I have a few friends online who are also working to make money online in order to build a future they choose, a future of passive income which supports their lifestyle, which is the dream really.

The are many ways it can and is done, we were or are warriors from the forum where we all got hooked on the whole Internet marketing idea and how it can indeed support this lifestyle choice.

We are still warriors in our own sense, we are all angry in our own way about how crap the world prepares you or lets you indeed create a lifestyle this way, trapping you in a dead end job while you live your life out in constant debt only to retire pissed off and worn out, too old to enjoy things the way you wanted to.

We are all pissed off that the so called guys in the know have also lead us all up the path to nowhere while lining their own pockets to the brim.

Internet marketing by it’s nature is learning and applying what will help you make money online.

My warrior network
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