Sad to see that greed seems to be at the forefront of some marketers minds where it only has the opposite effect.

There are hundreds of ways to market online, utilising different sites and tactics to get your name “out there”, yet some will risk blowing a hole in their reputation by breaking the TOS of various sites.

Sad but it happens.

I am taking about sites like Myspace, who make it clear it is NOT for commercial purposes, unless you have a band that is.
Yet the fact Myspace owners use it for marketing seems to make some marketers moan about hypocrisy…huh?
How else will they pay for all that bandwidth every month?

Its getting more traffic than google, it does seem hard to believe google would get overtaken but it has happened.

If you use Myspace, use it to meet people and build relationships, after all THAT is part of marketing, in fact it is one of the biggest parts of marketing.

That’s not breaking the TOS.

I have to laugh when I get emails from the big names in marketing bragging about how well they are doing using myspace and sharing a link to their myspace profile, only to click on it and find they have been banned!

DOH…. good move.

Are the greed glands on these people getting to big?

Marketing and greed
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