At last the sun shone, I had to grab the bike and get out. Make the most of it. No more waiting around!  I’d been watching the grey skies slowly give way to sunshine all morning through the window. Time to get out…

Wasn’t long before I started enjoying myself. 

on back wheel
Cheers Neil for capturing that! 😉 

After a couple of hours blasting about going across the Causewey, I popped to a shop in Wyke to get some water. Then I spotted it!

The drinks all lined up in the cold fridge… I laughed to myself. That was it!!

As they all say…

When life gives you lemons make lemonade. The problem with that is…

We all want the lemonade yet we ignore the lemons

I had been doing it myself and I also realised so had others. Why some things went pear shaped! (more fruit! 😉 )

The lemonade could be anything, our work, our relationships, our life! We all definitely have our lemons, but many of us simply ignore them to our own detriment.

The other thing, people seem to try to make orangeade from their lemons! Why? They have fake lemons!

Why we do create fake lemons (call them oranges) to make fake lemonade? (call it orangeade) and why do we do this more than we realise?

We could say these oranges in a relationship is the drama, the lies, the whatever bad. Creates a false relationship. (call that the orangeade) Or these oranges in work is a crappy job we hate. Creates a career you’d rather not even mention. (Call that the orangeade) 

Why do some even try to make orangeade with their lemons? Their lemons might be their skill which they actually enjoy. Yet they may hate the career it’s creating. (orangeade)

Why we do it? Maybe some have no choice in their mind. but…

Who knows? … but I got home and immediately grabbed a pen and paper, remember them? 😆 

I wrote down…

Recognise the lemons

We all want to make our lemonade so we need to know our lemons. Whether that lemonade is a relationship, or career, whatever it is we see as our lemonade. We need our lemons.

In a relationship, the two people in it are the lemons. You need know no more than that really. Neglect the lemon opposite you and it goes sour.

Get rid of the oranges you put into the lemonade. Both sides. Lovely lemonade as a result.

Keep throwing in oranges and you always ruin the lemonade. Time and time again. Different lemon, same old orangeade!

Skills and passions are the lemons when it comes to the work side of life if you wanna create lemonade that is. 

All seems too obvious, yet we have a habit of missing the obvious. Or we do it on purpose. (Creating oranges instead!) Some thrive on that. So… leave them to it.

What are your lemons? Take’s a bit of thinking about but it shouldn’t. 

I thought about it… I recognised my lemons. Now I have to make lemonade. I got the recipe and I aim to squeeze them lemons. 😆

How many lemons do you have?

More you have the better the lemonade. I lost one… but I got five I can squeeze. By god I’ll squeeze them. 🙂

What are they?

  • Blogging and websites.
  • Writing.
  • Photography.
  • Thinking. (it’s a lemon for sure) 😆 
  • Riding my bike (yep, it fires me up and it’s a healthy lemon) 

I gotta make lemonade out of them… and strangely enough it annoys me to say the lemon I lost (person) would also have four lemons the same! And I have no doubt in time the fifth too!  Shame, we would’ve been a good great team I think. Minus the occasional oranges!

So, I know now what lemons I got and what I need to do to make lemonade, in fact I already started. . . you’ll soon see and you will also see changes here. 🙂 

Every lemonade is unique

Obviously, it has to be. Every person is unique. Makes every relationship unique. Every career is unique. So every lemonade is unique.

Incidentally so is the old orangeade no one wants but everyone can choose,  always, to stop making it! 😉

So, what are your lemons and what lemonade are you going to make?

No one can say they don’t have lemons to make lemonade with. You do. Likewise you have a unique recipe for the unique lemonade you can make.

So go make it. We ain’t got all the time in the world so don’t waste it making orangeade! 

I’m off to make lemonade. 🙂

Why are you making orangeade out of lemons
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