Just a quick one as I haven’t been online much the last few days, I needed to get off my arse due to it getting a bit flat so went out and took some great pictures. Yesterday I bad migraine all day so did nothing but lay down.

Got the chance to sort out more of my pictures as shown here, these were taken just a few moments apart. These will be added to the new blog as mentioned in the last post on here.

Due to enjoying the sorting out of these I decided against getting online as it is a distraction at times, so much more productive without it. I started sorting out other things on the pc, found some PLR (private label articles) I can use. Re-arranged them to create my own unique articles and sorted them out.

Looks like enough for about 60 blog post. So I have now another blog to set up,feed these into it every other day. Should be 2 or 3 months worth with little effort, and the topic is a reasonable one too. :o)

Glad I did that.

That gives me a bit of a release to post more often here and the other blogs. As I can set that new blog up knowing I have the stuff to use. No effort really.

I could also create another lot of articles from mixing up the new ones, create a new set of post as they are on the same topic, theme.

It’s one huge benefit from having PLR products. Not only can you get PLR articles, you could get PLR reports, ebooks, graphics, images, whatever you wanted really.

New Portland pictures
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