In life at times you just have to stop… pause… take stock of it all. 

On Chesil beach that can be a pleasant thing to do. 🙂 

zen 😆 

Stepping out my comfort zone which, depending on what it is, has not always been easy, in some ways neither as it been hard. You just do it. 

It’s where ya grow. So at times you just have to. No one wants to stagnate into a comfy zone and stay there. Not me anyway. 😉 

Why I did the thing I said I wouldn’t years ago, bought a damn selfie stick, it’ll be here over the next couple of days. . . I got it not to take selfies as such, but to use as a tool to get better images locally and I am likely to be giving at least one video a go. Not at all comfy doing that. 😮

How will I know till I try?

It will be down to you who watches it whether I do any more or not. I don’t like talking on camera at all… but I am willing to try it. Crappy speech or not. Haircut first! 😆 

No idea what I’m going to talk about though… yet. 🙂

Unless you have any ideas? 

Out of the comfort zone
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