Well of course I make money online passively with ease, while sipping cool drinks on the beach on a faraway island under the sun … all because I put in the hard work of writing over time. Yeah ummmmmm right, not quite there yet! ;o)

If life was that easy, we would all be rich, happy, at peace and living the lifestyle we really wish for … but it isn’t, so we aren’t!

We make bad choices, silly mistakes, regrets that can hold us back or just plain miss the path that was expected of us altogether!

Some end up living a lifestyle we would never have imagined one time, an old friend who is a tramp, an ex boyfriend who was good with you is now a married wife beater, the old shy school friend who sleeps with married men, the brainy one who is now an unhappy smack-head (heroin addict).

Sometimes it goes the other way … the thick or ignorant school friend everyone took the piss out of who is now a multimillionaire with their own huge company, passively making money AND living the dream lifestyle they chose!

Non of us will always make the right choice, ever, mistakes are what allow us to grow.

Each of us will have bad periods in life, where it seems dark clouds gather and linger all too long, if you followed this blog you will know I’ve had them myself, I made choices and dealt with them but I also had to be patient, the one virtue we all need to utilise a little bit lot more … people waste time not being patient.

Everyone wants everything yesterday! Won’t happen!

The best thing about yesterday is what you put into action to make today better.

Lifestyle, isn’t that the most important thing we can actually get to choose?
Doesn’t that one choice effect all the other things?

If only we chose what real lifestyle we wished for at a young age, like when we leave school … sadly we don’t even have a clue at that age, we just daydream, and yet as we get older we realise those very daydreams weren’t quite so far fetched or far from the truth of what we really should do to create the lifestyle we later wish we lived.

At 16 I just wanted to be a writer, or an artist, being either was a hard path to follow then. ;o)

Life is only a string of choices …

It’s your life, it’s your fault, they were your choices!

I know how you feel, the mistakes, the dark clouds in my case were my fault too, taking some repsonsibilty for it means they get less grey. :o)

If you are you anything like me you felt the clouds came from nowhere, making it a bit overwhelming at times, the more you looked the darker they seemed to get … you wonder what the hell happened to get it this way, so quick and so gloomy, your mood changes with it.

Stop, here’s what I found … looking back over things, you always in the end, came to a choice that you made which started the change, the catalyst from which things seemingly snowballed.

That choice may as so often happens have been so insignificant at the time it was made, it would be hard to have considered any other choice at the time, seeing it seemed so small a choice.

Show’s how we really should make our choices better, think things through a bit more before choosing, even if they do seem trivial choices at the time.

Granted it may still not change the outcome, because we can’t definitely know the outcome, but what if we did spot a small difference which hindsight later proves to be true?

Making better small choices where possible has to lead to a better path, less mistakes, better results, a better lifestyle.
Which is why the dark clouds are now passing for me, I’ve made better choices from the moment I took responsibilty for the choices made before, which were the root cause of the doom in the first place …

Some of those choices weren’t easy, they were needed though in order for me to see more of the light.
I have had to remove one or two friends, with nothing personal in the reasoning, from one or two places, because I can still see them on another site etc.
I am in a sense using different places in a different way and I feel they don’t fit with how I use the particular site.

It’s why I have been quieter on all the social sites, well, facebook being the main exception, there is a good reason for that too. :o)

Being social is all well and good, but it is not going to improve my lifestyle, only getting results will do that, although being social on these sites is fun and helps this blog with traffic etc, this blog is not one that I have set out to monetise or such.

So I am better off spending more of the time I use being social doing the things that will help me improve my results, which also allow me to improve my choices.

Writing is what helps me make money online, and doing that on the right blogs and sites is what gets results, what pays for the lifestyle I want to live. Seems I wasn’t so wrong at 16!

Make money online or choose to be more social …
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2 thoughts on “Make money online or choose to be more social …

  • June 17, 2009 at 4:18 pm

    My priorities have been messed up lately. I've been spending time on social sites, then I was viciously attacked, which caused grief, ate up my time by responding to it, etc.

    I need to get a handle on my addiction to social sites and focus more on earning income. After all, the time I'm wasting by spending too much time on the internet isn't helping me to put food on the table!

  • June 17, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    Yeah I agree, but then it takes us doing it to see it, so a lesson there for us to utilise, at least we know now. :o)

    I was going to touch up that fact part of me having a bad time was the kind of response I got from ffeed…geeks galore there anyway, I am not a geek.

    They don't help in that sense, they baited and I rose to it, won't happen again, at least know now where NOT to waste time. ;o)

    I don't like to react to it, so I won't ;o)

    The one thing about social sites is they are addictive, but then we are human, so interacting is in our nature.

    Still, like you say, it doesn't put food on the table.



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