I had a nice email from a friend but it also ended with a question : What’s ya plans for the year then Rob?

Well everyone knows the saying… “fail to plan, plan to fail” and yet, more importantly, is writing the damn thing down, you know on real paper, with a real pen, by hand.
Not something that happens much these days, writing for real, sadly… I digress.

The email got me thinking about it more, as I had been battling with myself over it anyway.

In the past a plan may have been made for the year ahead, at this time of the year more so then a short, medium term one, though they are all important as we know, planning goals, resolutions to stick to, that sort of thing, not necessarily business plans, could be a lose weight plan for example.

I had never really been that good at plans, goals, I mean I was unsure, now I know because the reality tells me it’s so.

But I needed to make plans, plans on what to regrading blogs etc, how to use the time and what to implement.

I needed to make plans for me too, plans on life.

About time I did something different, mainly because I find plans and such a little difficult to follow at times, or goals seem to big to reach, all leading to frustration and often it can build up into a snowball situation where I fail completely.

Maybe you feel you have done that yourself before, none of us always get things right anyway.

It’s ok to fail…at times, depending on what it is, how big it is…for me at the moment it isn’t ok.

But as Henry Ford said : Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.

So, I had to consider it to be useless doing it the same old way, something needed changing so I got thinking about how why it fails, and how I could approach it different, what would make the difference?

Some say and I have probably said it, but it obviously didn’t work for me well, you should set small attainable goals along the way, taking bite sized chunks of the big picture, but then I though doing x in x days is doing exactly that…and it doesn’t work for me.

For ex…

If I was overweight and needed to lose lots of it.. ( thankfully I am perfick don’t ;o) ) previously I’d have written “lose x amount by x date, say a year” and possibly more goals with shorter time spans with less loss amount, monthly say and then failing to reach the 1st month goal, getting bothered, then failing the 2nd month…and so on.

See how it can snowball into one big screw up and the end of the year you are no better, or if anything only slightly better than the year before.

Maybe not to that extreme, but you get the gist, easily done that… wouldn’t you agree?

So I realised I approached a badly thought out plan in the wrong way, losing half the plan before it’s started.

I needed to do something, this just bothered me in some ways and I know you have to make plans of a sort…yet I clearly needed to also do it different than I had before.

Setting an overall plan of action for everything, like all blogs?
Do plans for each?
What about plans for me, personal plans?
And how to plan them if they are to be different in order for me to get it right?

For some reason I kept thinking about “internal and external goals, input and output” without really knowing why I was thinking it, then the words “break it down” came to mind, like a mathematical sum that’s using big numbers which needed fractioning.

So maybe that’s it, break it down to the smallest aim and underpin everything with that aim.

So, for life goals, personally the main broken down aim this year is to… get healthy

  • Personally giving up smoking is one of my main health goals, and I am already on my way to succeeding but it will also have other positive benefits and influences on my life, as well as my children.
  • I am getting more exercise already as I do go out on “walkabouts” often, although there is more I could and should do.
  • I have changed my diet to a better and healthier balanced one overall, eating more “live” food, after all we are what we eat.

For blogging goals I have simply broken it down to… monetise my words

  • Each post or other form of writing should be monetised as best as possible, and if at all possible leading to passive streams of perpetual results.
  • Each blog I write for must have an aim, if it’s not to monetise the words, content then at least to increase interaction from the readers, in order to grow the readership and reach.
  • Each new project should have a monetisation model from the start.

Everytime I now do something I ask myself… “does this fit my aim” so leading me in the right direction?

That means I feel guilty each time I smoke, I am in fact putting myself off smoking more and more.

Each time I write a post I ask myself … “is there any potential monetisation” in what I am writing.

That means everything I write matters, if it is not worth doing I won’t do it.

I have no idea if this will work better for me than previously because I have never done it this way before but it simplified things a great deal for me, lowered the analysis of everything I do.

Have you done things this way before? If so, did it work for you?
If not…
How do you do it?

My 5 word plan of action for 2010
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2 thoughts on “My 5 word plan of action for 2010

  • January 12, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    All my life I have been very lucky in the pure fact it comes in to my head I then go for it regardless never thinking of failure nor caring if it did as I started positive worked positive and if it did not work small negative as positive learnt from it there fore absolutely impossible for me to fail. That was and is my attitude to all things always AND STILL TODAY. i AM TOTALLY LACKING IN ANY NEGATIVE TOHOUGHTS have never visited depression and hopefully never woll just remained with a constant positive approach if I want it bad enough I will get it If it needs doing bad enough then I will do it and if or rather when it works will as always become bored and seek a further challenge. Thats my way Rob now and always will be not right for everyone

  • January 13, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    Hiya Pete,

    I have had similar results like that, but it was more so when I was young, that makes sense seeing as we "just do" when young, we don't consider things the same way, alot to be said for that I think.

    As you know when I was younger, there was never any sense of "I can't do this, that" because if there had been, I would never have become the "hearing" person I am.

    Time to get that kind of confidence and gay abandon back, wouldn't you say? :o)

    Thanks for that different perspective. :o)



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