Previously I posted on here about trying out payperpost, getting paid for blogging, as you know I already started to use the service on my Viral blog and have been happy with it so far.

I do feel it is a service that should be geared to helping the smaller bloggers out in the blogosphere, most of them bloggers are stay at home parents and such.. its an extra to help with the bills etc.

I am as I have mentioned keen to try it out on this blog too, it all helps, yet there are issues that really bug me at the moment which have stopped me utilising it here so far, one is the fact on the payperpost dashboard it list my blogs as having a PR of 0… odd check out the PR (google page rank) on this blog and its a respectable 4… my other blog is a PR 1.

Why is it important?

Alot of the opps we can take have a min PR rank in order to take them… well I cant take what I should be able to take when the issues like that are there.

The higher PR the better the opps and rewards are.

So..when they sort that out I may well use the service on this blog.

Also the ranking system from the advertisers is a little unfair.
You can get a bad rep for something you know nothing of… how are you supposed to improve if you don’t even know what was wrong?

It could be that the advertiser simply doesn’t like the colour of your blog?!

That is ridiculous, the ONLY thing they should be rating is the CONTENT of the post, thats what they pay for.

So…sort these issue out, I may give it a go here.

If the issue’s are not sorted out I think alot of small bloggers wil abandon it, they need to look elsewhere if they are relying on the income for bills etc.

Payperpost issues
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