say.

We have all been there, seemingly nothing changes and everyday it’s the same old same old and yet, most of the time, we aren’t even looking at the damn path, let alone taking control of the point we are blindly heading for, sometime we are indeed lead down the path by circumstances, not always but often it’s us that create the circumstances.

Snapping out of it is not always so easy but you have to and the only solution is to…
Stop ourselves, recognise it for what it is, accept it then take charge and change it, we already know a few degrees change now leads to a big difference at the horizon.

I had to be inadvertently reminded of this myself recently, I’m thankful for it too because it will help me short and long term.

This is why I have been quieter of late on the site’s I am usually seen on… like the social sites I frequent, ironically having looked forward to google wave for a while I got the invite to try it out just the last couple of days and that’s for another post altoghter, first impressions are not so great as I’d expected but then that could also be down this recent “kick in the arse” or change of mindset to be more precise more than anything.

I have mentioned before about the choice between either make money online or being more social, until you can blend the two in some way it’s going to have to be balanced in favour of what works for me now, what is more important.

I am reminded of the why I started this whole internet marketing thing off for myself, what grabbed me in the first place and what it can be, do, yet with the experience of what I have and what I know from doing and learning over the years I still get hit by fluff and crap out there although the difference is I know it’s crap or fluff really.

I do underestimate what I already know and can do, then again don’t we all?

Yet I still struggle at things and I know for a fact I am not the only one, not that special! meh!

To that end there is the one underlying important aspect to keep reminding myself, it’s not that anyone wants to make money online for the sake of it but what that money can do for them, (a holiday for instance is not free lol) the lifestyle it could lead to, the being in control, knowing that any result is down to yourself.

What other business is better if this is done right?

What other business can you start up for as low as free and pack into a bag?!

Meaning that’s a business in the cloud so to speak, you can be anywhere, anytime and do what’s needed and benefit, you know, chasing the dream.

Is that not what every internet marketer and many bloggers want?

Of course, people scoff too yet you look at the shakers and movers on the young rich list and you see internet business owners, tells you something really.

The one thing that has to be put in is time, that’s the one thing people won’t put in yet they still want the results…we have all seen this mentality.

This same stuff apply’s anywhere, online, offline, any business, so we wonder why do people waste so much time trying to do this make money online stuff but the reality is that time is wasted on the wrong stuff and often fed to them as advice from the wrong people, people who ain’t got a clue or people who don’t give a stuff about where you end up, (as long as you bought their crap).

OR We waste our time on shit we shouldn’t!

I always stuck to the belief if you don’t put time in yourself to learn what’s needed then you can never be 100% sure of anything anyone else said as you can only go by what you know, what data you have, what your experience showed you.

The only other way is to get others doing it for you and that is where you need money off the bat for, you are paying out before anything can come back.

The truth is, anyone wants the rewards is gonna have to roll their sleeves up and do something, do something that has focus.

That is where I am going, focused on things that are incrementally building to one goal and that goal is mine to shoot for.

Focus… THAT is what people need to do, what I need to do, if you could focus on 1 thing for 15 minutes you would be ahead of the majority…didn’t Einstein or someone say as much?

If anyone is to be serious about anything they have to focus on it.

It doesn’t have to be only make money online issue, what about your work, love life, any area where you want better results.

So what are YOU focused on?

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