Portland Pictures and poems

Portland is a beautiful place  as you can see and lucky us for growing up here.

Myself and a friend both write for the above site and would hope to see you enjoy that too.

I also run a Facebook page Portland-bill and I hope to see you give us a like on there. 😉

Regarding my own site here I will continue to take pictures to share, and possibly do a stand alone page to showcase some of them. Maybe sell some calender’s with these pictures and poems.

I have taken some great photos (I think so 🙂 ) of the amazing views around Portland over the years, which I would like to make available for others to enjoy in a better way.

You can use the tags on the bottom of each post to navigate to similar post, so a tag of “portland” should bring up all Portland related post and pictures.

A great place. Portland. 🙂

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