Messed up blog? Somehow

Coffee break

What no Biccies?To m

Too much coffee trying to work out where this blog has somehow messed itself up, very frustrating to deal with when out of the loop for a while, amazing what we forget so easy.
So, it looks like advice and help is needed, I wonder if any of you smart wordpress / cpanel users know of the answers…
As you can see from this page itself this is the current layout, and its on a standalone url in the browser bar, yet you go to the main blog home page here and it clearly goes back to the old blogger set up I migrated this wordpess blog from. I have no idea why, as it was setup fine for a long time I changed nothing and yet….
Do any of you spot what it is that’s messed up?
If so, can you advise me on how to go about dealing with that, please. Pretty please.

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