Not connected… but some interesting videos of all three I watched this week. 

A great talk there that has a real message. Quite moving really. Always live ya truths, yet this is a slightly different thing and interesting too. I got her point about babies… always had that myself. 🙂

This stunning woman… Bettina.

Taught me a thing or two there about blockchains… yeah I was puzzled too, but this really could transform a lot of things. It got me thinking about how this is likely to apply to our own lives in the next few years. It will happen.

This really is a truth…. we are here just to click ads!

Your attention is the currency and that currency is being traded all day long. 

How plant’s could be helping neuroscience!

So it’s not so crazy to talk to them. 😉 

What have you watched this week? 

Plants, truth and blockchains
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