Missing out again!

With the discovery of the net and it’s reach to people I would never otherwise know I felt I stepped into a whole new world.

One where it didn’t matter that I am deaf…

Knowing I could read and read without missing out on any thing was a fantastic thing for me.. knowing I could “chat” to others online was also a massive thing to me, as I can’t use a phone as you or others would…

I was happy as pig in shit!

Now with the explosion of videos…it looks as though I will start to miss out on good info again.

After all who is gonna put up subtitles for people like me?

No one!

Oh well… at least you can enjoy the videos and you should.

Just feel a little like it is going to all move on again and leave people like me behind again.

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3 Responses to Missing out again!

  1. Anna says:

    Hi Rob,

    I doubt it will ever happen, but if people insist on doing videos and audios I personally think they should at least have a pdf to go along with it for those with hearing problems.

    Just my tuppence worth 😉


  2. Rob says:

    A worthy two tuppence worth…;o)

    Thanks for that.

    Great to see you still provide all multimedia not just a select few parts of it.

    take care,


  3. Anna says:

    LOL, actually, and here’s a little secret, the audio version interviews came about totally by accident :p

    One of the interviewees just happened to do one up in both written and audio versions, and I thought I’d best ask the others if they wanted to do the same…

    (Ok, so it was a bit harder than that, but you get the drift;) )

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