Looks good from where I sit, the make money ideas I have I hope will work out ok for me.

For the December plans…

I will have my work cut out over the next few days, but if it goes well the rewards will have been very worth it!

I have set up two plans based on the same idea…plan A plan B.. plan B is likely to be the one used but A is the one aimed for, but it is more often than not plan A slips…somewhwere.
So make plan B better for long term.

As for the longer term…2007.. well that looks exciting if it goes as I plan it.. using the right tools and right steps I can’t see it going wrong.. it WILL take work.. but then what doesn’t?

If you are chasing the ones that promise no work… they aren’t out there!

Plan to work and work too plan!
Work is what gives you the rewards!
Working to a plan is what gives you the higher level of rewards!

Adjusting and tweaking the plan too improve it as I go along…adding to it etc will hopefully give me a much more streamlined path to follow.

Exciting times… :o)
I am off to work out how to make money online using the plans I have done.

Plans coming on nicely
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