Lynn posted an “off topic” post on marriage all the while thinking I wouldn’t spot the subtle “subliminal massage”.

That the preference was for a “Brit with a hearing problem and a sense of homoUr” which narrowed it down a tad.. ;o)

Yet I had to say no… bit far away you know..

Joking aside..

She will kill me!! ;o)

Good headlines work do they not?

But wait..before you dissapear.. it was for a reason and a good one at that.

Not only it got you here…

I am a little at point where I NEED to get something off my chest, not in a rant sort of way, but in an positive yet straight manner.

Anyone who knows me offline, and I KNOW a few my offline real mates read this.. ;o)

They will tell you I don’t shy from making friends or being honest, and yet a mate says
I need to show a little more of the ME through this blog…so I will.. ;o)

I am sometimes to honest for my own good, some say, but I don’t feel it ever pays to not be honest.

They have a great point there and it ties in with something I have been thinking about alot since getting back online.

Being online is getting more and more like being offline… except faster.

You may well have heard of the term web 2.0 before you groan or wonder, depending on your view, lets get something straight here, it is NOT hype!

Some WANT you to believe that, simply due to it being a potential banana skin for them..

Before I explain why grab this superb book from Tiff, read it as soon as you finshed this post, it will clear it up nicely, not only that you will also see more of Tiffany Dow in the future I think..why? take a look at her easy to read, clear easy to grasp style..

See why the top dogs have hired her in the past?

So…the banana skin?

It’s getting to be a people driven market, people are voting with their word, with their fingers.
And if your product, service don’t cut the mustard it won’t last!!

Simply put the net IS running more on word of mouse than ever before.

Hype to far or lie to much and you WILL get called out on it… but it also means the people are the ones who will clean up the niches, and the net.

This post is a perfect example of web 2.0 in action.

Its about interactivity more than anything, that can be acheived in so many ways, and its good for so many different reasons.

Linking to others is part of it, blogging itself is part of it and those who fail to grasp this will miss out.

Look at John Reese’s blog here and tell me THAT isn’t interactivity…two post…over 300 comments.
And THAT paticualar commant was someone helping ME… see the people interacting here?

When you want to buy someting…

The people don’t wanna get ripped off, the people don’t wanna get lied to, the people don’t wanna read boring long sales letters, they want a real recommendation from a real person, someone who they trust, believe.

People need to be honest…straight..

Thats why you won’t see me selling how to make money selling books on…

“How to make money selling books on how to make money”!!.

Because I am NOT making silly money.

Those of you who are sharp will have already noticed that.

Ok that’s most of ya.. ;o)

Here is what got me putting that up here.

So..while it pissed me off a tad, it got me thinking positively, the only way to banish the negative.. ;o)

As this post implies its a people driven thing, I will let you decide whether my rambles are worth tipping for… ;o)

But tippers won’t regret it.

They will help me move FASTER to where I need to be.

Marriage- turning Lynn Terry down!
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