Things are continuing to move forward, admittedly after a few hiccups.
Having not had my lads this last weekend of their holiday I have been busy with several things. It’s all good. :o) (so far!)

As you know from previous post I had been trying to move this blog off the FTP system, but not sorted that yet, as you know I use blogger and I love to use it, alot of stuff going around at the moment about WP (wordpress) security online so it no doubt gave us blogger users a little smile after all the WP lovers bashing blogger for years, at times justifiably too. ;o)

Anyway, as a blogger user and with the improvements rolling out I decided to get a domain for one of blogspot blog I have, I only like to get domains if the blog is worth keeping…this one is one, but up till now I’d only done FTP set up so I hosted the blog itself.

So I decided to try the custom domain set up bypassing the FTP set up.

Having been doing the postland blog for a while I decided to get the domain I had been meaning to get, it is now changed to portland bill and one reason for that is anchor linking is better using a keyword domain.

That means any backlinks should also be better, because most people just use the url, which is ok, better now though. ;o)

I also now own the blog really.

There was a few years ago some perfectly ok blogspot blogs being wrongly deleted, think it came down some hair-trigger fingered worker, thankfully it’s not happened since as far as I know but blogger are cleaning up their database.

Splogs (spam blogs) and dormant, empty blogs are being reclaimed, I know my portland one was ok as I actually use it like many I have, I still aim to get domains for the ones I want to keep ~ for whatever reasons. ;o)

I have to say it’s probably not so straightforward for someone who has never registered a domain, I worked it out because I have set up my own sites and blogs on own domains and hosting, so I am a little familiar with DNS and domains, but…

I do think if the registrars themselves had a set up page showing how to set their new customers domains up with blogger, they would gain a better user experience…then again they are trying to sell hosting too, so a doubled edged sword there. If it was me, I’d say do it… blogger has how many millions of users?

Overall though the registrar I used I am pleased with, it was a good service and I did need to ask support a question, got a reply within an hour…on a sunday too.

Should you use it and want to get the blogpsot blog you have moved, it’s simple once you know, if you have any issues just ask, I am happy to help, if I can’t or I am asleep (sleep?) and you need help I am sure they will help you.

The links and such from the old blogspot will all work ok, nothing is lost as far as I can tell, possible a bit of PageRank, but that will improve again and should get better, I don’t place to much importance on that anyway.

Also on the Portland bill blog I have made a few changes, having decided to take it another step further and improve it all round, I know the users/readers experience is the most important part and hopefully changes I make will reflect that. :o)

I would love to hear any of your thoughts regarding the Portland bill blog and any changes made, or changes you like to see.

All in all, a good weekend, how was yours? :o)

More changes…but not here
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