chesil beach sunset
Beautiful sunset under grey skies… the golden mile!

I can see the light! 😉

Ok maybe not quite like that but things are becoming clear. That’s always a good thing, having that sharp focus once it’s clear is a bonus. That’s where I’m at now.

In other words, things are coming together, slowly, but surely, now if I can just switch off and sleep properly… it would help!  Bet there’s an app for that!  😀

Regardless, while I couldn’t sleep last night I got busy, you may have noticed a couple of small changes on here and more is to come yet. So just a little update …

Well …

I hope so…

Anyway, I added a small “back to the top button” on the lower right of the page as you scroll, I realised it was a little annoying scrolling back to the top as many people do this, I do it myself. Hoping it is a small improvement for ease of use.

I also removed a few little things that weren’t working out, you wont miss them 😉

I have added a new page to this site though, I will be adding more to that “series” too in the hope it helps some get started online themselves, if they/you choose to. Just a case of grabbing your space.  😉

I plan to now do several pages nesting under that page, with other important factors, like making the most of the site, tools and plug-ins to use, getting started on building traffic to it, other things of this nature. You will see them all across the top on the links bar.

I aim to improve these pages as much as I can over time as well as I want them to be worthy enough to matter. 🙂

Just what I dd because I couldn’t sleep… 🙂

Life is short remember.

Just a little update …
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