Last night was absolutely terrible!
I had a huge migraine and all down to stress!

I did something most of you would find shocking, I cut my own hair!
Well.. in desperate times… desperate measures are called for!
I did it with scissors too… but I know what I am doing, so it doesnt look to bad. ;o)

So… what a night, all the built up stress knocked me for six last night and I took four hours to get to sleep, woke up every other hour after that to be sick… one of the worse ones I have ever had.

If I had a red hot poker, I think I would have stuck it in my temple last night it was that bad!

Today I woke up to find a pile of mail on the doormat..

Bills and cards from some of the family..

ALL the cards were open!..that angered me no end!
Two of the bills were three weeks late!

So some letters are being written today, as the bills are now overdue and I get charged extra!
The post office will be getting a letter too.

At the hardest time of the year for me..
I am angry and just hope I don’t give myself another bloody migraine!

So pissed off…. :o(

Massive migraine
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