Been a funny few weeks, but the last few days have been interesting for me.

Knowing full well it IS better to have your own products, websites etc going and “out there” in order to earn that’s what I am doing.

The “Warrior way” is selling, not had a complaint yet, touch wood. ;o)
I even revamped it a bit… you may prefer this one “Warrior way

As you can read from earlier post things seem to have improved allot because of the things that have happened, documented right here, first John Reese earlier but read the FEB archive page…it goes back further to that bottom post!


I read something else today that I know will speed that progress right up…and some because it deals with the key to it all, the “mindset” as you know.

Not what you would normally expect to read from that train of thought…but read the archive here, follow it all, till now…and you will agree.

My “mindset” has always been the key, I was just putting it in the wrong lock!

Try it!…

What do you think?…. Agree?

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