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Portland is the Jewel of the Jurassic coast, without a doubt, those who live here feel the same, those who visit realise we are right. πŸ™‚

It’s not hard to see why with the views and sunsets we have here on the amazing Chesil beach, the worlds longest unbroken pebble beach and also a world heritage site.

Portlanders are a pretty passionate bunch when it comes to their home island, even those who move away feel the pull of the place at times. I have heard that so often.

There’s many a good reason to visit…

Portland has a natural rugged beauty

There is a real ruggedness about Portland which makes it a fantastic place to explore, as I said in a previous post a bike tour is a great way to explore, horses are too if that takes your fancy, good old legs are great as well. πŸ˜‰ The coast path is a favourite among ramblers.

The legacy of the quarries here have also left a mark, in fact many of the old now unused quarries have become butterfly reserves, attracting birds along with them.

Many a time you will see twitchers (as bird watchers are known) scattered about the island, usually out the bill, which is near the lighthouse, waiting patiently hoping for a glimpse of something.

Photographers also love this place, indeed there are a few of us keen photographers on the island. No wonder with what we can capture daily, every sunset is different, in many ways it would be good to capture some of the characters of Portland, There are a few. πŸ˜‰

Portland is steeped in history

Portland has a far more interesting Β history then we all realise, in fact most of us learn something new every day on the various Facebook pages dedicated to Portland, some are closed to the public, a few are open. So many fantastic old photos pop up showing us all the changes made over the years, it’s very nostalgic, our island has certainly changed!

The Portland Bill one I run myself is now going to be revamped and utilised better for all Portlanders, I did find it was hard work doing it all, so I now have a close friend also helping and contributing to it, hopefully that will make a big difference. There is a lot of potential with dedicated facebook pages.

Portland has a castle, a museum, a prison or two, all these have a rich history well worth enjoying, we also had a major naval base up till early 90’s, in fact it was one of the main areas for D day landings and all its preparation. Since the loss of the navy we have now a sailing marina, a million dollar car park as one put it. πŸ˜‰

Where 2012 Olympics were held.

We have a very rich stone history here, no doubt everyone knows Portland stone. Portland’s history really is worth learning about if you should ever visit.

Portland as fantastic water-sport home

The old mere, was always a shallow place along Hamm beach, as kids we often had the whole beach to ourselves during hot summer days. The near end of the mere was used as reclaimed land used by the naval base and its heliport. This is now where the marina and it’s sailing academy is situated, with a calm water and a depth most can cope with it’s a ideal place for water-sports, before the sailing academy started, windsurfers and kite surfers had cottoned onto the relative safety while still getting the needed wind, breeze to enjoy what they do.

World championships have been held there.

It’s not just the sporty stuff that benefits here, there are always diving parties here too, you will often see several dozen divers along chesil beach, on this side of the chesil beach road the water is the opposite of hamm, deep, rough at times, and unforgiving. It is the ideal place for scuba divers and canoeist.

Not to mention the fishing that also seems popular. At night you can see twinkling lights all along the beach. We all enjoy the mackerel and sea bass. πŸ™‚

Portland has it’s own weather

Yep, It’s true. Quite often you’ll find the weather here is different to the mainland, just a few days ago there was a heavy fog across the water, yet on top of the island you could see right over it. Other times it will be foggy here and clear on mainland.

It was funny a few years ago, the whole of the UK had been blanketed in snow, yet Portland didn’t get a drop that year, sea air must help, being surrounded by it. We all saw the image of a clear Portland sticking out of a white UK on the tv weather forecast. πŸ™‚ We stood out, even got a mention.

Last year we had the sea come over the beach, flooding the roads for the first time since 89!

Be prepared for a stunning sunny day here even if it’s not looking that way as you come through Dorset to visit Portland! Or a terrible one as you drive through sunny Dorset. πŸ™‚ Portland is worth it in all weathers!

Portland will have a new online presence

Having teamed up with one of my oldest mates to do a few things online we will soon be sharing things, writing things on a new Portland site. Pooling our knowledge and workloads we can do much more and achieve more in the long run, we hope it benefits Portlanders and visitors alike. Interesting times lay ahead for us all. πŸ™‚

We still have much to do in preparation, but get it done we will.

What would you as readers like to see or read about on a Portland site?

Portland aka Portland Bill. The jewel of the Jurassic coast.
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