Been some interesting posts going up recently, inevitable they would spring up as SEO is always written about, SEO never being a static entity and with the recent google PR update it mattered to most bloggers,  Kristi wrote a great post relating to the google PR update on internal pages and top content, what it mean if anything, and it’s worth a read.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, even some got a PR decrease, a smackdown that was probably a short shit feeling, been there, as I wrote in comments on that post, I went up from 3 to a 4 again, after dropping last year from 4 to a 3, I was more bothered whether the move to WP had another negative impact more than anything, if I has stayed a 3, fine… you know. 😉

Went up, bonus. 😀

Though what does it mean for me if anything?

In the grand scheme of things not alot, here’s why…

SEO is important but it’s also a game

Who makes the rules… Google.

SEO… if you didn’t know by now is Search Engine Optimisation… or in short, “gaming it” 😛

As with anything like this, there are lines, lines that shouldn’t be crossed, their lines, your lines, readers lines, buyers lines… you know, they are there and they matter, which ones you gonna abide by, cross, abuse, avoid thinking about?

Which ones count?

Had your thought about it that way?

I know my lines, I also know that while SEO has it’s place and we need to know something of it, it’s also something we will never ever be right on top of, so why over-do it, or try past what we know works for us.

PR means jack shit really, if you are in this game to make money online, PR ain’t gonna make a bit of difference, unsure, ask that bloke who writes that linked blog, check his PR.  Aye, are you gonna tell him or shall I? 😀

For me PR is more an ego driven thing, people like to have it higher cos they think it matters for others, yet advertisers take it to matter, odd, but since google still has it it must mean something somewhere, for us it’s just knowing what it is and it isn’t likely to happen, so forget about it! 🙂

The basics of SEO are still the basics of SEO

Search engines will always have to change the way they do things to stay one step ahead of the web, fair enough, I ain’t really competing with a machine, I want it to work for me, woah… flashbacks of seeing “Robots will rule” in graffiti as a kid! 😉 I am competing with millions of other bloggers… that’s the reality.

The absolute basics will work forever and in reality doing all of the basics to the maximum optimism should be all you need to do… in an ideal world.

Yet, to a point that is all you should worry about, more important has to be the fact you should write for people not machines, it plays out in the end anyway, but always people first, machines second.

The SEO basics as I think they are would be…

  • Write quality content that the searchers (people) will want, relevant (by keywords) to it in a way that the SE’s (machines) want, while also quality enough that the people want to share it, which also gives it more weight in the SE’s (machines)
  • Get backlinks to the content from as many and as relevant sources as you can (people), anchored with good keywords that are relevant for the SE”s (machines).
  • Be consistent in what you do, adding quality content (people), build links (machines), keeping it as natural as possible, by this I mean, it is consistent, not abused, like getting 1000 links in one day from 500 crap sites would be unnatural. 😉
  • Rinse repeat to build traffic, reward the sources of traffic and build relationships with them (people), linking, commenting, etc, and also use deep linking to older post in new post (people) , spread them about to get them noticed again. (machines)

Really what more do we need to do than that lot?

Create your own rules and stick to your lines

Malcolm McLaren died just recently sadly, the godfather of punk, and what memories, being a 70’s kid, yet do you think he went by the rules of others, he and his bands had their own rules, lines they wouldn’t cross… look where that got them. 😉

Google and other sites don’t always stick to their own rules, big sites never will, all cosy together controlling it all… and we let them.

Time to take back the blog I think, decide what matters and stick to that not having the power of control in the hands of a machine, an entity that is google, the move from blogger to WPress has taught me a lot about the way google sets things up to favour them over anyone else.

While SE traffic is good, it’s not the be all and end all for most of us, social media (people) has it’s own benefits and downfalls when it comes to traffic, but that is good for the SE’s (machines) too, they have to start taking it into account within their own ranking and whatever.

Just write for your people, write for you, write to be read, because it’s never exclusive to the people, machines get there too.

Sod googles rules, follow your own and do what works for you. Full stop.

What do you think? Please do comment, share the post, link to it… 😀

PR 4 and it means nowt, really… basic SEO is still basic SEO
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17 thoughts on “PR 4 and it means nowt, really… basic SEO is still basic SEO

  • April 9, 2010 at 12:06 am

    Thanks for including my post! Really, sites with good content will naturally get backlinks. Bloggers have a strong advantage because of the commenting they do also helping build backlinks with their communities. Great tips!
    .-= Kristi´s last blog ..8 Ways Businesses Should Use Social Media =-.

    • April 9, 2010 at 12:13 am

      Hi Kristi,

      Yeah your post said alot, an awful lot. 🙂

      I am glad you wrote it and I agree, quality content has to be the main thing and done for people.

      Not only is the commenting helping, but we decide where and how that lot goes, no-one but me decides where I comment. Same as everyone else, so that is what we should work on and build up rather than how and what google thinks of us.

      Like everyone knows, if you rely on google for it all, if they pull the plug you are screwed.

      Why risk that? 😉

      Thanks for commenting, hope it’s not the last 😉
      .-= Rob´s last blog ..Make money online with freelance work =-.

    • April 14, 2010 at 7:11 am

      “sites with good content will naturally get backlinks”

      This is true in theory, and I agree with you, but it is not often so easy for all niches, IM, MMO, Blogging, these are niches that naturally attract a lot of links for quality as they are popular niches that many bloggers participate in, but other niches are not the same and so marketers and SEOs really need to get creative and utilize a variety of venues to get links, both manual and natural.
      .-= JR ´s last blog ..Website Speed Now A Definite Factor in Google Rankings and 12 Tools to Check Site Speed =-.

      • April 14, 2010 at 11:50 am

        True, maybe it is more common to see in this niche.

        The best way to get backlinks in niches is probably ask for them, then give them a good reason to link back, if the content is good and it helps them in some way they aren’t likely to say no. 😉
        .-= Rob´s last blog ..Google a mass of contradictions? =-.

  • April 9, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    What do the initials nowt mean? I’m missing something here. Congrats on the page rank. Hopefully it will make you more money.

  • April 9, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Wise words Rob. It is always far more important to deliver value to your readership.

    • April 9, 2010 at 10:28 pm

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks mate 🙂

      I agree, one of the stats I take notice of is how long people stay on the blog, a pleasing 15% of new readers stay longer than an hour! 😀

      Without them we got nothing. 😀
      .-= Rob´s last blog ..Time to write for people, not machines… =-.

  • April 10, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    I am going to head over and read Kristi’s post in a minute, thanks for the heads up Rob.
    I personally am very concerned about PR, but only on the sites that link TO me.
    Eventually, with lots of PR3+ sites pointing at my pages, my own PR will go up, but who cares really? It’s the PR of the page linking to me that shows Google how important I really am in the niche. This really hits home when that anchor text (as you mentioned) is keyword rich. Having high PR links pointing at me also ensures my competitors will not be able to beat me.

    The only advantage I can see having high PR on my own site is that I get my posts indexed within seconds. It’s like the spider is waiting outside my door for me to open it with something new and he gobbles it up and shits it out into the index. This is especially important when i am working a trend.
    .-= Allyn´s last blog ..The Walmart Blog, A HUGE Failure, Here’s What We Can Learn =-.

    • April 10, 2010 at 4:52 pm

      Hey Allyn,

      Aye, Kristi’s post is a good’un 🙂

      Yeah the only way it concerns me really is how others see PR, so it’s is better for others to see I have some, plus as you say the new post and such do get spidered faster.. seems to be anyway.

      Just like you said sites that link to you are better than not to have a half decent PR… than again, I’ll take links off massive traffic low PR sites any day if it means I get more eyeballs. 😀

      I don’t care about it really, hence the url on this post… lol 😉

      What is an anchored link within a post worth on a PR4 blog though?
      .-= Rob´s last blog ..Make money online from one of these 95 niches =-.

        • April 10, 2010 at 10:31 pm


          A featured post for as set time would work too…seeing it would be on the main page and at the top.

          Need to monetise better and more here… so it’s a priority for me at the moment. Tips always welcome. 🙂

          And, can I ask… why do you not change your links in commentluv drop down? Any reason, or just more of the same backlinks and exposure to eyeballs and that fact it’s just the newest post? 😛 Just wondering like.
          .-= Rob´s last blog ..Commentluv, more than links, comments, traffic, and why you should use it =-.

  • Pingback:Google a mass of contradictions?

    • April 14, 2010 at 11:48 am


      Wondered if you were replying to Allyn’s comment there, if so wondered why you didn’t reply to it so it’s sat under his comment. 😉
      .-= Rob´s last blog ..Google a mass of contradictions? =-.

  • December 25, 2010 at 9:01 am

    I think as long as you write for people and you solve a problem your site will naturally start to rank well (with a bit of backlinking of course). I see what you’re saying with the big dogs not spreading the love much, but there will always be opportunity to discover new niches or offer a slightly different service… this is business afterall. It’s a bit like a beginning real estate developer trying to build a skyscraper when he hasn’t even bought a house yet… baby steps and it’ll come. Just my 2 cents.
    Waikiki Beach Bum´s last blog post ..Aqua Waikiki Pearl


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