Recently I have talked about friendfeed and some of the pet peeves I see with the “mob mentality” there and lack of interaction in general unless you are one of the “crowd” and yes there is one, I don’t care what they say, my experience tells me different.

Friendfeed is still full of geeks really, I am not a geek although I do love to learn new things… like I jumped into friendfeed via twitter.

It is not an easy place for some people to get to grips with, more so if they struggle to use twitter, or only use facebook etc but with facebook stealing ideas and features from friendfeed I do think more facebook users could use friendfeed without so many problems. But I’d not want to lead them into friendfeed as it is if my own experience is anything to go by, I am not saying I had a bad one, just I have seen the ugly side of it and it’s not good.

Lead my real mates to a pack of wolves? No thanks…

Not to say they are all like that, far from it, but the wolves are hunters, they are trolls…

Yes we can control alot of what we see there and such, but new users wouldn’t know that or know how to do it without being told, helped.

I do think some of my real friends would enjoy the features of friendfeed and possibly enjoy it as I did when I first started there. Granted, some of my own experiences there will be my own fault, no problems saying that, I am not perfect but what I do know is that I am perceived very differently on frienfeed than I am on twitter and facebook. That is partly down to the other people, I reacted differently because the experience itself was different.

No-one can deny friendfeed is different.

So, spending time with my youngest son here, having less time online writing and socialising has given me alot of food for thought, I got to looking at a few stats, thinking about how the places made me feel, how they impacted on me, who made me feel good and bad.

I recently scaled down those I follow on twitter and it made a big difference although I have been quiet there of late like I have everywhere it’s still made an improvement, less noise and a better flowing stream.

I didn’t like what I saw regarding friendfeed to be honest and now it’s the main reason I decided to make big changes which should help not only myself but those real friends who do join friendfeed.

See I love the way friendfeed works and do think it is a great place to be, it has many more good uses than bad shit, you find interesting things there and have some good discussions and there are some people there who I will always subscribe too.

So last night I decided to scale the friendfeed experience down for myself, using filters to separate those I know I will always follow and those I am not so sure of. Some are just being blocked cos they are arseholes and trolls.

The point is to make it an experience I can enjoy and share with real friends who are willing to try it out and not just “put up” with the experience I am having there now. I don’t give a rats ass if this bothers some on there because they contributed to me not enjoying it so much. They are not real friends so sod them!

With the ability to have rooms and filters there is no reason for me to not have a “local” set up where us locals can participate and create our own little community… like facebook gives us but with more control and less hassle!

The small is the good… the big is just noise!

So to the real friends of mine, should you want to try friendfeed, sub to me once joined and I will sub to you too and we go from there.

Those who already use friendfeed, how is it fairing up for you?

Scaling down the conversation…or why friendfeed annoyed me!
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4 thoughts on “Scaling down the conversation…or why friendfeed annoyed me!

  • August 1, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    Well Rob you have led me here like a lamb to the slaughter I have follwed you advice why because you havent pointed me wrong yet cheers pete

  • August 1, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    Hey pete,

    Hope all is well with you and Sue?

    Glad to know I haven't pointed to the wrong places … yet ;o)

    If you ever need help you know me, just ask ;o)

    Thanks mate,


  • August 5, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Hey Rob,

    I agree, many FriendFeed users are very Troll-like in some ways.

    But, I think there's a difference between FriendFeed Trolls and Regular-Old-Internet-Trolls.

    I don't think the FriendFeed Trolls are as intense as say, some random forum troll. Or 4chan users.

    I think Michael Arrington's article about it, even though it got some mad, was a wake-up call for many of us.

    Do we really want to be considered Trolls or a Mob on the interwebs?

    I will admit to occasionally being Troll-like in my comments, but most of the time I'm sincere and just saying how I feel. And 99.9% of my actual posts (not comments) to FriendFeed are nowhere near Troll-like.

    So, I'll understand if you end up not following me anymore, or filtering me, but I've enjoyed our exchanges over the time you've been there and I'll keep you on my Home Feed.

    Sean McGee

  • August 5, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    Hey Sean,

    Thanks for that comment. :o)

    Yeah I DO wish I had said that there is some difference as you pointed out there… something I should have said.

    Arrington was right in some ways and it does happen. Not that I agree with too often but there I did.

    As you said, and I have said it before a few times there, it reflects on everyone there.

    Some people will ALWAYS want to argue with me now, because that's their perception of me, they seem to think I want to argue and they get that from a few threads, most are NOT subbed to me so they ASSUME.


    But no, I agree with you, no reason why I would filter you out, when you make such sense!! ;o)

    That thread you most likely came from to this post shows EXACTLY what I mean here. :o)

    Thanks again for that comment.


    P.s Those who ARE subbed to me know I am also sincere in it, I don't look for egotistical crap. If whatever I post helps one person, improve the place for anyone then great..if not, then I will bugger off. ;o)


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