As I mentioned in an earlier post I am seeing how I can make money online trying out the payperpost service on my viral blog having posted 4 post so far I am on the fence at the moment.

Two were rejected…and I am not happy about it as they said I should have had my disclosure policy in the post…or prominantly shown, yet there was NOTHING saying that in the post opportunity page regarding those opportunities posted about.

They took 5 odd days to take a look, I know it was holidays but that is NOT an excuse, it’s a business they run so they should do it the best can and to me that means staying on the ball, for they only build up a backlog of blog post to catch up on, they had 5 days FREE advertising from me.

Not a good start to be honest.
I am happy to have the chance to try it out but I feel they should be approving or rejecting as quickly as possible.

The plus point on that is once it IS approved you get your payment 30 days from the posting date, not the approval date.
YET if they are rejected that means the advertisers get FREE ads for up to a week.

HOW is that fair?

It’s NOT.

I planned to try it on this blog if it went well but in two minds whether I should or am not.
After you add a blog you must do ten post before you can add another…so IF I do want to do it here I will have to make at least 6 more post on the viral blog to be able to do so.

It all depeneds on the next 6 post I do..IF I do them that is.
I am awaiting to hear back from payperpost regarding the rejections, see how its sorted out.. then I will decide on what to do.

Till then… well I will keep an eye on the situation and see how things develop.
You can be sure I will be honest about them, I will tell you my readers of the crap as well the good, we can’t make money online with crap, well we shouldn’t want to! ;o)

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