No sooner than I posted the post below regarding my make money online activity with Payperpost I get an email from Payperpost support regarding the post rejections.

I am astonished…they admit this disclosure situation was on the press release which I never saw, yet also admit they have NOT added this to the FAQ on the site itself which I DID check out… so um… how the hell was I supposed to know?
Beats me!!

I had the disclosure link at the foot of the other blog, just as I have seen on OTHER blogs using payperpost, now I have added to it to EVERY post, regardless of whether they are sponsored or not.
They can’t reject me for that reason now.

I asked for them to take another look and hopefully they will approve the post and I will STILL get payment…not delayed either.

It is a mistake on THEIR part as they admit they need to and will add the disclosure issue to the FAQ on the site.

Unbelievable how they can forget to add it really, they could NOT expect everyone to have seen their press release.

Hope to post here saying it HAS been resolved and the post approved then I carry on with the make money online plans with paid blogging.

Whatever happens…at least I will know which side of the fence I will get off. ;o)

Payperpost update
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2 thoughts on “Payperpost update

  • January 4, 2007 at 9:48 pm

    The offers I’ve seen they make it clear in the requirements that you must use a disclosure statement. Therefore, would it matter if it was in the FAQ or if you received the email?

  • January 4, 2007 at 10:04 pm

    Well in the ones I took nothing was mentioned about the disclosure link being IN the actual post… else I would have done that..

    It has now been sorted out… but they also admit it should have said that in the opportunity..and it didn’t.

    Thats why I said..IF they HAD put it in the FAQ I would have seen it.. I did read the FAQ.



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