Not happy with blogger or godaddy, forced to consider WPress now…

I am not happy… many others are also not happy, this mess with blogger and their recent shafting of FTP users could have been dealt with alot better than it has been, wasting hours trying to sort this out has pissed me off no end, the reason we used blogger was for it’s ease of use, yet here we all are having to deal with technical crap.
I was using blogger long before google went and bought it, as usual they piss everyone off, don’t get me wrong, I like and use google for lot’s of things but they ain’t covered themselves in glory with all this mess, like they never when they buy half decent stuff and let it die…
All credit to Rick Klau though for being the only blogger staff who seems to help any of us, blogger should have hired him YEARS ago!

This FTP situation with blogger and this blog, plus godaddy and the DNS stuff is really pissing me off, godaddy say I should “park” with them so I can change DNS settings using their total DNS, yet that would mean this blog vanishing, as it is, there is no way that is going to happen.

I do want to sort this mess out but feel blogger has let us all down the way it’s been done, will they change something else in two years and piss us all off again? Who knows?
They should never have allowed us to use FTP of they had no intention of supporting us properly, they only did that because everyone was dumping them for WordPress, people wanted to stop using blogspot, especially after so many were deleted, to combat more crap happening like this they wanted people to be able to use their own domains so allowed us to do so, using FTP so we host our own blogs, like I have here, yet they went and changed it all again with custom domains, basically they shafted us, they want you to host with them so they have control, whatever happened to the “don’t do evil” mantra google shoved down our throats?
They should have started with custom domains in the first place, I take anything they say now with a huge dose of salt, do I trust them? Not really!
Yet, I don’t really like WordPress, many others don’t either, but this mess is forcing us to think about it, me included.
I have yet to hear from anyone who has used godaddy for their domain, and their own host for the blog who have sorted this mess out, who I can ask how they did it.
Are you one who has sorted it using godaddy etc? Any advice?
I am running out of patience with it to be honest, it’s a shame, I was one of those who argued with WordPress users, sticking up for blogger over the years, never again will I do that.
As things are, I am now waiting to hear from my host in the hop they can help in some way, if they can, I am going to give it three months and see how it fairs, if I have issues, I will dump blogger and use WPress.
I think blogger screwed up big time, they could have done this a whole lot better.

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