The summer end is approaching but we are having some nice weather here, the kids are back in school, the usual routine again, and mums and dads everywhere breathe a sigh to catch their breath again. :o)

A chance to get a little time to themselves and plan ahead, prepare for the coming season changes, slowly. ;o)

A nice time to pop to the beach for a breather…

Spot the people?

And further around it goes…for 19 miles!!

Bring ya fishing rod and take your spot.
Plenty of room. ;o)

Beautiful eh?

Sept has hit us and now is the time to start planning what you have in store with your life, work, blogging.

You are planning to take advantage of seasonal things, aren’t you? ;o)

Halloween comes up, Guy Fawkes, Christmas.

Do you add these to your plans?

Blog about what you can relating to you and your blogs topic, theme?

Planning early and planning well you can make the most of being seen when the time comes, being prepared with good articles, ideas, blog posts, contests and other angles can be a great boost, if you can keep the momentum going you have a great chance to improve the following ones, like Christmas. ;o)

While you take a breather, take time to also reflect on what you can add to the mix for the next few months. ;o)

Any thoughts?

“Normal(ish), untill christmas”
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3 thoughts on ““Normal(ish), untill christmas”

  • September 7, 2007 at 11:34 pm

    You know the summer is over as soon as you see xmas decorations in shops.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if its already up now!

  • September 8, 2007 at 11:41 pm

    Good photos! A what-passes-for-summer’s-day on Chesil Beach – lovely!


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