One night with your dream date or ten nights with ten other not particularly fanciable people?

One mad passionate night a week with your other half or 5 nights of the “same old, same old” as they say?

One great friend or ten “just know them” type friends?
50 real friends or 5000 “facebook friends” or other social network “friends”?

One great bestseller or 50 middle of the road “barely published and sold” mediocre books?
One great post written on a high traffic influential blog or 50 on 50 average low traffic blogs?

One tweeter taking notice or 1000’s of followers not noticing?

As with almost everything in life, quality is often more important than quantity…maybe except having money, with the biggest note here being £50 !! ;o)

I couldn’t deny it, it often so happens that one quality thing has a bigger motivational impact than you expect before it happens.

Strive for the quality you can give in every area of life and reap the rewards.

If you do something 100 times the same way and get the same 100 results, you change the way you do it once and get that different result you need or want.

If you deliver something different or something better you stand the better chance of being noticed, or talked about, or linked to, blogged about, or even complimented for something. :o)

And when you notice it, do more of that! :o)

Quality over quanitity
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