Have you given thought other peoples perception of you?

Online, offline?

I was reminded of this a few times recently offline when talking to local friends, they kept saying to me… “you are always online” … hhmmmm.

Interesting, why?

A year or two ago that would have been right…huh?

Well the reality is very different to what my friends percieved it to be. The truth is I am not online that much.

I am not online writing this… ;o)

I learnt the hard way how easy it is to waste time online with the forums a few years ago, while great to use they are so easy to get sucked into and hours roll by.

With social sites it’s worse!

What you, my friends, see is me being very active when I AM online, that is I try to cram what I can into what little time I am online, I make the minutes count.

You will see this for yourself if you look at my facebook, twitter activity etc, it’s all short but usually very acticve bursts.

Something I do is open several facebook home pages in several tabs and no waiting for things to load…while one is loading I am already doing something on another and so on, my fingers literally don’t stop for say the 10 mins I allow myself, hopping from one comment to another speeds it all right up for me.

(Social sites are not too bad if you are mainly using a mobile through the day seeing as you can do that anywhere, while in a queue, while on the bus etc.)

So, you see this perception of me in some way is good, I seem more active than others but I am in fact on these sites far less than those who say to me “you are always online”!!

Love irony..don’t you? :o)

What I do is spend too much time on the pc… not online, sorting out my pictures, resizing etc takes up time, writing articles takes up time, sorting things takes time, all time I spend on the pc but rarely online.

The internet is one massive distraction. You won’t find a bigger one. :o)

If there is one thing these “gurus” and such don’t tell you, it’s the sheer amount of time that has to be spent on the damn pc…unless you can outscorce everything.

They sell you the perception that it’s all push button easy riches!

I digress…

Perception, something I have also pointed out the the younger generation on facebook and such, our friends late teenage kids for exapmle, people percieve you a certain way and that can have a big influence on many things… think future bosses!

Another reason I hint they should write as well as they can, not txt lingo and such, you are not limited to letter count to that extreme (like twitter) so there is no need to write “dnt” instead of “don’t”… it smacks of illiteracy and reflects on you.

Face the fact bosses and such DO and WILL always use your scoial activity and such to get a perception of you.

Google my name and you get what I am talking about.

What sort of perception are you putting out there?

Perception…pretty important if you ask me!
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