Help me change my life!

Before I explain the meme I will need to explain this post to make sense to everyone.

I feel a bit bad, slightly annoyed but humbled.

You see just over a year ago I was made homeless wrongly…without naming or discussing it for obvious reasons.
I was helped by many over that period and will always be grateful for that as I should.

All that though made me feel bad, ashamed as a dad…they were so good I didn’t feel that way for too long.

Now I am housed, I am on the way to showing my boys a good lesson to see, picking yourself up and dusting yourself down…getting on. It wasn’t a lesson I wanted them to see me show that way but it is going to be.

Now its a case of making my place a’s pretty bare yep!

I got back, blogging and more, but I lost a key thing in momentum…the ball was rolling and ground to a slow crawl, one downside of a blog as apposed to a website.

I would love to be a full time blogger and hope to continue that way to be so.

I wanted to share the positive of that belief I will be.
I am not one to lie and say I make blah blah 1000’s a month!


Now I would love it if you could help me make up some of the momentum I lost, help me to step up my aim to show my sons it pays to get up and dust off.

The book I mentioned in an earlier post has clarified alot for me and refined my focus as well as my determination and motivation.

Not to make blah blah money, but to achieve what I set myself out for and do things the right way in the right direction.

For me the Internet and blogging is a new world of communication, from no distance communication at all to worldwide is… you know!

If money comes…great as long as I have given more than that in value.

So… hopefully you can understand the importance of momentum online as well as the fact it DOES take work.

But here I am in front of a computer just like you…we are far better of than most so we can’t complain. :o)

But I want to thank you for being my reader, you are helping me already more than you know.

Now back to the meme…

I hereby name this meme “5 ways you can…”

Here’s what I thought.

The meme is passed around with your “5 ways you can “whatever” ” (More on that in a min)

I will write my “5 ways you can…” Help me Change my life.

  • Keep reading my blog to help me towards becoming a full time blogger. I would love to sit and blog more often on this blog, so if the readership goes up and effects the income then great, it means I can post far more here. THAT would be great and would I hope also mean I am giving value.
  • Subscribe to my feed for your reader or email inbox. Subscribing can be done from the sidebar or bottom of the blog, I recommend googles reader because I do use it, along with iGoogle as a homepage its a great quick easy option to keep up with all the blogs you read and more.
  • Donate towards my furniture chase! Yes I am serious, crazy as it sounds my place is slightly bare still, not homey yet so I’d love to finish it off and have somewhere my boys feel comfy bringing their friends to should they want to…not even enough sofa for us three! You can easily help should you want to by clicking the beer icon at the bottom of the post. Rest assured it won’t be going on beer! ;o) Better still would be buy something from this blog and gain something in return.
  • Comment on this blog saying what you would like me to blog about. You would be helping me tailor my post to benefit you the readers while also inspiring me to keep going.
  • Blog about this meme. Would be great to see this meme spread knowing we were at the front and we spread it afar. Meant to be a bit of fun but could be a very interesting meme for a good reason.**

This is how I considered it working.

You blog with a link to this post, your post is titled “meme: 5 ways you can…” and in your post the choice you make, at the end of the post you “tag” 5 people with this meme and so on.

**The twist of fun and interest.

You can pick whatever you choose (within reason) as your 5 things, but you must guess what those you tag will choose. ;o)

Could be interesting for those who you choose.

They still choose what they want to post about but may well have a surprised feeling at the “taggers perception” of them.

Maybe you all ignore it!!

Who knows?

The 5 I tag and what I guess they could choose for “5 ways you can…”

  • Lynn Terry“5 ways you can… Balance being a successful mom / homeworker.”
  • Seth Godin“5 ways you can… Effectively spread your message further, faster and easier.”
  • Yaro Starak“5 ways you can… Easily improve you blogs effectiveness.”
  • Michel Fortin“5 ways you can… Quickly, effectively and easily improve your sales copy”
  • Brian Clark“5 ways you can… Pull your readers in with eye grabbing headlines.”

Maybe they will share some great tips we can all benefit from. :o)

Who will they choose to tag?

Should be fun learning for us all.

Never know what people will share…

5 ways you can… bake better cakes?

5 ways you can… improve your health this week?

5 ways you can… spend a family day out?

5 ways you can… save money this year?

5 ways you can… lower your carbon footprint?

5 ways you can… save time?

5 ways you can… cook with potatoes?

And more…!

Who will you choose?

“meme: 5 ways you can….”
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