What a busy day for me.

Happy mothers day to my fantastic mum. Love you… 😉  xx

And hoping all you mums out there had a good day.

All those that have lost their mums… thoughts are with you.

Back to the post…

As you can already see because you are here, I have changed the whole site look and layout.

Few different reasons for doing so, mainly it just needed freshening up.

Hoping it’s pleasing to your eye.   😀

Depending on what you are using to read this, if a desktop, laptop, then you’ll be seeing what I am seeing, not sure yet about how it all works out on the mobile or tab set up, will have to check that out and maybe do some editing just to be sure it’s good.

It has given me a little more motivation to be honest, a little like getting a haircut, you just feel fresher as you leave the barbers, hairdressers. 😉

So, just a big thanks to all of you who helped me decide what to do, what theme style to go for etc. I know I posted previously about not wanting to change it yet, I just got fed up and bit the bullet…

Took my mind off other things I didn’t wanna be thinking about. 😆

So, a few more things I will still need to do, create slider images for across the top, etc, tidy up some post done already so they format right.

I may even play around with the fonts and see what I come up with. 🙂

Should be fun… right. 🙂

Less of this…


Which happened a few times for me today, especially when I clicked the wrong things a few times, was a close call, almost deleted the wrong thing a couple of times. 😆

Don’t ya love tech!

How is the site looking for you?

Do you see any issues or have any issues using the site yourself?

Any tips or ideas I could use?

Again… thanks to those that helped today.



Do you like my new look…
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