What a week! :o)

While I have been a bit quiet of late on here, I have had my youngest over for the week, he is still here too, my nan has been down from “ooop north”, sadly gone back home now… but it’s been a nice week in all and they all come way before this blog! ;o)

My eldest should get his exam results today or tomorrow, so the week is not done yet and we are confident he has done well. Good luck there with getting the results you wanted son, we are proud of you. Can’t believe you are in college in just a few weeks! Time FLIES!

Although I’ve not been busy on here I have been keeping up to date(ish) with things, seems to be a lot of things changing online this summer!

Facebook buying friendfeed and grabbing some great talent to boot, Google reader improving in several ways, sharing it to several places with the new “send to” set up, other areas include making it more “social” for the users.

Posterous making strides, which I love to use, it is the simplest way to get content online and they are always improving it as we go along, it can only get better.

The web itself just speeded up with RSS feeds and stuff getting pulled into “hubs” and getting pushed out to outlets faster as a result.
Real time web is catching on fast.

But, you know what? I don’t care…
I’ll tell you why…

Because it doesn’t matter to most of you and most of you don’t care one way or the other, those who do care already know about it all. ;o)

Change happens, it always did, always will.

What will matter is how it effects what you already use, likewise with me, that’s what I do care about, how it will change other things I use, take this blog for example…

I have been thinking of adding disqus commenting on here, still not sure whether to try it, but have seen that they added real time commenting so people would literally be “chatting” in the comments, could be good, but also could get bad… arguments are gonna happen on blogs.

Would I want to have to deal with that if it gets unsavoury?
What about the fact my comments would be somewhere else?

Do I want to lose any comments?

Ok, you may not have a blog, but…real time commenting in facebook isn’t that far off, which will effect most of you who I know are on there. Are you ready for the real time web hitting facebook and other things you use?

Regardless about whether you will be ready for it, it will happen.

But any pics or content you want to keep, you gotta own it, host it or whatever.

One reason I tell my friends on facebook…that’s YOU, why you should also keep copies of photos elsewhere, on your pc, and free storage like picassa etc.
Otherwise one click of a button from a pissed off facebook employee and poof… all gone.

We have already seen people moaning about losing content etc…something I learned a while ago was to not give a rats ass, because the only way to keep it all is to own it… host it all!

Let others own it and you could always lose it.
I learnt the hard way in the forums.

Change happens, the only change you can control is what you own and influence.

Are you ready for the real time web?

Real time changes…
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