Time for change!

…not the hyped crap of “hope” that worked so well for the USA, hope is by definition something you never quite achieve, else what would you “hope” for?

Hope is.. “I’d like that, but it’s unlikely to happen” (…keep hoping!)

Britain is supposed to lead the way with this shit called “politics” or “democracy” and do it to our supposedly core values of being tolerant, being fair, with honesty, decency, and best for everyone involved…

Does that sound like what OUR MP’s run the UK with?

Does that sound like that arrogant idiot speaker who wasted £100,000 of YOUR money trying to make sure YOU never found out how some “greedy, insensitive, irresponsible, fiddling, lying” MP’s abused YOUR money. The “some” to me is VERY debatable too but nevertheless there are bound to be some good MP’s.

We need …
REAL change, not the hyped crap “new” labour hoodwinked the (gullible) voters with so effectively… IE…”our “new” meaning we WILL screw over the “working class” we used to base our values on, those who built us up to where we are, without them realising it till it’s too late”…  (-IE- about NOW)

Hence the “we won’t raise income tax” to the public while creating many new taxes in the background to be sure we are worse off …

One lie leads to many others, they lied at the start… do I really need explain ALL the lies? I will be here for a month!!!

Forget it, they ALL lie…

If you have VOTED for a party, you ARE gullible, but let me have a chance to say why…

They are all shit!

That make sense?

Good …

My local MP didn’t like some “comments” being posted on his facebook page, so he blocked those of us who voiced our thoughts and opinions, yeah…free speech and all that right?

How dare us… shame on us, he only wants to listen to the “yes” on his constituency… else he wouldn’t have blocked us, we ARE part of it, he represents US remember… free speech again… what happened to THAT? Oh yeah, he has an agenda, a party agenda.

Course, I got a blog… lol! :o)

Lets see what REAL change could be and do for us, because it HAS to happen…cos that shower of shite and the system they FORCE us to live in doesn’t work. FULL STOP!

Note, NOT “labour doesn’t work” as was famously used years ago, which is STILL true, but THE whole lot doesn’t work. (So the labour luvvies, don’t bother, accept it, your party is crap, as are the rest, they LIED, wake up)

The first REAL change has to be the NEW vote of NO confidence.

At present you choose between the branches of the same power and system, believe it, whether you vote one of the big three, or green, whatever they are all branches of the same power base behind it, working to manipulate and control every direction of our lives.

Forget about em… but if you don’t vote, what happens at the moment, if everyone chose to not vote? Somehow they have set it up so THEY, meaning the behind the scene power base still run things, something I can’t seem to get the idiots who tell me I WASTE my vote by NOT voting understand.

Well… I would waste MY time voting for something as corrupt as that shower of shite and that is me voting for something I don’t believe in.

Do I look THAT dumb, dishonest?

But I DO want MY vote!

Make a new vote for “NO confidence” meaning for ALL parties, that means you are VOTING to CHANGE the SYSTEM, they all lose the option and we have to make change, we take OUR rights and power back from the few manipulating bastards already ruining it for their own means, at OUR expense!

What kind of change we might ask…

We demand a law for the new “no confidence” vote for a start…

WE make the majority a “no confidence” by action… therefore we scrap the lot of them by VOTING them all out, that’s REAL democracy. :o)

We change the system so it never happens again, we don’t have to completely destroy things so much in one go, just make the change and work at it as fast and effectively as possible for the good of everyone and to the best of our collective ability.

Now I don’t know or claim to know how it all works, all I know is it isn’t working…taxes are wasted and stolen IMO and responsibility gets sidetracked to the “never never” office. I know that the further up the chain the messier it gets. Listen to them idiots in commons debate… pathetic… “right honourable member of the house”… bah makes me puke. Utter drivel. GET on with it! … Better yet GET OUT!

I think the way forward is like this…

We elect local representatives who the locals feel best to represent them and their local issues in an honest and fair way and NOT tied to any “pre-set agenda” which is forced onto us.

The local representatives collectively represent the counties, with another elected person to represent the counties in national issues, then a national representative to represent UK in Europe and World affairs etc.

Simple.. right?

Bit like it already is but without ties to an overall party, without the POLITICS and bullshit of it all.

Not MP’s – Must procrastinate.

But LR’s – Local representatives.

And CR’s – County representatives.

Then NR’s – National representatives.

Now here is the difference for me… we don’t have them idiots like MP’s, or even some of those in the local councils “deciding what we should be deciding on.”

The difference is you are NOT voting for what a party “thinks is best for us” but voting for someone to represent our own local issues in order to deal with them regardless of anything else, so we sort the issues at hand, the ones that effect our immediate circle in our everyday lives and do it when it matters most, no piss fart arsing around with crap to delay everything and milk the monetary side of it as they do, and having to go further up the chain, and again and again till we get to some what’s-his-name-lazy-arsed political yet uncaring outsider to decide.

The system as it is is set up in such a sly way that NO-one is directly accountable yet ONE person really makes the last and all to biased choice overriding whatever went before, whatever the detractors and whatnots want to say to me about all this…I don’t care!

I don’t give a shit when you snobby shallow people say “I don’t know nothing about it because I am a commoner and never been involved in it, never seen it first hand and these people are doing a great job and blah blah bloody blah”

Get over yourselves. they have you suckered and you swallowed the “blue pill” all to easy.

We should be VOTING on everything. With the digital age to utilise there is no reason we can’t have better faster solutions to our local issues.

Nothing is so hard we can’t vote ourselves on them, using digital means and printable PDF’s with questions and such for us to voice our thoughts etc, once every three months, which means 4 times a year we DO get a say in matters that matter to us locally and acted on as fast as possible.

Then we get a once a year vote and such on bigger national issues.

Every change, every need, then acting on it to the best we can do collectively within our means… not paying them idiots to sort things out and yet still make a mess of it and watching our money get wasted, we should just ACT as fast and effectively as possible for the overall good for everyone….case in point locally… the brown route!

We pay so much in taxes, income, road, council, VAT etc we get VERY little real value for our money, they are all used and abused to line the wrong peoples pockets and that doesn’t just mean those in power…it’s those
they “filter” it out to in forms of contracts etc…

The gravy train has to stop. We fuel it, we can stop it.

Listen up, this expenses crap going on. You greedy hypocritical bastards!

Those who said they are low paid in relation to real business etc. BOLLOCKS – If you can’t “get by” or “survive” on a grand a week….you live in a fantasy-land!

And they get MORE than a grand a week, everyone of them, so 650 odd grand minimum a week in wages, we pay them!

If you “need” more than a grand to “live on” you are a greedy and living a materialistic, wasteful lifestyle and leading a very bad example to those you represent which can lead to resentment.

Having expenses to do some areas of your work is fine, taking the piss is NOT. But if you are going to take claims for everything just where do you spend your very over generous wages?

Or are you all getting richer every year due to being able to save so much of it?

You make me puke!

I see NO reason any MP can’t live on what they do and use the MINIMAL expenses required to actually DO the job and have a damn reasonable lifestyle. (one MP has done just that.)

You just want it all cos you are greedy and abuse the power you have allowing you to do these things on the sly for so long.

Someone said rightly the only really honest person to ever go into that house on the Thames was “guy fawkes”.

I believe you who have abused it should be arrested AND tried for fraud… anyone else would be?

If that doesn’t happen it proves to EVERYONE there IS one law for some and one law for everyone else. Squeaky bum time for the lot of you…at least it damn well should be.

Pathetic is the fact with have idiots making the laws and some of them as been exposed even exploit it to change laws for money!

Scrap lords too.

You really need to understand the true depth of anger with the public and how you have blatantly taken the piss out of THEM for so long and will continue to do so unless WE do something about it.

That means seeing the back of you and out of the doors to make way for real people who care about real local issues that will deal with these things in the manner they should be dealt with.

Time to stop wasting so much of our money,

Save more of what we have and stop throwing money at crap!

Scrap what we pay to the EU for a start!

Scrap half of the civil servants out there, they aren’t needed, they are “labour bought votes” by way of job security.

Scrap the vast expenses people leach off the system like these MP’s, the legal system and the way the legal eagles abuse legal aid.

Scrap the stupid amounts wasted in subsidies to farmers, landowners and such to grow NOTHING!

The way tax and such is set up is diabolical, a recipe to keep us trapped into this system and allowing our money to be wasted and squandered on meaningless quangos and crap like “outreach” jobs!

What value does a worker really get out of his efforts?

Very little if you are honest and consider it all as it gets taxed. We get taxed over and over again on the same money, that is PURE greed and “theft of value” in my eyes.

An idea would be…

Income tax should be pegged at say 12.5% for EVERYONE earning over £5000 and under £52,000 a year, also the rate should be pegged at 15% for those earning over £52.000 a year. Those Earning less than £5000 a year pay no income tax.

Income tax should be used ONLY on hospitals, policing, fire-service, etc, these things we need to have running country wide and at a level of competence that is also country wide, providing real value from the cost.

Other national things like postal service have a difference in that they are  also able raise own running funds and income by sales etc.

Our other tax should be a local tax for local issues to be dealt with by locals, a self growing and self maintaining system. Each locality should be able to self decide what cost and expenses are needed to deal with the issues at hand locally, therefore collecting what’s needed, rather than what they set regardless and when it is needed so as to act.

Like a new council tax? Is that what I mean?

Not really, cos that was a balls up from the start.

Nothing like the way council tax is raised and used or wasted the way it is now.

A new kind of “town” tax, and another smaller amount paid called “county” tax maybe. If you say that everyone earning money regardless of amount has to pay 5% on their income as “town tax” and another 2.5% as their “county tax” which would be 7.5% for everyone regardless of wage amount, meaning those earning under $5000 a year.

So those earning over £5,000 and under $52,000 a year would be paying in total 20% tax a year.

Those earning over £52,000 a year would be paying a total of 22.5% tax.

V.A.T… scrap it… it’s theft!

The road tax system should be spent entirely on the roads and safety system but a fair price to reflect the real cost spent on what’s needed.

It should be a stepped price on only vehicle type like it used to be. IE- cars, bikes, vans, lorries etc.

Drug tax should be set at a price too, like drink, cigarettes etc, but a fair price and all tax from this should go into getting people off the shit! :o)

The truth is, YOU have the power but they don’t let you use it the way it would really benefit your life and your locality.

There is so much WE can make right IF we are allowed to do it the way we feel is best for us and not how “they” want it to be done.

But it takes a whole system change and that means getting RID of the system as it is and developing a new way to live and govern our lives.

The current system is OUTDATED and a failure.

MP’s make me PUKE…
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5 thoughts on “MP’s make me PUKE…

  • May 17, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    I once tried to make a change and got a lot of support but it’s all fair-weather support. People are fine until they actually have to do something. Suddenly familiarity seems preferable to change. Better then devil you know and all that.

  • May 17, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    Hiya Rob.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Yeah so true that people don’t like change, but surely change here is needed lol. ;o)

    We can’t expect others to do it all for us.


  • May 17, 2009 at 10:16 pm

    I don’t expect others to do it for me… but I also don’t expect to do it alone… which is sadly how it turned out.

    You’re right, change is needed… but the biggest change you can expect is for the the Conservatives to get in and do the same as Labour for five years.

  • March 26, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    Rob, you make some good points and if you were standing for election I might vote for you 🙂

    I once read somewhere that 50% of the nation’s wealth is owned by the richest 5% of the population.

    I propose a ritual sacrifice of these people for the benefit of the common good – imagine it, a reality TV show along the lines of “I’m A Rich Bastard, Get Me Out Of Here” could also raise lots of money for charity – and divide their remaining wealth equally between the rest of us.

    I’m not a mathematician, but wouldn’t we all be at least twice as well off as we are now?
    .-= David´s last blog ..Let’s Have A Full Parliamentary Debate On The Digital Economy Bill, Please =-.

    • March 26, 2010 at 12:35 pm


      You aren’t the first to say that mate. 🙂

      More like 90%, that’s also the way in the world, 90% wealth in top 5% of people…greedy bastards! 😛

      Funny but I’d bet if you took the world wealth and divided it up equally among people, it wouldn’t be long for the statistics to move to where they are now, although I’d like to think the %’s may be better.

      People are funny, you know that many will just blow the money, many will hoard some, and the few will grow it massively.

      Where there’s people spending, there’s people taking.

      But in regards to the parties that lead us, they are ALL shoffy and all of them should be ashamed.

      We have the right to say, “hang on, where’s my NO vote option?”

      We have the right to get rod of them all and start again…who say’s we haven’t?

      Cromwell has to take radical measures to make changes, though not the sort of thing that would fly now, we still should have a chance to say… no more, out, get new people in with a new system, cos this system is shit ans don’t work.

      It’s outdated by at least 100 years! 😉

      A democracy my ass… if it was we would have that no vote option!

      Get rids of the lot of them I say.
      .-= Rob´s last blog ..If you want to make money online don’t try to do it all =-.


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