Are we doomed?

With that massive experiment underground on the French and Swiss border happening tomorrow there seems to be alot of publicity on it lately.

Even a matter of a court case to try and stop it going ahead.

Is it a big risk?

Who knows, in my opinion the scientist just want to DO it, they are not going to say YES a massive risk if it stops it happening, they want to do it to find out because of the sheer potential of what it could teach them about anything and everything.

The say they guarantee it will be safe, but if they are wrong, will we even know about it?

That is part of the reason I feel they care more that it works than not, that sounds strange, but what I mean is they are NOT going to be bothered if it doesn’t work and the earth gets swallowed up, after all, they will be gone as much as we will!

If they are wrong, to late, if they are right… it could change things as we know it for the better.

Playing GOD, or whatever your world view on that is?

Any opinions on this experiment?

“Matter of creation, creation of matter”
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One thought on ““Matter of creation, creation of matter”

  • September 11, 2008 at 4:07 am

    I don’t think anyone should play God. There are enough gods out there already! I can tell you that the news coverage is freaking my son out and that is hard to live with.


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