The ruins… Nothing last forever.

Thing’s change, as always change is the only constant. It’s a constant no one is gonna change.

Change has to happen, else all stagnates.

Everyone tries to build thing’s to last, well, all except the technology side of things it seems, phone and such are pretty useless a few years after being made. . . Reason for that as well know. 😉


Most thing’s we want to build to last.

When it comes to building, anything, like anything in life, relationships, a business, foundations are important… at least, they should be.

Seems obvious, we know you need them to build a building on, you need an apprenticeship or similar in some skill under ya belt, relating to the business you are starting, you need to be friends to make a relationship really work.

Get them right, you got a good chance, but in a way you really only have that one chance.

So you may as well get them right, then learn only what’s needed to learn in order to progress.

Build a worthy asset. In fact making the foundations an asset too.

It got me thinking though…

Knowing all your assets

How many assets we really have, and in all their forms, look at how many things we can do well that we just don’t do. Skills, knowledge are all assets.

Most of us forget what we are good at.

Most of have something we would love to do again or more of but don’t get a chance, could be time, other commitments, unless you create the chance.

It’s an asset, a possible earning asset, or it could be depending on what you do. 🙂

I got to thinking about this site here, there are over 540 post, so I have archives, they are foundations and also a potential asset. It’s why I need to ruthlessly go through them all.

Turn the ok ones into better all round post, worthy assets, they still get traffic so I may as well improve them to the point they are worth keeping. I get more than one chance to build my foundations. I could probably delete some… and likely will.

But it’s also given me other assets. Skills. Knowledge. Depends how you look at it. So I know I can something with them too. 😉

I’m sure it’s the same for you, whatever skill you have, others come with it or you learn new things from it.

Have you really considered what assets you have?

I gotta work on mine. 😉

Nice assets…
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