Portland, a place like nowhere else.

The jewel of the Jurassic coast, It really is. the whole coastline is amazing and somewhere everyone in the UK should see, and visitors from elsewhere in the world of course. 😉

The coastal path is pretty amazing to walk or cycle, hard work but great fun and the main bonus is it’s good for you. 😉

Mainly though, it’s them views.

No surprise so many artist and such moved to the south in the past so often, we do have some amazing light to work with.

I think the best view you can have on Portland is simply the stunning sunsets we have from this vantage point.

They are so good that…

Poems have been written about them 😉

I even did one…

How did you guess?

Sat atop Lankridge to ponder,

the fleet stretches down below,

eyes follow the line snaking to yonder,

sat here time begins to slow,

how lucky to have such a view,

I love it here how about you?

of a place I’ve not been fonder.


A simple poem of a view. 🙂

But poems are funny things… oh wait, I did a poem about that…

Poetry is a funny old thing,

like hearing a bird sing,

so much said in so few words,

big meaning just like that little bird.


Back to Portland and an inspiring place it is, you only have to see the amazing photography that gets shared on the Facebook groups dedicated to just that, sharing pictures related to Portland. Some amazing shots anyone would be proud of.

The most bonkers thing is some of the best ones are taken with a phones camera!  Like the ones above and below.

Chesil beach sunset

One of my favourites I took of an amazing sunset at the start of a summer a few years ago. Look at that amazing light and this has had no editing or such.

It’s hard not to take pictures when we have such a beautiful place around us and a phone in our pockets, which 90% of us do these days. Slightly impressed at the cameras on them though.

This place …

This island,

gets under ya skin,

it’s history,

invades your mind,

people almost kin,

a better place,

you’ll not find,

a familiar face,

tells you you’re home,

where your heart is,

no matter where you roam.


Portland has a strange pull on us locals, even those who move away often come back, could be decades later. They come back. Wonder why? 😉

Many never move away, many never move off the island their whole lives, as we know there are some old folk who have spent their whole lives here, some 80 years plus on this little island. Amazing… the things they have seen, the changes.

Oh, did a poem about that too. .. Naturally. 😉

Old folk of Portland,

Those of you of 80 and more,

you have seen so much come a go,

the navy the railway and the war,

today the pace is not so slow,

the island filled up so fast,

the good old days could never last,

don’t make people like you anymore,

a legacy of memories you leave,

hankering after a world that existed before,

it’s for the old folk that we will grieve.


We have sadly lost a few old folk recently. RIP all those old folk, several were in their 90’s and one was 100 and what amazing changes they saw. Imagine if they had more cameras back then, what amazing pictures we would see.

It’s not just the sunsets here that are amazing though, even the morning sun on Chesil beach is fantastic to wake up to, often the first thing I do when I wake up is get dressed and out onto the seawall and soak up some morning sun… just to fire me up.

Oh yeah… I did…

The morning sun on Chesil beach,

somewhere inside you this place can reach,

the pebbles glinting like pimples on the land,

I love these views with a camera in hand,

Chesil beach in the morning sun,

tells me the day has begun.


Waking up and getting out to this has to be a good way to start the day. 🙂

You must admit that is some lovely sunlight there. 🙂

And to think it’s February. Cold but fresh and invigorating to be out in.

Better than a coffee! 😉

Portland, a pretty special place to those who live here.

Portland sunsets and it’s amazing views
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